Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rules For Parents

I'm back with a post on parenting!  This is the second from a series of parenting tips that I committed myself to write for this month of March....

This time, I would like to talk about the set rules for parents.  We, as parents always set rules for our children.  More often, these rules are strictly imposed and kids get punished for violating them.  Surprisingly, there are also set of rules children imposed to their parents.  Reading the book, "Train Up a Child" by Dr. Harold J. Sala, I came across these rules.  This has been actually a product of research of the British Psychologist, Dr. R.F. Hertz who administered a survey to 100,000 children ages 8 to 14 from 24 countries to list the rules of behavior children expect from their parents. 

The following were the rules:


1.)  Do not quarrel in front of your children.
2.)  Don't lie to a child.
3.)  Always answer children questions.
4.)  Treat all your children with equal affection.
5.)  There must be a mutual tolerance between 
6.)  There should be comradeship between parents 
       and children.
7.)  Treat your children friends as welcome visitors.
8.)  Concentrate on your child's good points and don't
       over emphasize his failings.
9.)  Don't blame or punish your child in the presence 
       of his friends.
10.) Be constant in your affection and moods.
How was it?  Do you find the rules a bit heavy? :)  Well... just by reading, actually it sounds like easy but on normal situations, it's not.  I myself, was guilty of violating some of these rules sometimes.  But same like our children, we are humans prone to commit mistakes especially when confronted with some major problems affecting family and work.   But the thing is having these rules as contributed by those "little minds" themselves will be a constant reminder to us that children, too,  have feelings and some expectations from their parents.  So, we must take extra efforts to at least fulfill some, if not all those listed above. 

More tips on my future posts!

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