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Switching to an All-Natural Solution ? Try Organic Skin Care Products!

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I came across this product line when I was reading Female Network online.  My curiosity then drove me to research online.  I was long searching for hair and skin care products that are "all natural" and "organic".  Sometimes going to supermarkets and shops drove me crazy as I cannot decide what to pick from bountiful display of beauty products that all promise "good results".  Oftentimes, I spend countless hours choosing and reading the labels just to understand what this product has to offer but more often, I was caught confused with those ingredients mentioned which I don't understand at all.  I'm also worried coz I'm having a skin type which is prone to allergies.  So I should really be careful on what products should I use for my skin care.  Until I came across these products and tried to study the ingredients and I'm amazed to discover that these products are alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free.  No ha…

Light Af the End Of A Tunnel ...

Weeks ago, someone had told me... "There is always a  light at the end of a tunnel!"... What a simple phrase but the message is very inspiring! I could relate this phrase to one of the best lessons I've learned in this life.  Yes...from long years of working, one best thing that I've learned is persistence.  Not to give up too soon because before you knew it, the solutions to all your problems might just be right there in front of you.  I also would like to add that by being patient, we should not easily be swayed by the negative things around us nor be attracted to some things that are "too good to be true".  Everything has it's perfect timing and we just have to wait and believe...things will fall into proper places at the right time.
We shouldn't be in a hurry with everything....just like eating our favorite foods, we have to enjoy every bite.  I remember what Pastor Ed Lapiz had written on one of his books, according to him we should avoid sleepi…

"Facing Life ....... One Step at a Time!"

It's been a week since my last post... I guess I was kind of busy! I would admit, my mind was so preoccupied with so many things that I cannot simply get the focus to blog. Yes, I have so many goals that I'm in a hurry to accomplish that's why I'd been restless quite lately.  The result?? I cannot settle anything completely!
This is what I realized, going through all these... Something cannot be achieved successfully if you do it altogether at once. just tend to lose your focus and your thoughts are coming randomly.  So what I realized through this process is, "Facing Life, One Step At A Time!" Things should be done in order of priority, as you successfully completed one, all the rest will follow through smoothly.  You might be surprised also that the process is also a sort of chain reaction.  That is, one goal is dependent on the other at times. projects are all pending....waiting for the right timing and when things are like this...…

Strategies of Successful Savers!

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Recently, I've been reading books a lot and today, I had the chance to go over my previous readings which are of interest to me.  The particular reading that caught my attention is the second chapter of the Good Housekeeping Magazine's free edition entitled Got Money Wise.  This is actually a cute pocket book that comes free with my purchase of Good Housekeeping Magazine from way way back.  It's so handy with only 57 pages but I found it very useful and worth reading.
Chapter 2, "Save Every Centavo" - Strategies of Successful Savers talks about practical advises on saving money.  The following are the 7 strategies mentioned from the said chapter which I tried to put my personal insights to:
1.) Start Young
The question of when do we actually have to start saving was answered here.  I guess, this could be as early as teenage years or even younger for as long as kids already receive a fixed allowance from their parents.  This has actually…

Chocolate Sweetheart Cakes

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Today, as I browse through my inbox from yahoo mail, I came across this special valentine recipe from  Called Chocolate Sweetheart Cakes, this special valentine treat is a perfect gift this Valentine's Day.  I find the ingredients easy and not so difficult to find and are probably readily available in your kitchen.  Because of it's simple preparations and cooking instructions, perhaps even the students can very well prepare this for their families, friends or even teachers.  I'm sure they will be delighted to receive this on Valentine's Day!  just make a perfect packaging with sweet notes and voila! " a pleasant surprise" ready to be delivered to your loved ones....
 Following are the ingredients:  
3/4 cup all-purpose flour1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar3 tablespoons HERSHEY’S Cocoa1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/8 teaspoon salt1/2 cup water3 tablespoons vegetable oil1/2 teaspoon whi…

Thank You Luca!!

Pardon me for this simple blog post!  I would just like to take this day to say thank you to Luca.  

Well..Luca is the cute black dog in the picture.  She has been our pet dog for 2 years.  Why am I thanking her??  Well.. every time  I  text my daughter Mikz and asked her what she is doing back home, she would normally reply me, " I am playing with Luca!"  Mikz is really fond of dogs.  When free from school and home works, she would always take time out to play with Luca, bathe her or walk with her around the village.  If not for Luca's friendship with Mikz, perhaps my daughter would always be missing me that much.  I don't want her to be having Luca around somehow makes her occupied.  Luca is really sweet to her and always give her company.  So I would like to take this time out, to really thank her for making my dear daughter happy and entertained.  Actually Mikz long wanted to have a shitzu puppy but I always tell her that it's quite expensive and not …

Life's Reflections....

"Sometimes you have to fall from the mountain to realize what you are climbing for.  Obstacles were put in our way to see if what we want is worth fighting for.  From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar has a story, a story that says....I survived!"
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This is an inspiring text message that I received and upon reflecting on this message, I was able to collect all the memories from my past home, at school, at work, and every place that I've been through.  If I have to count literally, my fingers are not enough to quantify how much difficulties I have gone through this life.  From my younger days when I'm still beneath my parents wings up to the time I'm able to live on my own ...I couldn't count the tears that I shed from my eyes and the pains that I have gone through.  There were various reasons,  circumstances, events that had contributed to all these.  Getting to where I am now and what I am now had nev…

Business Opportunity Series From My Great Food Club!

As I open my yahoo mail box today, I happened to see this invitation from My Great Food Club from which I was an "inactive" member for years (he-he-he) : ), yeah, of course, I was not in the Philippines most of the time so I don't have the opportunity to attend some of their interesting seminars even I feel like I very loved to.  Anyway, for the benefit of those who are in the Philippines right now especially, those boring Moms out there!  Here is a very interesting business opportunity series from My Great Food Club.  For a minimal price of P1,000, you can attend either of the two series they are offering this February.  I was just thinking that if I'm in the Philippines now, I would love to attend the second one.  I am very Filipino because I love giving and receiving "pasalubongs". :) So learning about this thing will be such a great pleasure for me.  Anyway, I hope there will be next time, though.

It's a good treat for all Moms and those who are inte…

Foods for Stress!

It's been weeks now since I've been suffering from stress.  This thing is not new to me as I used to get it when I was still working in the Philippines.  In fact, I used to suffer then from extreme migraine attacks.  A lot of factors caused stress : pressures at work, emotional problems, family budget, health problems, work related problems, never ending demands from your family, and so on and so forth.... things are endless, but as the saying goes, "We cannot avoid stress but we can manage it".

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As I browse and read online magazines, I was delighted and thrilled to see that there are actually foods that help reduce stress.   These are readily available and not so difficult to find.  This is a good news if you are a  busy "workaholic" and exercising is not a common thing for you.  At least having some of these foods always available at home will be such  a great help.  I myself will begin to be mindful of the foods…