Friday, January 14, 2011

I want to Learn Baking Cakes and Pastries !

One of the points that caught my attention when I did a book review of "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin" was the so-called intellectual investment.  I strongly agree with the author on investing in knowledge.  This is a kind of investment na walang lugi.  Gaining more skills and knowledge is indeed a good investment.  Remember, business is not only about selling goods or products but also offering services.

Then suddenly, I remember my one big dream...that of learning how to bake cakes, cup cakes and pastries. I really feel envious with people who can really bake nice and delicious cakes.  Especially after seeing these nicely decorated cup cakes from Pinoy Recipe.Net ... I suddenly feel the urge to fulfill my fancy..."baking".

Photos courtesy of Pinoy

I've noticed that the trend now on parties like debuts, weddings, anniversaries and kiddie birthdays is making use of cup cakes rather than the usual cakes.  This really brings an attractive sight on the cake table especially if such cup cakes are nicely decorated and colorful.  Another advantage would be the fact that these comes in single serving so wastage will be avoided.

But the problem is, I only have limited vacation days every time I go back in the Philippines and I would rather spend time at home and attend to some important tasks instead of fulfilling this fancy.  But alas! I came up with an idea, "why not take the baking class at Hoh Chi Min, Vietnam?"

So there you go, after spending an amount of time surfing, I'm able to scout for an alternative option.  I found this Harvest Baking Bakery at Hoh Chi Minh  City which is owned by a foreign couple who also conduct baking classes to those who will be interested. The fee is quite reasonable... $25 for a 2 hrs course inclusive of take home cake recipes.  The class is conducted by the owner themselves, Tim Ottaviani and his wife Lulu.  Normally schedule offered is from 12pm to 2pm.  I think this is worth a try considering that lecturers are English Native speakers, so there will be no problems on language barrier.

I'm hoping to have this plan materialized soon as this is one of my goals for 2011.

For those who are staying at Hoh Chi Minh, Harvest Baking Bakery is located at 30 Lamson Tan Binh District with tel nos. 3547-0577 or you can contact Ms. Lulu at 0903921285.

Have a Great Day!


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