Savoring My Last Two Days at Home....

Whewww... two days more to go and I'm off to take my flight to Ho Chih Min City.  After spending 13 days of vacation in the Philippines... I'll be back to work again. I'm having mixed emotions now... the pressure of trying to catch up with the last minute domestic jobs, working on some instructions for the kids to follow for the next 3 months or so, grocery shopping, getting ready with the things that I have to pack and bring back with me to my job site, and so on and so forth....

How i wish to stretch out every minute of the days so I could still prepare some sumptuous meals for the family, sleep and rest on my own bed, make "sawa" with the "Pinoy foods", watch more of the Philippine TV shows that I truly missed...  Lucky, with the 13 days in a row I had enough "eat outs" with the family and able to watch 3 movies with them as well...

But I have to face it, I need to switch back my mood from holidays to work.  This has been the problem of many, I guess.  How to get over with the holiday sickness.  But.. as a responsible parent and daughter... I have to think of the positive side.  Being able to deliver the needs and wants of your family is very fulfilling.  Somehow, it gives you a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and a sense of fulfillment.  So just a thought of this and I would be ready to face the days to come again.  I just wish that this year will bring me more luck, blessings and cheers.  Tonight, before I sleep ... I would be writing down again my plans and projects for the year 2011.  This has been my traditions for years. I just feel more inspired to work and look forward to more exciting days and challenges if I have a list of my goals in hand.  This motivates me to continue and move on with life.  Having a goal each year makes me inspired and occupied.  Each task or goal that I'm able to accomplish will get a check mark in my list.  At the end of the year, I would review my list and will reconcile what had been accomplished during the year.  This is how I can judge my accomplishments. So, I just have to stay foot... and reach sight of my goals... happiness will follow.

Wish me luck!

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