Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Day - Korean Tele Novelas

These are the DVD copies of the Korean series that I've finished watching starting mid of January until now. I never noticed that I'm already able to complete watching all these series. I'm now on my last DVD, "He's Beautiful" and perhaps I would be finishing it before the month ends. Come April, I don't have anymore series to watch :(. I finished my stock already (lol). My personal favorite is "Stairways to Heaven"...really really a sad story....

Anyway, I'll be home again soon, so I can buy again another batch of Korean series to watch. This is how I kill my boredom here. I owe it to these DVD series. I never noticed that time flies so fast....really fast!
I'll visit home again, soon. (excited)

Have a nice day!


  1. visiting! wow im into korean dramas too.. sometimes when im so bored. i watched you're beautiful last time and currently im watching brilliant legacy. its nice though a bit too makjang..

  2. Hi! thanks for visiting! I find Korean dramas more entertaining than our own tele novelas sometimes. Mas deeper ang plot, story, and the characters are "cute". :)


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