Monday, February 7, 2011

Life's Reflections....

"Sometimes you have to fall from the mountain to realize what you are climbing for.  Obstacles were put in our way to see if what we want is worth fighting for.  From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar has a story, a story that says....I survived!"

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This is an inspiring text message that I received and upon reflecting on this message, I was able to collect all the memories from my past home, at school, at work, and every place that I've been through.  If I have to count literally, my fingers are not enough to quantify how much difficulties I have gone through this life.  From my younger days when I'm still beneath my parents wings up to the time I'm able to live on my own ...I couldn't count the tears that I shed from my eyes and the pains that I have gone through.  There were various reasons,  circumstances, events that had contributed to all these.  Getting to where I am now and what I am now had never been a smooth road to travel.  There were so many obstacles along the way.  The fact that I am emotionally weak had made things more unbearable for me.  I'd been through tough times where my only outlet was crying and praying.  But who cares? We are humans and a part of it is being emotional.

We are living in a judgmental world where everyone is waiting for your mistakes.  But I guess,  there is only one credible Judge whom we will be facing at the end of our life on earth...GOD.

So we should stop trying to throw our best efforts to please others as man by nature has no contentment.  I really like these lines from a book that I recently reviewed from my previous post, written by Will Rogers: "Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like".....

It's really true and I guess this is applicable to many.  perhaps this has something to do with our "ego".  People by nature feel proud if they know that others feel envious of them.  Perhaps, being frugal is one of the hardest thing to do especially in this modern age where we live in the midst of technological advancement.  When you get the latest gadget, you are one step ahead from the rest and this gives you a sense of fulfillment.  I remember one of my colleagues who would always throw a comment about my hand phone.  He is wondering why I never upgrade my hand phone.  It's true my hand phone had already celebrated it's 5th anniversary and in fact, I never bought it.  It was given to me by a close relative as a birthday present.  It actually deserves some kind of rest.  But I told my colleague, "why should I change it if it is still operational and not giving me any problem whatsoever?'"  It's such a waste of money to replace something which is not really worn out.  Again, we need to change it for what? To please other people and show them that we can afford to buy one?  I told myself, I would buy a new one if I think that that decision would make me happy and not simply to impress other people.

Well...I wouldn't blame them...majority of people equates success with material possession.  But is that really the measure of success?  Perhaps the answer to this varies from person to person.  It actually depends on each individual's preferences. As for me, if I'm able to live my life fully...going through each stage of life normally and derived happiness from it, then I would say that I succeed with life. I have to ask the following questions:
Did I enjoyed my youth? Was I able to finish my studies and land a good job? Was I able to spend quality time with family and friends? Was I able to enjoy life's simple pleasures? Did I laugh and cry? Was I able to stand up from pains? Was I able to have a family of my own and bear children whom I enjoyed life with?  Was I able to raise them well to become better persons?  If the answer to all these questions is "yes", I guess, I'm able to live my life one step at a time.  I'm only halfway through down the lane of life, whatever will be the outcome of the next half is still yet to be seen....

How about you? 

Have a blessed day! Thanks for hopping by!

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