Sunday, January 16, 2011

Missing My Home!

After being here at Cambodia for almost a week already since I spent my vacation in the Philippines, I still feel homesick.  I'm missing my home... so I just content myself browsing through the pics from my photo archive.

Fixing my home has been one of my greatest priorities.  I love to stay on a place where I can relax and unwind and enjoy bonding time with the family thus, I make sure that my house is always clean and orderly.  I love to read articles about home garden, decorating tips, and everything about home care.  It gives me such a great feeling and a sense of fulfillment to be able to satisfy everyone that stays within.

There's really no place like home!


  1. Hi Ate Krizza, How are you my dearest Friend. It's been a long time. I checked my yahoo mail this morning and I saw your email to me. I remember you have told me about your blog site so I check and found your blog AMAZING! I'm glad you found your new passion and I'm happy for you! So keep it up! Just want to say Thank you for all the greetings and remembering me on my special day even though it is late...ha ha ha...but anyway for me the important thing is that we still remember each other as FRIENDS no matter what even we are miles away from each other we will always be "FRIENDS FOR LIFE" don't ever forget that. :)

    Your house is really beautiful and colorful now than the last time I visited there, not only the wonderful home that you created but the Love, Happiness and Life you have shared with your family and Friends. It is amazing that you really did a great job as a Friend, Mom and a Wife.

    Hoping that if I visit Philippines on 2012 you were there so we could meet and hangout again just like before. Love and Miss you much! :)

  2. Hi Grace! I'm glad and surprised about your sudden visit to my blog page. Thanks a lot! Thanks for the wonderful comments too. It keeps me inspired to write more... I would be more than glad to meet you when u visit Philippines. Just inform me ahead of time so I can plan...
    Hope this will not be ur last time visiting my site! God Bless you!

  3. There is no place like home... but since we stay in the family house (no other family with us), it seems I feel like a boarder sometimes!


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