Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Trip Back to Cambodia!

I took my flight late night of January 11. It was a pleasant trip! Everything went on smoothly except for some minor head aches and dizziness that I experienced because of the long trip.  Probably, the kids prayers helps a lot.

That Cebu Pacific flight was fully booked!  I'm surprised that this budget airline is being patronized by a lot of foreigners, mostly Europeans.  Tourists now are getting smarter and wiser.  They, too would love to stretch out their budget for the holidays.  For the Filipinos like us, especially for those frequent travelers, taking your trip via Cebu Pacific is a wise option, unless you really like to experience a VIP treatment and luxurious amenities on a more sophisticated aircraft by some airlines.  Maybe it would be good to experience this once or twice (Just for the experience! Lol...), but doing it on a regular basis will definitely kill your pockets!  Budget airlines like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia is such a big help to a lot of OFW's and middle class tourists.  You'll have the chance to see other countries for a very reasonable price.  I have not tried Air Asia yet but feed backs I gathered from some friends and colleagues sound like the latter is offering a better service.  Likewise, they have more choices of foods that you can buy on board. Maybe Cebu Pacific could improve on this  part.  But overall, everything just fit well for the "price" :)

I'm able to arrive at my work place 11AM of the following day.  I'm tired, sleepy and sad!  But I know...I'll get over this very soon.  Fingers crossed!

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