Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Adventures Of Olongapo Jones

Today is a quiet day in the house. Me and kids agreed to just go out every other day (lol). I decided this way so that we can strike a balance with whatever things we have to accomplish at home like general cleaning, decluttering, fixing our cabinets, gardening and cooking. This way, we can have fun and bonding time within and outside the house. More importantly, we can fully utilize our time. Yesterday, we went to have hair cut at David's Salon. Mikz was upset as she claimed her hair was cut shorter than what she expected. But honestly, I love her hair style now. Thereafter, we took our dinner at Wimpys Restaurant and then I requested the kids to allow me to have a therapeutic massage at City Spa.

Today, we just did a little fixing in the house and cooked spaghetti for our afternoon snack. Browsing through my photo archive, I suddenly felt that I would like to make a post about the last show that we had seen at Ocean Adventure..."The Adventures of Olongapo Jones".

This is actually the newest show introduced by Ocean Adventure. It's a kind of "one act play" performed by Ameresians (American-Asians) with some showcase of acrobat skills and mascots appearance in a plot or theme aimed to create awareness and consciousness among the people about proper caring of our environment through proper waste disposal. I guess, they were successful to create an entertainment especially among the kids while at the same time sending their good message. The cast may not be the "perfect performers", so to speak but they had definitely done a great job.

You may want to drop by at Ocean adventure on your next visit to SBMA!

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