Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank You Luca!!

Pardon me for this simple blog post!  I would just like to take this day to say thank you to Luca.  

Well..Luca is the cute black dog in the picture.  She has been our pet dog for 2 years.  Why am I thanking her??  Well.. every time  I  text my daughter Mikz and asked her what she is doing back home, she would normally reply me, " I am playing with Luca!"  Mikz is really fond of dogs.  When free from school and home works, she would always take time out to play with Luca, bathe her or walk with her around the village.  If not for Luca's friendship with Mikz, perhaps my daughter would always be missing me that much.  I don't want her to be having Luca around somehow makes her occupied.  Luca is really sweet to her and always give her company.  So I would like to take this time out, to really thank her for making my dear daughter happy and entertained.  Actually Mikz long wanted to have a shitzu puppy but I always tell her that it's quite expensive and not a priority at this time.  Maybe if someone can recommend an affordable one, I would love to get one for her.

But for now, Luca has been doing a good job.... 

"Thank you Luca!" You never knew how much I appreciate you!!!...

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