Monday, March 28, 2011

Remembering A Day At Sam's!

Today, I was craving for a pizza. Whew...It's really hard to stay in a provincial area where the options for "eat outs" is very limited. Having this on mind, I just content myself with browsing pics from my laptop and there I found the above pics from my photo archive. Those pics were taken during my last vacation in the Philippines when we dine in at one of my favorite hang out, "Sam Pizza Haus". What makes this pizza haus stand out above the rest is the quality of it's pizza. Yes..the pizza is really so delicious and they have a variety of flavors to choose from. Aside from that, would I also say that their fried chicken is a best seller? On top of these good foods, this place also offers a good entertainment with live bands playing nightly which will surely awaken your senses. With a good show and a great pizza, who wouldn't come back for more? Hmmm...I'm already looking forward for my next vacation which wil be soooooo soon! :) I can't wait to have another fun, good foods and a fabulous night at Sam's. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Building a Foundation for your Child!

It's parenting time again! Today, I would like to talk about building a foundation for your child. Just a couple of days ago, I was having a casual conversation with a relative as regards to raising kids. He is a little bit troubled about his kid's discipline. He said, as children begin to approach the "teen years", they are starting to develop a habit of mimicking their friends outside the home. I told him that I never had a problem with my children, as far as discipline is concerned...perhaps at this point in time and hopefully until the later years. My secret to this lies on the quality of the foundation I build for them during their "formative years". Foundation is very important, same like building a foundation for the house. It should be strong to withstand the test of times. Now, let me correlate this experience with the 3 basic guidelines which should be the foundation of every parent's philosophy.

1.) Realize that training of the child begins at birth and never stops.  D. J. Sala reveals in his book, "Train up your Child"...that the training of a child is an ongoing process involving the emotional,
physical and the spritual.  Training involves discipline, guidance and encouragement.

Well...I would say that coaching and guidance should be an ongoing process. It should never stop at any particular point in time but the very core of hard work as far as disciplining is concerned should be focused on their formative years.

2.) The parent is the most important teacher a child will ever have. Your home is your child's first classroom where children were taught the basic principles of life and living. Again, I would stress on teaching by example. Parents are the children "role models". We have to inspire our children by the kind of life that we are having.

3.) Always balance discipline with love. Love without discipline is not love and disciplining without love is just a punishment. I know, as parents, it's kind of hard to say NO to the caprices of our children.
Who wouldn't want them to be happy, in the first place. That is why parents have the tendency to be permissive. We often equate being permissive as a loving gesture to our children. What we failed to realize, though is that, saying "NO" at times, and imposing rules in the house is a total reinforcement of the "teaching process".

From my personal experience, I would say that I always do a lot of compromising with my children. When I disallowed them to do something or to go somewhere, I always explain to them why I'm saying "NO" and explain them the consequences that they have to face just in case they choose to be disobedient. However, I don't always say NO to them. If I find that there is no reason at all to say NO, then by all means I would agree with them and give them my blessings. I even reassure them that they will get rewarded for "keeping their words"....

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paintings at Saigon!

If you are a person who loves to collect paintings, then a visit to Saigon is a good option. There are lots of painting shops at Saigon from high ends to the average shops, for those travelers on a budget. I have seen several at District 1 and along the Pam Ngu Lao streets. Prices ranging from VND450,000 to VND5,000,000 or about $25 to $250. You can also opt to have your own portrait in a canvas (oil painting) which can be completed within 2 days. So if you are just having a tour for about 3 to 4 days, it's still possible to bring home a made to order painting. You don't need to buy a framed one. You can have it framed back home. I only managed to take one photo of the shops but there are a lot more shops to choose from depending on your requirements and preferences. I will try to capture more photos on my future visits.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Day - Korean Tele Novelas

These are the DVD copies of the Korean series that I've finished watching starting mid of January until now. I never noticed that I'm already able to complete watching all these series. I'm now on my last DVD, "He's Beautiful" and perhaps I would be finishing it before the month ends. Come April, I don't have anymore series to watch :(. I finished my stock already (lol). My personal favorite is "Stairways to Heaven"...really really a sad story....

Anyway, I'll be home again soon, so I can buy again another batch of Korean series to watch. This is how I kill my boredom here. I owe it to these DVD series. I never noticed that time flies so fast....really fast!
I'll visit home again, soon. (excited)

Have a nice day!

Bits and Pieces of the Day - Sugar Cane Vendor!

This is a common sight every afternoon! The Sugar Cane Vendor with it's unique machine for squeezing fresh produced sugar canes. I don't know if it's available elsewhere but I've only seen this machine here in Cambodia and in Vietnam. This machine is capable of squeezing the juice from the raw sugar canes which will then be placed into a plastic container, add some crushed ice and voila! a cold and refreshing sugar cane juice which costs about VND3,000 or P6.00PHP. I was a liitle bit hesistant to try this but my curiosity drove me to buy one serving. After all, I've seen so many people buying and looks like they're enjoying it. Actually, the taste is good considering that it's all natural juice of sugar cane, nothing added onto it except the crushed ice. I'm just worried about the sanitation, though as the cart is located on side street and sugar canes are exposed. But, I tell myself..."just for the sake of trying" :)

As the famous saying says, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"'s good to try something different, at times... what do you think?

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Official Entry of Olongapo City to PMAP Video Contest

Just want to share with you with pride the official entry of  Olongapo City for the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) video making contest.  My son directed and conceptualized this whole thing and I am mighty proud of their accomplishment.  Win or lose doesn't matter to me.  Winning the contest is just a bonus.  What matters most is the showcase of skills and talents and taking every opportunity that comes along the way.  The experience of doing something great is already a prize for all the hard work.

I always encouraged my children to take confidence in themselves and take pride with whatever they do.  I encouraged them to join competitions, not for the prize but for the experience it would give them.  This very well reminds me of my high school days when I used to have the same talent as what he is having now.  I used to write scripts and direct plays in school.  I am happy to note that I was able to pass on this skill and talent to my son, Edmar.

I remembered that he started out with this hobby of making short films and video clips when I bought them a new laptop for the house 2 years ago at Phnom Penh.  I managed to install some good softwares that he was able to put into good use in learning the basics of doing video clips.  His first creation was a hit with his friends, my friends and relatives.  When it was shown during the birthday celebration of my daughter (who played the lead role), everybody got a good laugh, but at the same time amazed how a neophyte was able to do such a thing. Actually what he did was a horror video clip (lol!) titled, "Tulong".  From then, he started to do this on a regular basis as a hobby and sometimes as a project in school.

Whatever it takes, and whether they win or lose in this competition, I will still be one proud momma!

Congratulations for a job well done! 

Keep going boy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Modern Day "Kulambo"!

This is my modern day "kulambo" (mosquito net)

I asked a Khmer friend of mine to buy it at Penh.  She bought it for $16.  This is actually a Thailand made product.  It's nice to note how our traditional Philippine "kulambo" had evolved into something cute and stylish. :)  I don't remember to have used it before or maybe if I did, I cannot remember (lol!) but seeing it from relatives and neighbors houses, my idea of a "kulambo" is that it is a very simple rectangular net from which each corner comes with a string attached into it to be tied up everywhere possible inside the bedroom solely for the purpose of protecting against mosquitoes.  During day time, it would be folded and stored and re install again during night time.  

But the modern day "kulambo", cute and stylish as it is...also serves for decorative purposes.  It's colorful design makes it an attractive sight inside the girl's bedroom.  You can choose a color to match your walls, curtains or bed sheets.  It would be good for your daughter's rooms too. :)

My simple post to complete my week end! (lol!) .....  :) 

My New Gadget!

I went to HCM City Vietnam 4 days ago and I dropped by at my favorite electronic shop at District 1.  The shop's name is PHONG VU located at 125 CMT8 Phuong Ben Thanh, Quan 1, Thanh pho Hoh Chih Min.  It's somewhere around the Ben Thanh Market area.  This shop sells a variety of gadgets like laptops, mini notebooks, personal computers, digital and video cameras, printers, fax machines and other computer parts and accessories.  I had visited this shop several times already and had bought a number of items, too.  This time, I was scouting for a compact and affordable digital camera which I can easily carry during travels.  I wanted something that can be easily kept inside my pocket or small hand bag.  Upon browsing through their display section, I had an eye for this SONY DSC W530.  This is 14.1 megapixels camera with a 2.7" LCD Display.  It comes in silver and black.  I wanted to have the silver one cause our other digital camera in the house is already black but they don't have the silver color available that time.  So, no choice, I have to take the black color.  This model is considered a "good buy" for it's affordable price of $162, considering the good features and specifications.  It comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and I guess, it's considered a good deal.

The features of this camera is not very far from what we are using at home, so I didn't have a hard time trying to get used with it's features.  I'm still trying to check on the other features at the moment but this model has been having good reviews so far from the previous buyers.


This shop accepts both USD and VND currencies but it's best to have VND available on hand as you may lose on exchange rate.  They had good items and a wide selection.  The only problem that I have here is that sales clerks cannot really speak and understand English well, so communicating with them is really a struggle.  But anyway, I'm able to buy several items with them already so you just have to bring a little bit of "patience" when you go there and everything would be fine, though. (lol) ...

This shop is still worth a visit.

Good luck to my new toy! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Wonders of Tea

One thing that I learned to adopt after staying here in Cambodia for nearly four years now is the habit of drinking tea.  I would confess, way back in the Philippines, I'm not a tea drinker.  What I love most is coffee.  I used to drink around 3 to 4 cups of coffee the whole day especially when I'm lack of sleep and have to finish a lot of paper works.  I very seldom to drink tea. I only know Lipton Tea :) less (lol) and even drink tea with sugar on it.  Now, I couldn't pass a day without having a sip of a hot tea.  That's why I always have a stock of variety of tea in my room that I used to buy from Hoh Chih Min City.  Vietnam is not only famous for it's coffee but for it's tea, as well.  Here are the samples of the tea varieties that I bought from HCM.  

Well..... I only recently discovered that there are flavored tea bags.  What I used to buy before were only the usual...  Jasmine Tea, Lotus Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea.  I actually enjoy drinking tea because of it's flavorful aroma.

Here in Cambodia and in Vietnam, instead of serving water in the restaurants and even in small eateries, they served cups of hot tea or iced tea. In Khmer, they call it "Tay Kadaw" (hot tea) and "Tay Ta-koh" (Iced Tea).  This is how I begin to develop a strong liking for tea.  So since I love drinking tea, I become curious on what health benefits I could derived from it.  After doing online! I discovered the great wonders of drinking tea.

Here's a few:

Top Ten Health Benefits of Drinking Tea :
credit to :
  1. Tea contains anti oxidants.
  2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee.
  3. Tea may reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke.
  4. Tea protect your bones.
  5. Tea gives you a sweet smile.
  6. Tea bolsters your immune defenses.
  7. Tea protects against cancer.
  8. Tea helps keep you hydrated.
  9. Tea is calorie free.
  10. Tea increases your metabolism.
You might wonder why no. 5 was included, "Tea gives you a sweet smile".  It's because tea itself actually contains fluoride and tannins that may keep plaque at bay. So add unsweetened tea drinking to your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing for healthier teeth and gums.

So after knowing these health benefits, who wouldn't love to drink tea?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disciplining Your Child!

I'm back with my third post on parenting for this month.  This time, I would like to talk about disciplining our kids.  Imposing a proper discipline at home will make your kids conscious about the consequences of their actions, and the best time to start is during their formative years.  Children's formative years is the best time to start instilling to them the value of discipline as this is the period where our children listen and believe whatever we tell  them.  This is also the time where our children tend to mimic our lifestyle and behavior so showing them an example will help a lot to make them adopt our set of rules at home.  For example, if you want them to be wary about cleanliness and orderliness at home.  Then try to show them how you yourself is well organized with your own things.  If they are already used seeing your house clean and tidy all the time, then their eyes will be used to that kind of environment and later on, they themselves would not feel comfortable staying in a messy place and so.... they will adopt being clean and organized themselves.  I have done this with my kids and I was successful with it. 

Now for the guidelines in disciplining your child, here are what Dr. Harold J. Sala listed from his book, "Train Up a Child":

  • Establish clear limits of behavior.  Be consistent with our rules.  What is black is black, what is white is white.  There should be no gray areas so as not to confuse our child.  If we say for example.  Bed time should be at 8 PM, the by all means it should be by 8PM.
  • Enforce boundaries with consistent discipline.  Mom and Dad should first discuss the set of rules they want to impose to their children at home.  It shouldn't be a separate thing.  It shouldn't be a Mom's rule or a Dad's rule.  It must be a "rule of the house".
  • Administer discipline in private.  Of course who would like to get the scolding in public.  I'm a very hot tempered person and my children were both aware of it, but through the years, I tried myself to mellow down.  Kids are growing and so, they begin to be conscious about their privacy and "saving face".  So I guess, parents should learn to accept the fact and make a conscious efforts to discipline our child in private to avoid embarrasment.
  • Establish responsibility for a wrong doing.  As parents, we have the moral obligation to make our children realize the consequences of their actions.  For example, if our children failed to study their lessons because of  giving preference to their personal hobbies...let them realize that as a result, they will get poor grades and perhaps later will make their ranking in school sank..and therefore will frustrate their parents, teachers and friends and maybe later will led to losing their scholarship.
  • Show grief over the offense.  Instead of anger, show your kids that you feel equally sad with their wrong doing.  This will make them more regretful of the wrong doing they have committed and would probably try their best to avoid recurrence of similar offense.  Children never want to see their parents upset so they will do their best to make up for the offense. 
  • Administer discipline firmly and thoroughly.  Dr. Sala said, "If a child has to be disciplined, do a good enough job of it so that he knows what is happening.  When a parent whacks a child or spank him accross his mouth, he is not administering a thorough job of discipline.  If discipline is necessary, spank hard and long enough to give an impression but not hard enough to make bruise or break the skin."
  • Allow a child to vent his emotions and then talk with him.  When you scold, scold firmly or spank when necessary. Let him cry but do not leave him until he stopped crying, then talk to him again to clarify and explain why he was punished.
  • Once a matter has been dealt with, consider it forgiven.  Once the attention of the child was already called for his wrong doing, and that the necessary punishment has already been inflicted on him, after explaining him the consequences of his actions and why the punishment is necessary to correct his behavior, then it's time to forgive and forget...
  • Get discipline to the age and offense of your child.  Dr Sala said, "it is ridiculous that a mother should try to spank his son who is sixteen years old and is 5 inches taller than her."  Think of appropriate punishment for your children according to their age.  Spanking is only done to small children.  When they grew up and become teen agers.  A different approach should be used such as confiscating their cell phones or restricting them to go out, stick with your restriction no matter how loud they protest.    
  • Balance discipline with personal attention.  Some children purposely commit a wrong doing just to get their parents attention and we must be wary of  it.  As per Dr. Sala, "nothing is a greater gift to your child nor will anything contribute more to his good behavior than the gift of yourself." 
I am not saying that I am a perfect parent...I also have some flaws when it comes to disciplining my children, it's safe to say that I'm learning through experience and experience is my best teacher.  The most important thing is we, as parents also know how to admit our mistakes in front of our children and apologize when necessary.  Our children understand us as much as we understand them. :)

Have a great Sunday! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Text Scam...Beware!

I just want to share this story to serve as a warning to my fellow Filipinos....

This morning, I was awakened by a text message through my roaming number from "unknown source".  The text message says:

In Tagalog,

"Eto na bagong roaming number ko, dito na kayo mag text.  Magpapadala na ako ng pera dyan, paloadan u ako ngayon para maka text ko kayo. Miss na miss ko na kayo.  Ingat kayo palagi.  God bless you all. Text Back!"

This was my reply:

"Loadan?  Ha ha... wow mali! Wala kami kamag anak abroad...hahaha.  Tigilan u na panloloko sa kapwa mo. Di tama yan. Makakarma ka. Bakit di ka magtrabaho kung gusto mo magkapera?"

The person who texted me never replied after receiving my text.  The moment I saw the text message, I knew already...this is a scam.  The only thing I can do though is to make him shy and feel stupid for not being able to convince me with his fabricated story.

Few months ago, my eldest sister was a victim of this scam.  She believed the person who texted her and pretended to be his son working in Dubai.  Same "modus operandi", initially asked for a load.  After getting the load, he was inclined to believe that my sister was convinced that he was the son.  Thereafter, he made another story to get more money.  He asked my sister to send him more loads amounting to thousands as he made the story that he would like to get engaged in an e-load business in Dubai to his fellow Filipinos for their roaming numbers.  I don't know what happened to my sister that time.  I don't know what kind of words this person used to convince her.  But since it's over, we do not want to make her feel more bad by blaming her for this and that.  It's just learn from the mistake.

Please brief your families not to believe on any story they get through text messages and even through calls from land lines.  Just wanted to put a stop to this wrong doing by a person with no conscience. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Treatment for Unwanted Scar Caused by Minor Burn

Few weeks ago, I had a minor burn when I was cooking my favorite Filipino dish, "Sinigang".  My right arm accidentally hit the hot pot.  At first, I was not minding this at all.  I am thinking that this is just a "minor burn".  But few weeks after, I noticed that after the wound has completely healed, the sides of the wound had developed a minor discoloration.  I hate scars actually.  I don't want to have these as much as possible.  My natural skin tone is light and having scar on it would really make it noticeable.  Now, after seeing this, I begin to feel troubled and bothered.  It's located on the visible part of my right arm, so I find it so unsightly.  Having this on mind, I begin to research on quick fix remedies.  Here's what I found :

A lot of my readings had given me the idea to apply Mederma for an easy "from the tube" treatment.  I think this is a kind of cream that has to be applied on the affected skin.  They say this can easily be purchased on all major grocery and drug stores.  I just don't know if I can get it from anywhere in Phnom Penh or Ho Chih Minh, I guess, not.  So to make sure, my "treatment" will not be delayed until I go back to Philippines, I still try to scout for easier alternatives:

  • Cut onion into half and apply into the scar.
  • Raw honey will work to begin to break down tough scar tissue.  Put a warm rag on the area, followed by a small amount of honey. Let it sit for 5 mins and rub off the excess with a warm rag.
  • Lemon will lighten the darkness of the scar.  Cut a lemon and apply the juice to the scar only using a Q-tip.  Do this as often as you can.
  • Aloe is a great conditioner.  It will help soften the scar.
  • Vitamin E capsules - Vitamin E will begin to break up scar tissue.  Pop open a capsule using a pin and rub into the scar.  Massage the area for 1 to 2 mins and allow the gel to sit on the skin.  Remove excess with a warm cloth.
         Credit to :

I guess, the above mentioned home fix remedies is not so difficult to follow, so I have to start with it as soon as possible.  Actually, I've already started with Vitamin E capsule.  I will have to try the others, too. Lol :)
Good Luck to me!

My Daughter's Simple Pleasures!

My Thoughts for the Day:

I guess pictures convey more message than words, at times.  I always ask myself, "What is happiness?"  For a matured person like me who is living in a very complicated world, it would rather be difficult to give a definition in an instant.  But happiness, from a child's view point maybe simple and meaningful..... Seeing this, I am inclined to say, "Wish I'm still a child!"......

For Mikz, "Happiness" is .....

Playing with her best friend!

Giving gifts to her loved ones!

Getting a pasalubong!

Hanging out in the company of friends!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want to have This !

I am planning to buy a cool and affordable digital camera for my blogging and traveling needs and after searching for some online, I find the following to be the "best buys".  Not only do they look cute and fashionable, but also having good features and price is affordable and reasonable.   
14.1 Megapixel - 3.50" Color LCD - 5x ptical Zoom - 4x - MPN: 4193B001 
Price :$229
Canon Power Shot SD3500 IS

14.1 Megapixel - 5 mm-20 mm - 2.7" LCD - 4x Optical Zoom - 4320 x 3240 Image - 1280 x 720 Video - HDMI - MPN: 4182B001 
Price : $179
Same specs with the orange but the price is $165
Canon Power Shot SD1400 IS

Canon PowerShot A1000

.5" LCD - 4x Optical Zoom - 32 MB Secure Digital SD Card Included - 3648 x 2736 Image - 640 x 480 Video - PictBridge - MPN: 3209B001

 10 megapixel
Price : $299.95
I hope to get any one of the above soon... Just don't know whether I have to find for one at Phnom Penh, Ho Chih Minh or just try my luck in the Philippines when I go back next month.

Any recommendations??

Rules For Parents

I'm back with a post on parenting!  This is the second from a series of parenting tips that I committed myself to write for this month of March....

This time, I would like to talk about the set rules for parents.  We, as parents always set rules for our children.  More often, these rules are strictly imposed and kids get punished for violating them.  Surprisingly, there are also set of rules children imposed to their parents.  Reading the book, "Train Up a Child" by Dr. Harold J. Sala, I came across these rules.  This has been actually a product of research of the British Psychologist, Dr. R.F. Hertz who administered a survey to 100,000 children ages 8 to 14 from 24 countries to list the rules of behavior children expect from their parents. 

The following were the rules:


1.)  Do not quarrel in front of your children.
2.)  Don't lie to a child.
3.)  Always answer children questions.
4.)  Treat all your children with equal affection.
5.)  There must be a mutual tolerance between 
6.)  There should be comradeship between parents 
       and children.
7.)  Treat your children friends as welcome visitors.
8.)  Concentrate on your child's good points and don't
       over emphasize his failings.
9.)  Don't blame or punish your child in the presence 
       of his friends.
10.) Be constant in your affection and moods.
How was it?  Do you find the rules a bit heavy? :)  Well... just by reading, actually it sounds like easy but on normal situations, it's not.  I myself, was guilty of violating some of these rules sometimes.  But same like our children, we are humans prone to commit mistakes especially when confronted with some major problems affecting family and work.   But the thing is having these rules as contributed by those "little minds" themselves will be a constant reminder to us that children, too,  have feelings and some expectations from their parents.  So, we must take extra efforts to at least fulfill some, if not all those listed above. 

More tips on my future posts!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Real Treat From Cebu Pacific!

I was astonished receiving this seat sale alert from Cebu Pacific!  This is really an up for grab sale!  Yes, going to shopping destinations Hongkong and Bangkok is no longer a dream.  Imagine flights from Manila, Cebu or Clark to Hongkong for as little as P1,499 and as low as P1,999 "Go Lite" from Manila or Clark to Bangkok.

So what are you waiting for! Grab a seat now!

Communicating With Your Child!

 photo credit :

I would like to begin this month of March by giving a series of insights about parenting.

I take pride being a Mom!  I think this is where I'm good at.  Well... at least judging from the present situation.  What's in store next, that's still yet to be seen.  But for now, I'm doing pretty well.

Raising children probably is a combination of luck and hard work.  I'm lucky to have good children, but I must say, it took me a lot of hard work to have one.  By hard work, I actually mean physical, emotional and mental hard work.  I've always been a working Mom.  I may not always be physically present at home doing all the "physical" works on a daily basis like feeding and bathing them but I always do whenever opportunity arises.  What I never failed to do, though, is the art of communicating with my kids.  I guess, communication is a very important tool in "child rearing".

I am currently reading a book in parenting and I commend the author, Dr. Harold J. Sala for coming up with practical advises on training up children .  I must admit, I'm not much into reading parenting books before.  Perhaps, I'm too busy to deal with it.  But now, after I've started reading the book, I'm happy to note that what I have done before and until this very moment is not far from what was ideal.  Whether it's a combination of my personal instinct, experiences of my youth or purely an observation from my environment is something I could hardly tell.

I started with the topic on "Communicating with your Child" as I myself believed in the power of communication.  For Dr. Harold J. Sala, there are basic ways of communicating with our children.  First, "we communicate by the example of our lives".  I guess, it's true!  This is an effective way of training up your child.  We are all aware that children love to mimic not only what they hear but what they see around them.  If we are close with our children and they are our "constant buddies", you would notice that they tend to adopt our "life style", our hobbies and even our profession. For example, I love nature and gardens so much.  Now, I see that my son has developed a strong liking to plants.  He would, at every opportunity fix our garden, buy plants and pots and do plant arrangements even I never instructed him to do so.  Why" because he grew up seeing me and my Mom always busy with home gardening.  Second, we communicate by verbal teaching-learning process.  The parent is the child's first great teacher.  According to Dr. Sala, there are several ways if we are to communicate effectively with our kids.  First, we must remember our age and the age of these "little minds".  Second, we have to communicate our interest with the child and his questions.  Personally, I would say, we shouldn't stop giving direct answers to their seemingly difficult questions.  If we aimed to be understood easily, we have to give examples of real life situations.  For my case, I always give my life and personal experiences as  an example.  This does not only make the topic easy to be understood but makes the discussion interesting.

Remember, more than being physically present, we have to have an effective and open line communication with our children.  For me, this is the very basic of child rearing.

Will keep you posted with more practical advises and personal insights on my future entries.  For now, I deserve some kind of rest. :)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

photo credit :

March 2 has always been special to's my Mom' birthday!  She is very old but she is very strong...physically and at heart.  She is a typical kind of Mom....caring, loving, "hands on" but "masungit" and nagger at times.  For all it's worth, I've learned to love both her negative and positive side.  After all, she is my Mom and I should forever be grateful to her!

I am proud of my son... he is the cute little boy that my Mom used to take care and cuddle years back.  But now, he is the "busy body" who with our loyal house helper bought and prepared all the things for his grandma's birthday.  I am very grateful that he was able to fill up a little responsibility that I should have to do on such a special day.  I'm happy that he's maturing and for a very young age can be considered a "responsible" young boy.

I called Mom twice today....early morning and night time before I go to work.  I felt the excitement and happiness from her voice as she recalled who visited and greeted her on her special day.  Such response was enough to make me happy's a happy feeling to know that in your own simple way, you had contributed in making your loved ones happy.  

Again, "Happy Birthday Mom!", I wish you more joyful and fruitful years with us .... we still need you that much so healthy and strong!

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