Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

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March 2 has always been special to's my Mom' birthday!  She is very old but she is very strong...physically and at heart.  She is a typical kind of Mom....caring, loving, "hands on" but "masungit" and nagger at times.  For all it's worth, I've learned to love both her negative and positive side.  After all, she is my Mom and I should forever be grateful to her!

I am proud of my son... he is the cute little boy that my Mom used to take care and cuddle years back.  But now, he is the "busy body" who with our loyal house helper bought and prepared all the things for his grandma's birthday.  I am very grateful that he was able to fill up a little responsibility that I should have to do on such a special day.  I'm happy that he's maturing and for a very young age can be considered a "responsible" young boy.

I called Mom twice today....early morning and night time before I go to work.  I felt the excitement and happiness from her voice as she recalled who visited and greeted her on her special day.  Such response was enough to make me happy's a happy feeling to know that in your own simple way, you had contributed in making your loved ones happy.  

Again, "Happy Birthday Mom!", I wish you more joyful and fruitful years with us .... we still need you that much so healthy and strong!

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