Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Night At Sam's!!

My house helper of 9 months, Rhea had to leave the house because of some important priorities in her house at Bulacan. She's still young at 20 and her father asked her to come back home and have a break. Even I'm a bit reluctant, I have to say yes. It's her right anyway. Although she's not perfect as nobody is, anyway... I would say that she is kind hearted. I would admit scolding her several times due to her consistent mistakes but I would always thank her for giving my family a company when I'm away for work. April 28 is her last day and the first day of my new house helper, Elsa. So, since it's a Friday I decided to ask everybody to go out and have some fun. So for the nth time, off we go to Sam's Pizza Haus.

We enjoyed our dinner but....I'm a bit frustrated not having able to watch my favorite band, "The Dzyre Band". We really love that group because of their comic gigs. Anyway, there is always next time :)

Enjoy the rest of your week end!

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