Monday, March 7, 2011

Treatment for Unwanted Scar Caused by Minor Burn

Few weeks ago, I had a minor burn when I was cooking my favorite Filipino dish, "Sinigang".  My right arm accidentally hit the hot pot.  At first, I was not minding this at all.  I am thinking that this is just a "minor burn".  But few weeks after, I noticed that after the wound has completely healed, the sides of the wound had developed a minor discoloration.  I hate scars actually.  I don't want to have these as much as possible.  My natural skin tone is light and having scar on it would really make it noticeable.  Now, after seeing this, I begin to feel troubled and bothered.  It's located on the visible part of my right arm, so I find it so unsightly.  Having this on mind, I begin to research on quick fix remedies.  Here's what I found :

A lot of my readings had given me the idea to apply Mederma for an easy "from the tube" treatment.  I think this is a kind of cream that has to be applied on the affected skin.  They say this can easily be purchased on all major grocery and drug stores.  I just don't know if I can get it from anywhere in Phnom Penh or Ho Chih Minh, I guess, not.  So to make sure, my "treatment" will not be delayed until I go back to Philippines, I still try to scout for easier alternatives:

  • Cut onion into half and apply into the scar.
  • Raw honey will work to begin to break down tough scar tissue.  Put a warm rag on the area, followed by a small amount of honey. Let it sit for 5 mins and rub off the excess with a warm rag.
  • Lemon will lighten the darkness of the scar.  Cut a lemon and apply the juice to the scar only using a Q-tip.  Do this as often as you can.
  • Aloe is a great conditioner.  It will help soften the scar.
  • Vitamin E capsules - Vitamin E will begin to break up scar tissue.  Pop open a capsule using a pin and rub into the scar.  Massage the area for 1 to 2 mins and allow the gel to sit on the skin.  Remove excess with a warm cloth.
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I guess, the above mentioned home fix remedies is not so difficult to follow, so I have to start with it as soon as possible.  Actually, I've already started with Vitamin E capsule.  I will have to try the others, too. Lol :)
Good Luck to me!


  1. Didn't know onions work too. What I do, right after I get burned is I put a slice of cold tomato. I guess anything cold works =)

  2. Hi Josiet! The first thing I did after getting the burn was to apply toothpaste (lol)... Yeah, you're right maybe slices of cold cucumbers will work too..

    Thanks for hopping by!


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