Friday, March 11, 2011

Text Scam...Beware!

I just want to share this story to serve as a warning to my fellow Filipinos....

This morning, I was awakened by a text message through my roaming number from "unknown source".  The text message says:

In Tagalog,

"Eto na bagong roaming number ko, dito na kayo mag text.  Magpapadala na ako ng pera dyan, paloadan u ako ngayon para maka text ko kayo. Miss na miss ko na kayo.  Ingat kayo palagi.  God bless you all. Text Back!"

This was my reply:

"Loadan?  Ha ha... wow mali! Wala kami kamag anak abroad...hahaha.  Tigilan u na panloloko sa kapwa mo. Di tama yan. Makakarma ka. Bakit di ka magtrabaho kung gusto mo magkapera?"

The person who texted me never replied after receiving my text.  The moment I saw the text message, I knew already...this is a scam.  The only thing I can do though is to make him shy and feel stupid for not being able to convince me with his fabricated story.

Few months ago, my eldest sister was a victim of this scam.  She believed the person who texted her and pretended to be his son working in Dubai.  Same "modus operandi", initially asked for a load.  After getting the load, he was inclined to believe that my sister was convinced that he was the son.  Thereafter, he made another story to get more money.  He asked my sister to send him more loads amounting to thousands as he made the story that he would like to get engaged in an e-load business in Dubai to his fellow Filipinos for their roaming numbers.  I don't know what happened to my sister that time.  I don't know what kind of words this person used to convince her.  But since it's over, we do not want to make her feel more bad by blaming her for this and that.  It's just learn from the mistake.

Please brief your families not to believe on any story they get through text messages and even through calls from land lines.  Just wanted to put a stop to this wrong doing by a person with no conscience. 


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