Sunday, February 27, 2011

Switching to an All-Natural Solution ? Try Organic Skin Care Products!

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I came across this product line when I was reading Female Network online.  My curiosity then drove me to research online.  I was long searching for hair and skin care products that are "all natural" and "organic".  Sometimes going to supermarkets and shops drove me crazy as I cannot decide what to pick from bountiful display of beauty products that all promise "good results".  Oftentimes, I spend countless hours choosing and reading the labels just to understand what this product has to offer but more often, I was caught confused with those ingredients mentioned which I don't understand at all.  I'm also worried coz I'm having a skin type which is prone to allergies.  So I should really be careful on what products should I use for my skin care.  Until I came across these products and tried to study the ingredients and I'm amazed to discover that these products are alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free.  No harsh ingredients and are naturally organic.  I think these products will best work for those having sensitive skin and the good news is that these products are easy to find as these are available at all Watson outlets.  And the price... yes the price is really affordable.

I also learned that these product lines are being used at the Manila Hotel Spa and knowing the standard of said spa, for sure they will not settle for anything less.  With these Beyond Bath organic products introduced in the market, the fear of going over those "expensive" organic products which are difficult to find will be addressed.  

Perhaps, this will be one of my best buys when I go back to Philippines.  I will surely equipped myself with enough stock before I go back to work.  :)


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