Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun Day Tuesday 02

Last Tuesday January 04, we celebrated Mikz birthday but instead of the usual party thing, we opted for a more intimate celebration.  For one, it's second day of school for January 2011 and none of her friends and classmates would be able to come.  So we decided that instead of throwing a birthday party for her, we will just treat her friends out for lunch and the family will just go to see a movie after school hours followed by a not so late dinner at our favorite restaurant.  So there we go....

Mikz was joined by her classmates for a lunch treat and we proceeded with our plan evening time.  It was a simple birthday treat for Mikz but she ended up happy with all the arrangements.

Lunch at Wimpys with classmates

Dinner at Cocolime Restaurant
 Bagoong Rice

  Beef Kare Kare

 Pineapple rice

 Grilled Boneless Bangus

 Pancit Canton with assorted meats

 Pork Sisig

We had a nice dinner at Cocolime and we went home really full.  I actually canceled another food item that I ordered coz I just felt that we won't be able to finish all.  In fact, the pork sisig was taken home. :)   The bagoong rice and pineapple rice is in itself a complete meal as these are so tasty and comes with rich flavorings. 

We ended up around 9:30PM and decided to go home as the next day is another school day and Mikz still have to catch up with some home works.  Nonetheless, the day was simple but fun and memorable!

Happy Birthday Mikz!

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