Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want to have This !

I am planning to buy a cool and affordable digital camera for my blogging and traveling needs and after searching for some online, I find the following to be the "best buys".  Not only do they look cute and fashionable, but also having good features and price is affordable and reasonable.   
14.1 Megapixel - 3.50" Color LCD - 5x ptical Zoom - 4x - MPN: 4193B001 
Price :$229
Canon Power Shot SD3500 IS

14.1 Megapixel - 5 mm-20 mm - 2.7" LCD - 4x Optical Zoom - 4320 x 3240 Image - 1280 x 720 Video - HDMI - MPN: 4182B001 
Price : $179
Same specs with the orange but the price is $165
Canon Power Shot SD1400 IS

Canon PowerShot A1000

.5" LCD - 4x Optical Zoom - 32 MB Secure Digital SD Card Included - 3648 x 2736 Image - 640 x 480 Video - PictBridge - MPN: 3209B001

 10 megapixel
Price : $299.95
I hope to get any one of the above soon... Just don't know whether I have to find for one at Phnom Penh, Ho Chih Minh or just try my luck in the Philippines when I go back next month.

Any recommendations??


  1. Mama Try mo yung SAMSUNG DUAL SCREEN CAMERA. Yan na yung uso ngayun. Hehhehe. :)

  2. Nakks! Bilis mo naman magrecommend. Mukhang updated ka sa gadgets ah... :)

  3. Hi Krizza, thanks for dropping by my jewelry blog also =)

    Wanted to comment last time I was here but I did not find the post a comment part. Hehe, eng-eng talaga.

    I like the first one, it's compact. Affordable din.

  4. Hi Josiet! Thanks for being here! I am also regularly visiting your sites. I got entertained especially when I hear stories about your expat life. Siguro kasi nakaka relate ako. I love your jewerly collections, too. They are stylish and fashionable. I always admire people who can make themselves productive even at home. Keep it up!


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