Friday, February 4, 2011

Business Opportunity Series From My Great Food Club!

As I open my yahoo mail box today, I happened to see this invitation from My Great Food Club from which I was an "inactive" member for years (he-he-he) : ), yeah, of course, I was not in the Philippines most of the time so I don't have the opportunity to attend some of their interesting seminars even I feel like I very loved to.  Anyway, for the benefit of those who are in the Philippines right now especially, those boring Moms out there!  Here is a very interesting business opportunity series from My Great Food Club.  For a minimal price of P1,000, you can attend either of the two series they are offering this February.  I was just thinking that if I'm in the Philippines now, I would love to attend the second one.  I am very Filipino because I love giving and receiving "pasalubongs". :) So learning about this thing will be such a great pleasure for me.  Anyway, I hope there will be next time, though.

It's a good treat for all Moms and those who are interested to have a small home based business.  So log on to their website for more information and details about the seminar.

Good Luck!

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