Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enteng Ng Ina Mo

Last Christmas, kids requested me to go with them to watch "Enteng Ng Ina Mo" at Times Square Cinema located inside SBMA. This is one of the entries at the Metro Manila Film Festival this year. I wanted to give them a treat for Christmas so I immediately obliged to their request. After all, I also wanted to see a tagalog film as I've never seen one for several months already. When we reached Times Square Cinema, I got the shock of my life. There were so many people waiting for their turns to buy a ticket. When I approached the counter to ask, they told me that they are actually selling the tickets for the next screening which is scheduled at 7:15 PM, to think that at the time we've reached the cinema, it's only around 6 PM. Meaning to say, they can no longer accommodate the moviegoers at the time. I asked the kids if they wanted to postpone our movie date the following day but these two were insisting. They suggested to just buy the tickets for the next screening and have our dinner first and go back there in time for the scheduled showing. So, just because that time, I also didn't want to go back home, so we've all decided to just go the restaurant just opposite the cinema.

Unfortunately, even the restaurant was full and we have to wait to be seated for about 30 mins. I wanted to go to another restaurant as I really don't like to wait that long, but my son wanted to dine at that resto, and so, we just opted to wait for a while.

We never had the chance to take some shots of the foods that we partake that night as the place was really crowded and this stopped us from taking photos. As expected, our dining experience was not so pleasant. The service was so lousy and the foods didn't turn out the way we expected.

The only consolation we had was that after dinner, we've enjoyed the movie and we all had a great time watching and laughing while munching some pop corns and having a sip of soda.

The film was really funny and once again, Ai Ai and Eugene Domingo never failed to entertain the crowd. It was all worth it.

But at the end of the day, I felt so happy seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids. Every time I get back home for my vacation, I always see to it that we will have some wonderful bonding moments.

I really wanted to make up for the lost times! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gifts From Kiddos!

I had a good laugh after opening my Christmas gifts from kiddos. I don't know if these two discussed with each other about what gifts to buy coz their gifts are almost identical (lol). From Miks, I got a pair of cute pink slippers plus a set of skin care products and from my son Edmar, I got a pair of soft and comfy home slippers plus a set of foot spa products. There were also 2 pcs of foot spa gift certificates (lol).

But anyway, my kids gifts are always precious to me. It doesn't matter whether these come in whatever form, shape and size. For me, it's the thought and sweetness that counts most. I'm proud to say that since they were small, they never failed to surprise me with gifts in whatever occasion and for me, it's priceless. I loved it most when they would come up with their own personalized greeting cards with their sweet thoughts on it. Sometimes, they would do a video clip about me and this always excites me.

Hmmmm...what more can I say? Thanks a bunch kids!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Internet Marketing Strategy - A Sure Way To Power Up Your Business

In today's modern world where more than half of the world's population is hooked online almost everyday, no one will ever doubt on the effectiveness of an internet marketing strategy to boost your business. Promoting and advertising your company online is the surest and fastest way to reach your market. Why not? Compared to other advertising tools, internet provides various ways to market your products or businesses at the comfort of your own homes.

The opportunities for online marketing are endless. The only limitation is your imagination. You can either do it yourself or seek the assistance of seo companies to do the job for you. Most business owners are now putting up their websites and doing email marketing. This should be the first step to help you introduce your business to internet users. There, they can understand your business better like what products are you specializing with, your contact information and a brief description of your company. You may also want to use email marketing to inform your prospective clients or previous customers of your ongoing promotions and the likes .

In the Philippines alone, even the students are engaged on small businesses and using social networking sites to promote their products, the facebook and multiply being the most popular ones. 

The effectiveness of using online marketing has been proven in a variety of ways. This explains why you could see more and more online businesses coming up every year. So far, online marketing is the easiest way to communicate with your clients. You can either get their feedback, comments or suggestions through your website or you can choose to follow up with them through emails. Interaction is more personalized and all you have to do is to make yourself available for customer service.

I've always dreamed of having my own online business someday and in preparation, I am doing a lot of online marketing research. This will help me decide what products or services should I sell, what advertising campaigns should I have to deal with and get more ideas on how can I effectively get in touch with my future clients the faster and easier way. But there's one thing that always keep me attracted in putting up an online business, and that is the operational cost which is a way smaller as compared to an actual retail store.

With all these things in mind, I will surely be motivated to work on building my own online business someday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Simple Christmas Celebration

Our traditional Christmas celebration can be considered simple but memorable.I am not always present in the house every year during Christmas celebrations due to the nature of my work. Nonetheless, I make it a point that they still continue to do what's being practiced at home every year. Since we are only few in the house, we just prepared enough foods for us. We wanted to get away with lavish spending and just want to make sure that everything can be consumed with no left overs, thus we've decided to have spaghetti, cake, sandwiches and fruit salad.

Our simple Noche Buena was already ready at 10PM. We wanted to have it earlier as we still have to do our traditional exchange gifts which we are doing since they were small.

Me,checking on gifts.

Mikz with all the mess in our living room after we opened our respective gifts (lol).

After the exchange gifts, we would normally take pictures then listen to the holy mass aired on TV.

Our Christmas celebration has always been simple. We don't normally have visitors coming to the house during Christmas eve. Our relatives normally visit us right on Christmas day or the day after.

Hope you had great Christmas, too!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Free Books From OMF Lit

Few months ago, OMF Lit Marketing Manager sent me a package through LBC containing 3 books and 1 pc of "I Read" shirt as a token of appreciation for my support in their marketing campaigns and promotions. Since I was abroad that time, I only had the chance to see the package now.

My personal request was only a book entitled "Hope Away From Home". I personally picked this book since I am an OFW and this book is an inspirational book dedicated to OFW's. To my surprise, they sent me 3 books and a shirt, so I feel very grateful for that kind gesture.

I haven't started to read any of the books yet as I am still very busy at home attending to my kids and some personal concerns in the house. Maybe I would just bring a book or two when I get back to work early next year.

Thank you OMF Lit for that wonderful gift!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Therapeutic Massage

Four days before Christmas, me and my daughter Mikz had decided to go for a beauty and wellness bonding. We went to my favorite spa located just a few minutes ride from my house. Whenever I go there, I usually go for the "Therapeutic Massage" as this involves minor stretching of the muscles. I really need this one as I am not much into exercising lately and is usually seated in the office the whole day. I wanted to treat Mikz for a foot spa but she doesn't like and she just volunteered to wait for me at the lobby.

We wanted to take photos of the place but it's quite dark inside. The decorations are purely oriental.

Therapeutic Massage is a 90 minutes full body massage and is totally relaxing as it releases tensions in your muscles. It really feels nice to indulge in a relaxing massage in a quiet place with just a classic music in the background. I really love it and I usually go for a massage whenever I had the chance.

After my 90 mins massage, we've decided to go for manicure and pedicure. This time Mikz agreed. My daughter is still very young and she's not quite comfortable to indulge herself on such. She's so naive and simple. But I told her that it should be okay as she is with me anyway and it's my way to bond with her.

As usual, we ended up the day with a light meal at her favorite restaurant nearby. We just took some sandwiches, fried noodles plus ice cream and leche flan for dessert. It was fun and I really had a good day with my daughter.

Till then....Ciao!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Butterscotch Cake

Two days ago, I had the chance to do my baking experiment. I baked a Butterscotch cake with my son. So far, this is only the third cake that I had baked within this year. Well...the reason is obvious, I'm not always staying at home and doing it at my work place is next to impossible, as I don't have the proper facility. Thus, every time I go back for my home leave, I always do my best to try my hands on baking. The good thing is, every time I do it, I'm always assisted by the kids. This serves as our bonding time at home.

Well, this one is pretty simple. We just added some chopped cashew nuts to make it more appealing to the eyes.

I was happy with the result. It's a bit sweet and perfect for coffee or tea.

I am not that perfect yet when it comes to baking but at least I'm trying. I wanted to be good at it soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting Out From Bankruptcy

Perhaps most of you have already heard stories of your friends, relatives and colleagues who had suffered from personal bankruptcy. Being in this situation is not very easy. This can cause stress, sleepless nights and even go as far as having families drifting apart because either the wife or the husband is in great indebtedness and the family's financial standing has already been affected . I have heard stories like this a hundred times and I was thinking how getting out from personal bankruptcy can be a simple thing for some.

Thinking it over, there should be some possible reasons why getting out from bankruptcy can be a serious thing. For one, filing a bankruptcy petition is a very complicated task. One has to be knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the entire process. Proper communications must be made with the creditors to avoid harassment. But what about if you are totally blurred with the situation? Chances are you may not be able to do the paper works correctly. You might miss out some information which is very crucial in your petition. Facing this dilemma, I could not think of any easier way out than to seek the help of a professional who is more experienced and a credible person to handle this kind of problem. 

I remembered my friend who was in this situation before and out of being desperate to save his finances, his life and his family, he resorted to hiring las vegas bankruptcy lawyer to work on his petition. He came up with this idea when he started to face harassment from his creditors which caused him a lot of stress. He thought that hiring a professional to work on his situation and deal with his creditors would be the fastest and easiest way to get away from his problem. True enough, he recovered from that nightmare and was able to rebuild himself and his business and start anew.

With this experience, it can be concluded that getting out from bankruptcy should not be a painful task. All it takes is patience, sheer determination to succeed and seeking help from an expert who could deal with your situation professionally.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simbang Gabi

Even before I get back home, I promised to myself that I would be attending the traditional "simbang gabi". I really love to attend the mass, the "simbang gabi" in particular coz this brings to us the spirit of Christmas. I would love to do things which I couldn't do when I'm not on home leave as I am staying in a Buddhist country, thus I told my kids that we have to attend the traditional "simbang gabi". They are very supportive and both of them are very happy that this year, we can go to attend the scheduled night mass together. In our place, this normally starts at 8PM, thus, we always leave the house an hour earlier so we can find for ourselves the seats inside the church. It is normally very crowded during this time and I wanted to be seated so we can feel the solemnity of the mass.

Photo above was taken after the first mass that we have attended. We were unable to attend on the first and second day because of the very tight schedule. Hopefully, we could attend more on the coming days.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Day At The Freeport

We have not completed our duty free shopping at Royal Subic, thus we've decided to go back the following day, but this time we went to another Duty Free shop inside the Subic Bay Freeport, the Freeport Exchange.

Of course, what would be next after shopping but dinner at our favorite restaurant inside SBMA, Meat Plus. This is situated just opposite the Freeport Exchange thus, it's quite convenient for us as we can do both shopping and dinner in just one area. Besides, this is the favorite restaurant of my daughter Mika. She loves the beef burger here so much thus, she never change her order every time we dine here.

As for me and my son, we love to try different dish every time so we always order a different meal each time we drop by here.

Burger Steak Meal served with soup, rice and drinks priced at Php220

Beef Burger with Meat Balls Spaghetti served with drinks priced at Php170

Beef Ribs Steak served with Java Rice, soup and drinks priced at Php220

Actually foods here are considered affordable, thus, this place is always crowded. According to some local tourists from Manila, they love to dine here because of the affordable imported steaks which would cost them a hefty amount should they avail it at Manila. You can also purchase imported raw meats her for take home or you can opt to have it cooked at the restaurant for a minimal charge of Php100.

This restaurant also served cakes and other mouth watering desserts. Photo above is the price list to give you an idea in case you would like to go and visit Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

You can actually combine your trip here with other exciting activities like the Zoobic Zafari Adventure, Ocean Adventure and a lot more.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Duty Free Shopping At Royal Subic

School days are finally over! A week after I arrived home, this was the first time that we were able to spend the whole day together. My two teen aged kids had decided to do our duty free shopping at Royal Subic. We took the free shuttle service at the Main Gate and we saw the driver of the shuttle service wearing a Santa costume. My son took a snap shot of the driver where the latter remarked, "you should have told me earlier so I could give you a good pose". (lol)

After about 15 minutes ride, we've finally reached Royal Subic Duty Free Shop.

Since it's Christmas season, it's a bit crowded inside. There were so many local tourists from Manila that time. However, this didn't stop us from taking photos inside (lol). Normally, photo shoots inside the malls are not allowed.

Me, looking for some cake mixes that I can use for my baking experiments.

My son Edmar didn't want to lose to me and requested for a shot (lol). My daughter Mika acting as our photographer.

After we've done with the shopping, we felt a bit hungry and tried to find a place to eat. Initially, we wanted to go to Starbucks which is just nearby but since it's almost 8PM that time, we all agreed that we can never be full with coffee and cakes. So we've decided to have our light dinner at Shakey's as this is the closest to the Duty Free Shop.

We just decided to order one pan of pizza, chicken and chips, cream soup and a pitcher of iced tea. My daughter Mika loves pizza so much thus, we just gave in to her request. We were surprised that even Shakey's is a bit crowded. That only means that there were lots of local tourists going to Subic for a holiday vacation and that's a good sign for the overall tourism industry in Subic.

After dinner, we went home straight away, we have lots of shopping bags with us so we can't afford to have so many stop overs. :) Actually, we wanted to attend the "simbang gabi" but we're already late.

Overall, the day went through smoothly except from some minor irritations that happened in between but in the end, we still tried our best to end up the day happily.

Until here....Ciao!

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Day With Mikz

Being at home made me feel once again how it is to become a full time Mom. Preparing the foods every meal and occasionally fetching my daughter from school whenever I'm done with my errands are part of being a Mom. When I ended up with my appointments at the same time that she finishes her classes, I would just swing by her school to meet her before I do some grocery shopping so we could do it together. This is also the time that we can have our snacks together while I check on her about her day in school.

During her last day in school, I've decided to meet her after I'm done with my bank transaction. The bank is just situated near her school so I ended up waiting for her at the vicinity of the school. It's just timely though since she told me that she needs to buy a dress for her Christmas party the following day and a gift for her "monita". Before we go to the shop where she wanted to buy her things, we've decided to have a light snack at Chic Boy which is a fast food chain very similar to Mang Inasal. There, we had a good chat and I could see from her face that she's having a good time.

After buying her dress and gift, we passed by the grocery shop to buy some breads and milk for her grandma then we've decided to get back home as she needs some rest. This girl was sick for the past few weeks and had just been recuperating from her illness, thus, I wouldn't want her to be so tired.

While waiting for my Mom to open the gate, I asked her to pose for a photo shoot in front of our house. This girl loves to take photos actually.

As we got inside, the first thing that she would normally do is to greet her pet dog Luca.

The simple things that we do together each day made me feel happy as I really missed her and her brother that much. Before we finally enter the house, she asked me to pose for a shot even I'm a bit reluctant because I look so haggard as I was out of the house almost the whole day to do some errands.

Nevertheless, I feel glad that I'm able to make up for the lost times. Will update you more of my bonding moments with them on my future posts.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back Packs For Christmas

When I finally arrived home last Monday after almost 7 months of being away from home due to my overseas work, the first thing that I did the moment I stepped in was to look around the house and check on every rooms. I was really expecting that my children had done a good job of cleaning and organizing everything in the house as they knew for a fact that I am a very well organized person and seeing a messy place will definitely displease me. True to my expectation, everything was done neatly, perfectly arranged according to my standard. As I stepped into my son's room, I noticed that he had made several improvements as he is now more into organizing things. He had requested his Dad to fabricate a caps organizer for him which was installed opposite his bed and he did asked someone to fabricate for him a shoe organizer made of thick tinted brown glass. His entertainment corner as well as his book shelf and cabinets were all neatly arranged. Seeing all his personal stuff made me realized that he really had a huge collection now from shirts, caps, pants, perfumes, shoes and bags. I saw that he got a number of boys bags in his rack and the way I look at it, the bags is the least in number as compared to all his collections. So, I thought of giving him bags this Christmas. I overlooked on this when I did my shopping at Phnom Penh a week before my flight. I concentrated on buying things such as shirts, wallets, perfumes and chocolates. It's fine though coz I now have an idea on what gift to wrap for him on our traditional exchange gifts on Christmas Day. Since he loves back packs, I am thinking of buying a dvs pack for him. I think he would love to own one as he already had a few now, so adding one to his growing collection would definitely delight him. Perhaps an electric pack would also be a good choice. I have seen some on sale online and it would definitely save me a great deal of time and effort to purchase it online as this time, free shipping is being offered. Most of his back packs now came from his Dad and only few were bought by himself. I remembered that during our summer vacation at Hoh Chi Min City last May, he was constantly looking for a suitable bag that he could use in school. My son had always been fussy when it comes to his stuff. This makes it quite difficult for me to buy some for him. Luckily, I was never wrong yet in choosing what best suits him. Most of the stuff that I bought for him during my trips were all put into good use. Most of the dvs packs and electric packs that I've seen online cost at an average of $45 to $50 per piece. It's quite pricey but I am after the quality thus I would like to choose a good brand for him.

I can't wait to see how he would react after seeing his gift. I wanted to choose a good one for him since this boy never fails to excite me with his unique gift ideas every time we had our traditional Christmas exchange gifts. Some of my favorites were the personalized black shirt and the personalized mug that he gave me. He personally hand painted my black shirt with my name on it and it turned out to be really nice. The magic mug that he gave me on the other hand really amazed me. It was only a plain black mug when I received it. The following day, he asked me to use it for my daily morning coffee and the moment I pour in the hot water, my photo and some dedications from him slowly appeared. It was so sweet of him and I really love those personalized stuff that he gave me.

Gift giving has always been the good part of celebrating the Christmas season and it always gives us a joyous feeling to remember our loved ones and surprise them with some little thoughts packed with love and sincere wishes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Finally Home!

It's a great feeling to be home once again. I arrived home Monday morning and was very tired and sleepy because of my long hours of travel from bus rides to plane ride. I traveled 2 hours from Cambodia to Hoh Chi Min City for my night flight at Tan Soh Nhat Airport. Actually it's only 1 hour bus ride but because of the boarder checks and stamping of passports at both the Cambodia and Vietnam immigration, it took me almost 2 hrs. before I finally reached the airport.

I was kind of excited and thrilled to see my family once again and to see my home after it had undergone minor renovations few months ago. For the past two days, I was indulging much on foods. It was just fortunate that I have a good metabolism so eating much wont really make me fat. I am the one preparing every meal now and I make sure that I cook all the favorite dishes of my daughter who was sick for quite sometime now and had tremendously lose a lot of weight. I want to feed her to her hearts content as I really wanted her to regain her health and desired weight. This week is considered a busy week for the students though as they are having their exams prior to their Christmas vacation, so we haven't actually gone out yet. They are having their school Christmas party this coming Friday so after that, they will be totally free. Meanwhile, I'm doing all my errands now while they are still busy at school. I want to process all my documents, pay bills, go to bank and fix my room while they are still fully occupied so we will be all free at the same time for the much awaited "pasyal".

It's just timely though coz SM City Mall will be having it's grand opening on December 15 just in time for the Christmas vacation. Something to look forward to.

Hmmm...til then, I will be posting more soon. Meanwhile, I have to go now. It's time for lunch!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cebu Pacific's Priceless Fares

I just got this advisory from Cebu Pacific and I am tempted to book this early for my next year's trips because of the huge savings but I am thinking that these promo fares, once you availed cannot be rebooked should you fail to push through with your scheduled trip. Currently, I am not so sure yet of what will happen next year as well as my plans. So, it's hard to take chances. I'm thinking that instead of going after the savings, I might end up spending more. So, I told myself that I will only book my future flights once I'm able to confirm the exact dates.

At any rate, if you really have definite plans to travel by next year and can set your calendar of activities this early, then this is a good chance to plan and book ahead to get huge discounts.

Sale period will be until December 09 or until seats last and is valid for travels from February 01 to April 30, 2012.

You can visit Cebu Pacific website for more details.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why I love Hand Made Shoes

A couple f days ago, I did a bit of Christmas shopping for some stuff that I have to bring back home. Well, I was not able to complete buying the things in my shopping list as I ran out of time. Besides, I also would like to shop for some gifts together with my kids as this has always been a part our bonding activities. One of the things that I'm planning to buy is a good pair of shoes. Shoes are definitely a "girl thing". I guess only few women would say that they don't love shoes. Some go for the casual types, others prefer the high end ones. But I know some who really invest on high quality shoes. Some even go to the point of having a collection. As for me, although I also buy my shoes from malls as this would be the easiest alternative, I still personally prefer buying handmade shoes if given the opportunity. Well, durability would be the obvious reason. Handmade shoes definitely last longer than the machine produced ones, not to mention that every pair comes with a style and design that's very distinct and I would say, "a perfect fit". Manually crafted shoes are obviously done with a personal touch. Because of this, I always have that feeling that I am wearing something that's perfectly made for me with a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Apart from that, the carefully chosen materials for your shoes will definitely guarantee comfort. 

Having said all of the above, the next consideration would be the price. Obviously, handmade shoes come with a hefty price tag. Well, that could very well be expected as quality comes with a price. But if we will think carefully, you will also end up spending the same amount of money buying mass produced shoes every year. Investing on a good quality shoe can assure you of long years of usage and this will save you money and time in the long run. 

Actually, I've also thought of shifting to handmade shoes for my kids. I noticed that I'm buying several pairs for them each year as they are complaining to me that most of the shoes they buy are not strong enough to withstand the long period of heavy usage. Besides, going for these handmade shoes would definitely give them the comfort that they need and the best thing would be the fact that we won't get tired looking around the entire shoe section in the mall just to find a unique design that would fit their taste.

Well, I guess, I would consider doing this starting next school year and I'm pretty sure that they would love the idea. How about you? Would you prefer handmade shoes too? 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Few Days More And Counting!

Oh well....I have few days left before I'm finally back home to spend my Christmas vacation. As expected, I'm rushing things now. Over the past couple of weeks, I was consistently watching few DVD's that my son sent me through a relative who just came back from a vacation in the Philippines. Hmmm....I'm on my last piece of DVD now. Just in time to finish before I take my vacation. Some of these DVD's are nice, some are not really that interesting and some are "tagalog movies". But the more important thing is at least I have something to entertain me whenever I feel bored and restless.

Here are the DVD copies that I got from my son quite recently:

Since, the last time, I was not quite sure whether I could go back home in time for Christmas celebration, my son and daughter got themselves ready by sending me a Christmas Card, my very first for this year. In this card, they've mentioned that they are not sure if I'll be home, so they have decided to send me one together with the other stuff that I requested them to send me through a relative.

But now, things have changed and I finally decided to proceed with my initial plan of going home and as expected, both of them were very happy with my decision. I guess, I am, too. Few days more and I'll be home again. Yesterday, I have started packing my things checking if there would still be some more space available in my luggage bag. :) Perhaps, I would be keeping things day by day until, I'm all set. I don't normally pack a day before I left. This has been done in the past and the result was not good (lol). I often forget some things behind so doing this one step at a time should be the best idea. Well...I'm half way done. Today, I did some laundry and I slept the whole day as I was really tired from yesterday's trip. I did a little bit of shopping and take some time out for myself.

I was not online much lately same like before. But I always do my best to catch up with friends whenever I'm online. It was just fortunate though that most of my blogging friends are on vacation mood these days, so I guess everybody is kinda busy. :)

I hope that I'm able to prepare everything here just in time for my vacation.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Press Release From PEBA

I would like to give way to a press release from PEBA (Pinoy Expats Blog Awards) for the information of those who will be interested.

The following is the official press release from PEBA forwarded to me through email.

OFW remittances at an all-time high: social remittances as new currency from Global Pinoys

Remittances from Filipinos working overseas are at an all-time high. And no, it’s not just because they’re sending back US dollars, Saudi Riyals, Euros or Japanese Yen; but because our modern-day heroes are sending back what’s known as social remittances.

Social remittances refer to ideas, practices, identities and social capital that flow from receiving to sending country communities. It was coined by sociologist Peggy Levitt in her book “The Transnational Villagers and she describes social remittances being transferred by migrants and refugees that are exchanged by letters or other forms of communication that includes phone, fax, the internet or video. She suggested that social remittance affects family relations, gender roles, class and race identity, as well as have a substantial impact on political, economic and religious participation.

This concept isn’t something new for the Philippines. In the 1800s, this was already seen through the newspaper La Solidaridad and the novels of Jose Rizal. Like them whose ideas paved . In the 21st century, blogging is the new form of social remittance of Filipinos working and living abroad. Through their blogs they are publishing their stories online to inspire others. They also advocate for causes, help others and muster support from their readers to help effect change in their own little ways.

With globalization, Filipino migrants are beginning to realize the power of harnessing the potential of social remittance. They may be students pursuing a higher education, a professional with a white-collar job or a migrant working as house help; but all of them have something in common: an economic goal and aspiration.

This year the Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards or PEBA 2011 is geared to recognize the contributions of Filipino bloggers abroad. This year’s theme is dubbed as "Ako'y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko'y Pagbabago." (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change) as Balikbayans not only send back their monetary remittances; but social remittances as well.

For this year PEBA opens a new blog search called PEBA’s Any Blogger, Anywhere for all Filipino bloggers in various categories, at home or abroad. This year’s blog contest will look into narratives as to how returning Expats/OFW will make use and share their social remittance or their talents, skills and fortunes to bring change to their families, communities and country. Expats/OFW bloggers who will be joining the contest will be required to write a blog entry on the said theme. There is also an ongoing blog contest for OFW supporters.

For 2011, VIPinoy, a service and perks for overseas Filipinos and OFWs offered by Ayala Malls is the biggest sponsor of PEBA. Ayala Mall is providing Trinoma Activity Center as the venue for the awards nights on December 9, 2011 and Market Market as venue for its photo exhibit from December 9, 2011. PEBA is equally supported by one of its long time partner NOKIA and communication giant Globe Telecom.

PEBA will exclusively invite some 200 guests who can make their reservation and confirmation/RSVP of their attendance through VIPinoy Lounges in the different Ayala Malls and the awarding will be watched by a thousand or more and will be telecast live for OFWs to watch.

As an OFW myself, I am supporting this project which aims to recognize the contribution of OFW's to the Philippine economy and I believe that this is also a great opportunity for all OFW's to be a part this growing community, showcase their talents and be heard!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Brian Tracy

I had few invites on this forthcoming event which will be held at Hotel Equatorial, Hoh Chi Min City on December 15, 2011. Mega Guru, Brian Tracy will be the resource speaker for the said seminar and will tackle interesting topics on "The Keys to Personal and Leadership Success" It would just be a one day affair participated by some well known personalities in the business sector. There would be a book signing during the one day affair. If only I had the chance to be there, I would certainly love to. Just the thought of meeting a well known personality like Mr. Brian Tracy who is the best selling author of 52 books and 500+ audio and video programs on business and personal success definitely excites me. I just had this invitation to join this seminar because of being an Anphabe member. It really feels great to be a part of this group which connects leaders. Registration fee to this seminar costs $600 per person and $450 if you are an Anphabe member.

Anyway, I will already be home by that time so meeting Brian Tracy will still remain a dream for me. Anyway, I'm certain that this event would be a huge success.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Books On Sale!

Good news for book lovers! OMF Lit will be having it's annual Christmas sale starting on December 14 to December 20, 2011. They are having this "Buy The Bundles" promo wherein you can get big discounts on some selected titles. Some inspirational books are included on the bundles and I think this would be an ideal gift for your family and friends this Christmas.

What more? They also have this "Grab The Smart Book Pack" where you can choose from their wide selection of Hiyas books which would be perfect gifts for kids. The Smart Book Packs are mostly priced at P100+ so this would really be an ideal gift as you can instill in those young minds the love for reading at an affordable price.

So, if you're thinking of some gift ideas for Christmas, then you may consider checking their site for the list of available titles on sale. Who knows you could also end up buying one for yourself. :)

Happy Reading! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"My Great Food Club" Annual Warehouse Sale

For those who might be interested, My Great Food Club is having a grand warehouse sale on December 3, 2011 with up to 70% discount on selected items. For those who are staying at Metro Manila area, it would probably be worth a visit. Items on sale include kitchen appliances and accessories, Coleman coolers and outdoor gears. 

You might find a perfect gift there for your friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Go and check it out! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"OKKK TO" Seat Sale From Cebu Pacific

If you're planning to have a trip early next year whether local or international, Cebu Pacific is offering "Okkk To! Seat Sale" until December 01 or until seats last for international flights for travels on January 1 to March 31, 2012. Great destinations await you. Flights available are Clark to Hongkong or Macau, Manila to Hongkong or Macau, Clark to Bangkok, Cebu to Hongkong and Manila to Bangkok or Taipei. 

Local flights are also available and on sale until December 07, 2011 for travels on January 1 to March 31, 2012. Avail of the promo fares for as low as P88. Flights available are Manila to Roxas, Davao to Cagayan De Oro, Zamboanga to Tawi Tawi, Manila to Cauayan Isabela and Manila to Tuguegarao.

It's a huge savings so if you really have plans to take a vacation or visit your families in the provinces, don't miss this chance.

You can visit Cebu Pacific site for more details. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing For My Vacation!

I've been reading some comments from my blogpals on how is my preparations going for my forthcoming vacation next month. Some of them were expressing their excitement that I would finally be home this coming holiday season. Like them, of course I am equally excited too. But thinking about it, it's not really been that long since the last time I visited home. My last vacation was last week of April until 3rd week of May this year, so it's just about 6 months ago. It's actually not too long compared to other OFW's that's why I feel a bit luckier coz there are even times that they get to see me three times a year. Yes, that's how often I go back to visit home. But, I'm just not so sure about the coming year. Sometimes, schedule changes and it's not within my control. Well....I just hope that everything will be fine then.

I've mentioned to a blog pal Algene that so far there's nothing much to prepare for my forthcoming vacation except for some few things that I normally do like buying the "bilins" of my kids, packing my things and fixing all my other stuff that would be left in my room. Normally I secured everything here first prior to taking my vacation. Since I would be away for almost a month, I make sure that I wrap all my clothes in tight plastic bags to protect from dusts and molds. Then I would normally buy some moth balls to place everywhere in the cabinet. Then my dining utensils are also secured the same way. I also use to secure my books, magazines and other documents in a safe container and sealed accordingly. Of course, the more important things, I bring all with me. I normally leave my fridge empty and clean before I go coz I need to unplug it.

For the past few days, I've been trying to figure out what are the things that needed my attention back home and as early as now, I'm starting to list them down one by one including all my other planned activities with the family. Of course, I just jot down things freely...everything that comes to my mind. Later, I would sort out my list and check on my priorities. Them from the list of my priorities, I would number them according to what's the most important down to the least. This way, I make sure that I'm setting my priorities accordingly. Right now, I'm still on the process of doing things and hopefully, I can share some on my future posts.

Well.....I guess, the past few weeks had been a grand vacation time for my blog pals who are all busy catching up with themselves, friends and loved ones. How I wish I could do the same thing too very soon.

For now, I still have to work on some important things that need to be done for the rest of the day. I will blog walk later.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Featured Animal Show At Dam Sen

It's Christmas season once again and same like the previous years, Dam Sen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City will be crowded again. This huge theme park which features a lot of interesting attractions is one favorite destination at HCM by both locals and foreigners.

One of the nice things to see inside the theme park is the "Animal Circus show". This is one spectacular show that will surely delight every members of the family. We've seen it already one time last summer and all of us truly enjoyed watching those clowns and animals doing their acrobats and magic tricks. Both my son and daughter enjoyed the show and the many attractions that the theme park has to offer.

This is one destination that shouldn't be missed every time you visit Saigon.

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