Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Review - "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin"

Last night, I just finished reading a book which I received as a gift from my daughter Mikz.  The book is titled "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin" by Eduardo O. Roberto Jr. 

This book was written in "Taglish".  The approach was very light. The author, Eduardo Roberto Jr. was successful in making this book interesting for both the matured and the young readers.  This book mainly covered the basic principles of handling money, quoting some verses in the bible as a guide and included the author's practical advises based from his own life experiences. 

What makes this book unique and different from other financial books in the market is the fact that this book is not a book for those who would like to become "super rich". But rather, it is a summary of the biblical principles of money on how we can be financially literate, at the same time enjoying what we have.  In short, how can we be contented with what we have on biblical point of view.  While it's true that God never wanted us to experience poverty, He also likes us to learn how to take care of the "riches" that he entrusted to us.

The author tackled in a brief but direct manner the 7 strategies to financial literacy, as follows:

1.) Save
2.) Give
3.) Get out of debt and stop borrowing
4.) Live Simply
5.) Magsipag, Magnegosyo
6.) Mag invest
7.) Educate Yourself

Many of us really went wrong in managing our money because we do not possess the skills and basic "know how" on how to handle our finances.  What was stated in this book is very true... we should not only focus ourselves on how we can increase our riches, doubling up our money, but more importantly, we should also be wary on our "spending habits".  No doubt, many employees especially those working overseas usually ended up with no savings and investments after long years of working and what makes it worse is that they were left with nothing but debts.

While I acknowledge the fact that it is really tempting to spend for our luxuries especially when we are earning quite big, it is just a matter of discipline and determination to achieve wise spending habits.

I do agree with the author that wealth and money does not come for free, we have to work for it.  I guess, moderation is the key to a successful financial stability.  We can spend for our needs, for our happiness, for some little "luxuries" that we all long to have and experience... but a portion of our earnings should always be set aside for future needs or emergencies.  We can spend for some pleasures but this should be done after some amount for our basic needs and emergency fund had already been set aside. 

The book was a revelation in a way.  I myself is not aware that there are so many verses in the bible that talks about money. Understanding the basics of money on a biblical point of view is really enlightening.

Overall, I find this book helpful and inspiring specially for those who are struggling to overcome their financial difficulties.  I only hope though that more pages will be added to the book to have a more detailed discussion on money matters and more tips and ideas on how to save and invest.

To this book and the author, Eduardo O. Roberto Jr....
Thumbs Up!


  1. This sounds like a good read. Now I only have to polish my Tagalog :) I love the way you've worded the strategies - so simple and effective.

  2. Hi Teecup! Yeah, it's a good read! Thank you for the nice comments and also for visiting! :)

  3. hi! i also read this book. there were times that while reading i realized some things that affected my finances. then apart from reminding me of how to handle money well, Mr. Robert also shares how to be happy in what you get and never neglect the talents you receive.


  4. Glad that u already read the book. It's a practical book and very affordable. I sincerely thank u for reading and commenting on this article. :) God Bless!

  5. that book I would like also to read:)

  6. I think I should visit NB and look for this book. :)

  7. I think I have to find this book at NB. I want to read it. :)


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