Thursday, March 3, 2011

Communicating With Your Child!

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I would like to begin this month of March by giving a series of insights about parenting.

I take pride being a Mom!  I think this is where I'm good at.  Well... at least judging from the present situation.  What's in store next, that's still yet to be seen.  But for now, I'm doing pretty well.

Raising children probably is a combination of luck and hard work.  I'm lucky to have good children, but I must say, it took me a lot of hard work to have one.  By hard work, I actually mean physical, emotional and mental hard work.  I've always been a working Mom.  I may not always be physically present at home doing all the "physical" works on a daily basis like feeding and bathing them but I always do whenever opportunity arises.  What I never failed to do, though, is the art of communicating with my kids.  I guess, communication is a very important tool in "child rearing".

I am currently reading a book in parenting and I commend the author, Dr. Harold J. Sala for coming up with practical advises on training up children .  I must admit, I'm not much into reading parenting books before.  Perhaps, I'm too busy to deal with it.  But now, after I've started reading the book, I'm happy to note that what I have done before and until this very moment is not far from what was ideal.  Whether it's a combination of my personal instinct, experiences of my youth or purely an observation from my environment is something I could hardly tell.

I started with the topic on "Communicating with your Child" as I myself believed in the power of communication.  For Dr. Harold J. Sala, there are basic ways of communicating with our children.  First, "we communicate by the example of our lives".  I guess, it's true!  This is an effective way of training up your child.  We are all aware that children love to mimic not only what they hear but what they see around them.  If we are close with our children and they are our "constant buddies", you would notice that they tend to adopt our "life style", our hobbies and even our profession. For example, I love nature and gardens so much.  Now, I see that my son has developed a strong liking to plants.  He would, at every opportunity fix our garden, buy plants and pots and do plant arrangements even I never instructed him to do so.  Why" because he grew up seeing me and my Mom always busy with home gardening.  Second, we communicate by verbal teaching-learning process.  The parent is the child's first great teacher.  According to Dr. Sala, there are several ways if we are to communicate effectively with our kids.  First, we must remember our age and the age of these "little minds".  Second, we have to communicate our interest with the child and his questions.  Personally, I would say, we shouldn't stop giving direct answers to their seemingly difficult questions.  If we aimed to be understood easily, we have to give examples of real life situations.  For my case, I always give my life and personal experiences as  an example.  This does not only make the topic easy to be understood but makes the discussion interesting.

Remember, more than being physically present, we have to have an effective and open line communication with our children.  For me, this is the very basic of child rearing.

Will keep you posted with more practical advises and personal insights on my future entries.  For now, I deserve some kind of rest. :)


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