Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guess What This Boring Day Had Brought Me To??

Maybe after you read the title of my blog post, you will ask yourself, "what the heck this person is talking about?"  A boring day? Who cares about my boredom?  But wait...I just want to share what this boring day had brought me to.
After I check out from work, I decided to laundry my clothes which had been accumulating in number in my clothes hamper.  I was able to finish with my laundry just on time but because I'm not sleepy yet, I checked on some old DVD's stacked up inside my cabinet.  My search had brought me to watch again for the _nth time, my favorite of all times... "LOVERS IN PARIS".

"Lovers in Paris" is a Korean Novela.  It was a prime time series that was already shown on Philippine Television way way back.  I remembered that I was still working in the Philippines when this Korean Novela  was shown on ABS CBN 2. I developed a strong liking with this tele series and I'd been a strict follower of this.  I remembered the last time that I would cancel an appointment just to be at home in time for the showing of this "Lovers in Paris" on channel 2.  I'm really a fanatic of the Carlo - Vivian tandem.  These two Korean Artists had really captured my heart.
But I guess, what I really really adore is the story.  This is a story of love, a romance between two people who faced so many challenges and struggles just to be together.  It talks about social status, family conflicts, culture and traditions and these were clearly shown throughout the story.  This story evolves on the lives of numerous characters who were all victims of circumstances, of love, hatred and money.

Vivian, the main character was cute and funny.  This Korean actress was tailored fit for this role.  I couldn't imagine any other actress could give justice to this role.  Not even KC Concepcion who I guess played a similar role on the "Lovers in Paris" Philippine version.
I actually watched this series several times... and yes, now I'm watching it again.  But somehow, I made the right decision.  After starting to watch this series again, I momentarily felt a bit of relaxed.  I would admit, I've been under stress lately.  I need this kind of film to give myself a break from thinking. At least even temporary.

I guess, I would continue to watch this until the end.
Thank you "Lovers in Paris", you saved my boring day!

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