Monday, March 21, 2011

The Official Entry of Olongapo City to PMAP Video Contest

Just want to share with you with pride the official entry of  Olongapo City for the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) video making contest.  My son directed and conceptualized this whole thing and I am mighty proud of their accomplishment.  Win or lose doesn't matter to me.  Winning the contest is just a bonus.  What matters most is the showcase of skills and talents and taking every opportunity that comes along the way.  The experience of doing something great is already a prize for all the hard work.

I always encouraged my children to take confidence in themselves and take pride with whatever they do.  I encouraged them to join competitions, not for the prize but for the experience it would give them.  This very well reminds me of my high school days when I used to have the same talent as what he is having now.  I used to write scripts and direct plays in school.  I am happy to note that I was able to pass on this skill and talent to my son, Edmar.

I remembered that he started out with this hobby of making short films and video clips when I bought them a new laptop for the house 2 years ago at Phnom Penh.  I managed to install some good softwares that he was able to put into good use in learning the basics of doing video clips.  His first creation was a hit with his friends, my friends and relatives.  When it was shown during the birthday celebration of my daughter (who played the lead role), everybody got a good laugh, but at the same time amazed how a neophyte was able to do such a thing. Actually what he did was a horror video clip (lol!) titled, "Tulong".  From then, he started to do this on a regular basis as a hobby and sometimes as a project in school.

Whatever it takes, and whether they win or lose in this competition, I will still be one proud momma!

Congratulations for a job well done! 

Keep going boy!


  1. Thank you mama. So much. :)

  2. you're most welcome son! Your success is my success!

  3. This video entry will sure win! Congrats for your son! :)

  4. Hi! Thanks a lot! Hope so! Fingers crossed...


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