Monday, January 17, 2011

Tet New Year in Vietnam

Working out of my country had rewarded me not only financially but also in terms of knowledge and understanding on cultural diversities.  It is very interesting to know and understand other cultures.  Before I come to work in Cambodia and prior to visiting Vietnam, I knew nothing about these two countries.  I love reading history books but mostly, I'm just concentrating on Philippine History books only.  Now, at least I'm having the opportunity to know and understand other countries cultures by being there physically and witnessing the events before my very eyes.  I guess this is far better than reading books. 

What surprised me most is the discovery that apart from the international new year which is normally being celebrated on the eve of the last day of every year (December 31), some countries are also celebrating their own new years.  Apart from the Chinese New Year, which I think is known to many...there is also the Khmer New Year which normally falls on the second week of April.  And now... Vietnam is currently celebrating their Tet New Year.  

Tet new Year or "Tet Nguyen Dan" in the Vietnamese Language is the Lunar New Year Festival and considered as the most important holiday in Vietnam.  I think how the Vietnamese people celebrate Tet New Year can be compared to how the Filipinos celebrate Christmas. The traditional family reunions, exchanging gifts, visiting relatives, going to churches, wearing new clothes and greeting each other normally being observed by the Filipinos during the Christmas season are also the same traditions and practices observed by the Vietnamese during their annual Tet New Year.  The only difference is that they celebrate the Tet New Year for seven days although the official observance of this holiday is only three days.  

 Photo Credit : Google Images

The date of the Tet New Year varies each year but normally it falls on January or February.  

To the Vietnam People....."Happy Tet New Year!"


  1. I want to visit Vietnam.. Maganda daw dyan base sa mga reviews and blog sites na nabasa ko.. ^_^

  2. Yeah it's true, Hoh Chih Min City Vietnam is becoming a popular tourist destination now. There are so many historical places and nice theme parks to visit here... Don't worry, I'll be talking more of this on this blog. My family have a scheduled tour here this summer. Hope to post some pics here for your reference.

    Good Luck!


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