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Another Night At Sam's!!

My house helper of 9 months, Rhea had to leave the house because of some important priorities in her house at Bulacan. She's still young at 20 and her father asked her to come back home and have a break. Even I'm a bit reluctant, I have to say yes. It's her right anyway. Although she's not perfect as nobody is, anyway... I would say that she is kind hearted. I would admit scolding her several times due to her consistent mistakes but I would always thank her for giving my family a company when I'm away for work. April 28 is her last day and the first day of my new house helper, Elsa. So, since it's a Friday I decided to ask everybody to go out and have some fun. So for the nth time, off we go to Sam's Pizza Haus.

We enjoyed our dinner but....I'm a bit frustrated not having able to watch my favorite band, "The Dzyre Band". We really love that group because of their comic gigs. Anyway, there is always next time :)
Enjoy the rest of…

The Adventures Of Olongapo Jones

Today is a quiet day in the house. Me and kids agreed to just go out every other day (lol). I decided this way so that we can strike a balance with whatever things we have to accomplish at home like general cleaning, decluttering, fixing our cabinets, gardening and cooking. This way, we can have fun and bonding time within and outside the house. More importantly, we can fully utilize our time. Yesterday, we went to have hair cut at David's Salon. Mikz was upset as she claimed her hair was cut shorter than what she expected. But honestly, I love her hair style now. Thereafter, we took our dinner at Wimpys Restaurant and then I requested the kids to allow me to have a therapeutic massage at City Spa.

Today, we just did a little fixing in the house and cooked spaghetti for our afternoon snack. Browsing through my photo archive, I suddenly felt that I would like to make a post about the last show that we had seen at Ocean Adventure..."The Adventures of Olongapo Jones&qu…

A Day At Ocean Adventure!

Part of my planned activities this summer is to visit Ocean Adventure at Subic. I already made a promise to my kids long before I get back home. True to my words, we went to Ocean Adventure last Monday, 25 April. We arrived at Ocean Adventure around 11:00 AM and had a quick tour of it's facilities which lasted for more than an hour.

The place is clean and well maintained. The staff were all warm and accommodating. But what we enjoyed most were the four shows. Yes! there were four shows presented : The Dolphin Show, The Sea Lion Show, The Eco Adventure and the last but not the least, The Adventures of Olongapo Jones.

Overall, it was fun! We finally ended up at 4:00 PM. It was a very tiring day, I would say... but I guess, it's a memorable one. Kids were truly happy and that made my day :)

Dinner On A Black Saturday At Meat Plus

Having stayed in the house for straight 2 days since I arrived, as I badly needed a much deserved rest after that long and tiring trip, we finally decided to get out of the house and have fun. We went to see a movie at Times Square Cinema at Subic (SBMA). Mom was with us, so we have to choose a movie that will entertain her, so we decided to watch a Tagalog comedy film. After that, we had our dinner at Meat Plus, our all time favorite!

This restaurant inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone is perhaps one of the most popular. Everytime we dine in at this resto, you will always expect the place to be crowded. Visitors from Manila who usually spend a week end get away to Subic will not have their days passed without dining in at Meat Plus. This restaurant has been operating in Subic since the US Military Base time and this resto has been well known for it's US certified Angus Beef. Visitors from Manila and nearby towns are coming to this restaurant as they find the meats here of hi…

I'm Finally Home!!

It was a tiring journey back home. As the saying goes, 'Always expect the unexpected!" Well... I got a number of predicaments along this trip. First, I'm almost out of my room ready to go to the boarder when suddenly, it rains so hard. No choice then but to wait for almost an hour before the rain finally stopped. Secondly, my flight was delayed for 1 and 1/2 hour. My flight was supposed to be at 1AM but we only left Tan Soh Nhat Airport at 2:30 AM. Third, we're at Manila at 6:00 AM but there's a bit of delay again as the Pilot announced few minutes delay as the bay was still occupied. Finally, we were able to finish with all the Immigration procedures and checking out of our luggage but the last and the most annoying part of my predicaments was when I arrived at the Victory Terminal at Pasay. For God's sake, the place was crowded with passengers hoping to catch a trip back to their respective provinces. I was not wrong with my assumption that I'm…

I'm Going Home Today!

Tonight, I will be off for my flight to the Philippines. Yehheyy!!! I sound so excited but actually I was just home last January. Yes...I go home often (lol) whenever the situation permits. :) That's why my friends in the Philippines used to envy me. They said Philippines and Cambodia seem like very near to each other. Well.. actually it is! But...I just came to know that it's Holy Week in the Philippines and I will be traveling on a Holy Thursday. Whew...I was not aware of it. I'm worried about the traffic and the unavailability of transportation in Manila. I can imagine how crowded it would be in bus stations. Wrong timing, huh!

But since it's here already, I just have to prepare myself for any situation that may arise. Hopefully, everything would be smooth until I finally reach home. Crossing fingers!!

The long wait is over, I'll be home finally. Looking forward to see the family and my home sweet home!!!

Wish me luck!

Our Newly Adopted Pet

About two weeks ago, my daughter Miks was so excited to tell me that she just had acquired a new puppy from her uncle. The puppy is a pure breed German Shephered. This girl long wanted to have a new puppy since she only had Luca after the other puppy died months ago. I would say she really loves dogs. She loves to play with them. No wonder why all her pet dogs were really close to her. Unfortunately, some of them died due to sickness. Everytime she loses one, she would immediately think of acquiring one again.

So this is her latest puppy named KAFI. Don't know how she came up with the name (lol).

I'm just worried though after this puppy grows up, German Shepherds are really big in size and maybe hard to feed. I'm not sure how my daughter is able to take care of her.

Anyway, since she is enjoying it for now...I just wish her the best.
I wanted her to be happy... that's all that matters to me.

Welcome home KAFI!!

My Thoughts ....

Today, I have so many things going over my mind…..I prepared a list of things that I have to complete here before I go back home for my vacation. Day by day, I’m checking my list, making sure that I’m following it strictly. I don’t want to end up rushing and feeling exhausted trying to catch up with some things still left undone. I want to have a peaceful sleep a night before my flight.

Almost a week ago, I’m done with my “little shopping” for the things I want to bring back home. I already weighed my luggage and it’s already 15 kilos. I can’t add up more coz I don’t want to pay extra for my excess baggage 

I think I’m coping up with my list of task, quite well. Next, I will be preparing another “To Do” list for the things that I have to accomplish back home. Well.... it will not be all tasks, anyway. This includes my “leisure activities”, as well. Then another list must be done for our tour next month. I must do it this way, or else, I would end up messed up or if not, ma…

Vietnam Street Foods

When it comes to street foods, no one can beat Vietnam. Vietnamese people have a unique way of selling foods on the streets. But I would admit, I admire them for being hard working. Why did I say so? Could you imagine a lady driving an old motorcycle with a food card attached to it full of food stuff and other things used for selling foods? It’s overloaded to the point that you can hardly see the face of the person driving already. I could imagine them waking up wee hours in the morning, preparing and cooking all those foods and travel all the way from the nearby provinces to the Vietnam Boarder.

If you are new to this place, perhaps you would have second thoughts buying those “street foods”. Foods were not properly covered; some sellers used their bare hands when packing the foods. But as I said, it is their way of life, it’s part of their culture that expats, like me should understand. It’s just a matter of adapting ourselves to where we are.

I still find buying “street f…

Can I Do This?

During my last visit to Duty Free at the Vietnam Boarder, I happened to see this cross stitch kit. My curiosity pushed me to have a closer look and check the design. Inside the package, I found a cross stitch pattern in a heart shape with cute pink laces. This is actually a heart shaped pillow case, then 2 pcs needles, the threads and the pattern for the design.

I find it so cute that I can't help myself but to buy 2 packages of different designs, even if I had doubts if I'm going to have the time to work on it. Well..I'm working 8 hours a day, doing all my laundry and ironing, cooking my own foods, and of course, blogging. :)

Sometimes I don't even have the time to blog hop even I really have that urge to read new posts from the blogs that I used to follow. But, I strongly believe in an effective "time management". Besides, keeping myself busy everyday will help me forget all the anxieties that I have and the boredom. I want to give this to my "Li…

Kultura Filipino

I s
"Kultura Filipino" is having a one day sale on April 14 and I regret that it's too early coz I'll be back to the Philippines on 21st this month. So, I won't be able to catch up with the "one day sale". Why I'm interested with "Kultura"? It's because they have a complete line of souvenir items which are uniquely "Filipino" and since I'm working overseas, their line of products would be a great "pasalubong" to friends of different nationality. Whenever I visit SM malls, I usually take a look at the "Kultura" section hoping to find some unique Philippine souvenir items. But sometimes, I find their products a bit expensive. It's fine if you only need to buy one or two items but if you have more than 3 people to bring "pasalubong" to, it would be a pain in the pocket. :) But in fairness, the designs and the quality of the products are unquestionable, thus explains the "price"…

For My Little "Fashionista"

I bought these two items from GC Duty Free Shop last Saturday. I usually find it difficult to look for something that will fit her since this girl is so choosy with her clothes. Besides, we’re miles apart, so sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to buy her pants or shorts coz I’m not sure how fast she is growing or whether she has already gained some extra pounds (hopefully). But, anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that she would like these two items coz I find it cute, and I hope she also would.

I’m pretty sure at this early, she is already thinking of what clothes she would bring for her May trip to Saigon. I would be bringing her and her “kuya” for a short vacation there. I’m glad that finally I’m able to fulfill my promise to both of them. There’s no turning back coz their return tickets were already booked since last month. Thank you to Cebu Pacific for the “promo fare” (lol). I am equally excited even I’ve been to Saigon so many times already. This time, it’s different coz I will be…

A Day Spent At The Duty Free Shops!

Since I'm free last Saturday, I decided to spend my day at the Duty Free shops located near the boarder. I was hoping to find some "cool stuff" which I could bring back home as "pasalubongs". Everytime I go back to the Philippines to take my vacation, I always make it a point to visit these shops and scout for some affordable goods. Well..the truth is, the prices of the goods being sold here are relatively cheaper compared to those being sold in the Philippines.

This was the first shop that I visited. This is the smaller shop where the goods you can find are mostly the usual stuff for the house like bed sheets and cute blankets, towels, home decors, kitchen items and there is a section for school items. Some personal stuff are also being sold here like bags, wallets, sleep wears, under wears, belts, etc. I love this shop coz this is where I can find the "pasalubong" that my kids love.

This is the bigger Duty Free shop. This has a complete line of…

Great Finds For Your Little Ones!

Time really flies so fast, 10 more days and I will be home again. I usually choose the month of April for my long leave because it's summer time in the Philippines and I can do a lot of outdoor activities with the kids. Just few days ago, I was having a casual conversation with my colleague who just came back from his vacation. A month ago,he was the one excited to go home to visit his wife and his 6 months old daughter. During our conversation, he mentioned to me how his life dramatically changed since he got married last year. He said he cannot go out more often now same like before. I know it's kind of hard for him and his wife to go out for dinner dates as they need to tag along with them their "cute little darling". He said, he and his wife have to take turns in eating as the other one should carry the baby. Because of this, they opted to stay home most of the time. As a first time father, he is not only concerned about their convenience in going out but…

Treating Myself For A Soothing Massage!

After having been stressed out the past few days, not having enough sleep and all that..I thought of giving myself a break. The first thing that comes to my mind is to get a "good massage". I love the "Vietnam Hot Stone Massage". It's really very relaxing. It's a great way to pamper yourself after being stressed out from work or from whatever you're busy with. In fact, if your budget will allow you, this should be done on a regular basis. Well...for the nth time, I got it from Emchi.
This is not actually a spa, but just a normal massage clinic as they only offer full body massage. I'm kind of confused at first. I think in Vietnam, they normally call it "foot massage" but actually it's a full body massage with "hot stone". In Philippines, they really specify the kind of massage. If it's foot massage, then it's only foot massage, if head and shoulder, then it's really that, if full body massage, then you g…

My Thoughts For The Day!

Now...I begin to understand why a lot of people are hooked into blogging. I'm just new to this kind of thing. Well...I mean compared to others who had been blogging for years. I just started blogging since October of last year. Since then, my life had changed a bit. I begin to know and appreciate people from the blogosphere. Reading their blogs not only entertained me, at times, but I also get a lot of information especially about things which are totally new to me.

But one of the best things that I got from blogging is having a venue to open up my thoughts, my worries and my fears. After unloading it through my writings, I admit, I somehow feel better. For sure, someone out there could somehow relate and give back their personal insights to you and this is such a relief.

Just like the past few days, I've been getting a lot of stress...not from job but from people around me. Things get worse and worse each day. Sometimes, I couldn't help but feel upset and feel th…

Inside My Fridge!

Living away from home is not that easy...your life style would always be different, and so your eating habits. Sometimes, I always end up eating breads, cookies, boiled eggs, fruits...and that's it! When I have the time, I cook...but moreoften, I normally settle for some "quick meals".

To keep my fridge loaded, here is what I normally buy:

When I woke up, and feeling hungry, I would just grab a bottle of soya milk or apple juice...for a temporary relief on my "complaining stomach", thereafter would I only start to prepare sandwiches or a simple meal for myself. Well.. that's life! That's why, I just make sure that what I'm getting are those that are nutritious...and I bet having one serving of yogurt a day is on top of my list for all it's health benefits.

Do you also have a healthy diet that works?