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Reminiscence 01 - "Joyful Moments"

Today, I had a great time as I browse through the pictures saved on my laptop.  Some photos were just taken recently, some a couple of  years back and some I cannot actually recall when.  But there's one common denominator though... these were the "joyful days".  Just try to think of it, Filipinos really loved to take photos. We take photos for a number of reasons but the most common one is that we take photos to capture us of something close to our hearts.  Whether be it a celebration, an event, or simply bits and pieces of just an ordinary day filled with laughter and cheers, photos are precious reminders to help us cherish those joyful memories.

Here are some :

Photos taken at SM Clark Pampanga, Philippines. Taken during my summer vacation around April this year.  Went there with Edz and Mikz. 

Taken recently at our favorite hang out, Sam"s Pizza Haus during my vacation last October.  We love pizza at Sam's... really yummy!

Taken same month at SBMA Subic…

Beauty on a Budget!

I had been stuck up in my room lately ... busy with some personal things, doing some researches online, hooked on reading some good articles on few magazines, blogging and of course, chatting with kids via SKYPE.  Without me noticing it, geeeeee.. I overlooked caring for myself.  I haven't gone out to have my nails cleaned, have my hair treated and some routine facial cleanings. I guess this is the dilemma of any Mom in this world.
As  working mom, juggling up your time attending to the needs of your family, home, your work and yourself is such a great challenge, and I would is also such a thrill....
These modern days, caring for yourself is such a pain in the pocket.  Let's face it, skin care products are now getting more and more expensive.  Not to mention the budget on our regular visits to spas and salons.... all for the sake of beauty! Lol... but behold! Caring for yourself is equally important as looking after your career, home and family.  As the saying goes..…

Life's Simple Pleasures.....

 Bahn Mi - Vietnamese Baguette

Vietnamese Noodles with fried pork
and spring rolls Soya Milk

From my previous blog, I did mention how I terribly missed the Filipino foods after having stayed in the Philippines nearly a month for my vacation.  Today, I realized that there are also some foods here that I'm missing ... Bahn Mi, Vietnam Noodles with fried pork and spring rolls and soya milk....
Yupp..these are the food items that I use to take here for my breakfast.  Staying in between Cambodia and Vietnam had given me the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy their cultures, as well as their foods.  Everyday, around 6:00 am, a bunch of Vietnamese usually arrive here to bring foods from Vietnam to be sold on side streets.  They are the mobile vendors who transport their goods on board a motodup attached with a fabricated glass display of their products, mostly cooked foods, fruits and veggies.
The aforementioned food items are my …

"Hot Stone Massage" - A Must Try!


Tonight, I suddenly get the mood to blog..... this was after I came back to my room feeling good and relaxed after having been from a full body massage.  I'd been complaining about my back pains lately and my colleagues just gave me the idea to go and visit our company owned massage center.  Most of them had been there several times already considering a 50% off the price being extended to staff.
After I check out from work, I decided to give it a try.  Massage therapists are all Vietnamese and the one assigned to me is petite and skinny but very pretty :).
Looking at her size, I never had the idea that her "hand pressure" is really that strong...enough to get me relieved from all the pains on my back.  I would admit, the experience was really good.  The "hot stone massage" is a must try.  It was great.  Not only it gives you a soothing feeling but colds inside your body will  definitely vanish.  "Hot stone massage" removes stre…

Prayers for the Victims of Phnom Penh Stampede

After I  woke up yesterday, I immediately turn ON the TV which has been my normal routine but I got the shock of my life after seeing the news from CNN.  Around 350 people died from a stampede at Phnom Penh.  The supposed to be a very happy celebration of the annual Water Festival suddenly turned into a night mare...that's how the news described the tragedy.
Seeing the sad news on TV and the video footage of the dead bodies being inspected and transported, I felt equally sad and devastated.  This is such a pain for the whole country.  I just hope that none of my friends and local colleagues and their families are affected.  
At any rate, the rescue operations still on going and I prayed that families of the victims will get the necessary aids due to them.  My prayers and sympathy to the people of Cambodia....May this tragedy never happen again.

Wandering Thoughts.........

Today, after I woke up...I feel so lazy and not in the mood to do anything.  Weeeee..... I feel so boring! This boredom had brought me to be stuck up on my bed.  Not feeling to do anything, I just content myself  laying down on the bed and simply let my mind works.  Yup! my wandering thoughts had brought me to this blog post.
Look at the brighter side!   
Boredom is the most common complaint of any person working in a foreign land.  But as I begin to reflect on so many things, I realized the brighter side of living away from home.  Being alone is not a reason to be sad nor a reason to get bored.  With the technological advancement and all that.... finding ways to entertain yourself is such an easy task.  TV's, DVD's, laptop, books, magazines, internet...these are more than enough to keep you occupied.  
Working in a foreign land had taught me a lot of things.... being independent is on top of the list.  Because of wanting to get away from boredom, I was…

Brighten Up your garden with cool water fountains .......

It's been a year now since the idea of putting up a pocket garden on the right corner of my front yard has been  an arduous desire.  I've been dreaming to have a cool water fountain installed.  Though I already have now a plain garden around the house with some adorable ornamental plants, coming up with a pocket garden complete with garden decors and  a cool water fountain would be a great idea.  I could imagine how cool and refreshing my feeling would be sitting on a garden bench or from the terrace while having a view of the cute water fountain.
Water fountain is not only a refreshing sight but Chinese people believes that having one in the house will attract positive energy.  Water fountain is a sign of prosperity and abundance.  No wonder why most business establishments that I saw have water fountains in front of their building.  Besides, the calm sound of the water brings you close to nature.
I had been delaying this project since I knew that having everything installed i…

Train up a Child

"Train up a child in a way he should grow, and when he gets old, he will not depart from it"
(Proverbs 22:6)
photos from

It was a long day today! After checking out from work, I had the chance to do the laundry, iron the clothes, make a brief call to Miks in the Philippines and watch my favorite Korean series which is one of the many DVD series that I bought in the Philippines during my vacation.  But before, I finally go to bed, I tried to look for some magazines inside my cabinet so I can have few readings before I go to sleep.  It was during this time that I saw a hand crafted box with my name painted on it.  Inside the box was a colorful hand crafted rosary with wooden beads and a 3 pages typewritten letter full of emotions from a young boy.   The letter contained an assurance of love and appreciation.  This was the box that my son, Edmar handed to me before I left home to take my flight back to Cambodia.  I would admit that there were several times we f…

Let's Talk About Herbs

It's been a week since I was back here in Cambodia.  It's been a busy week for me... rearranging my things back to their proper places, unpacking my luggage, changing the bed sheet, comforter and towel and fixing my cabinet....All those stuff kept me occupied for quite sometime.  After a long vacation in the Philippines, I can still feel the "hang over".  I missed the Filipino foods, the Filipino TV series that I used to watch every night, the relaxing atmosphere of my home and yes... the green sight of my home garden.  I guess this is the down side of any person who just came back from her own country.  But staying in Cambodia led me to so many discoveries and many new things.  Cambodia has a culture which is uniquely it's own.  I would admit that it was a struggle for me at first to get used to the local foods they served here but as I stay here longer, I have learned to adapt and even appreciate some of their local foods.  One thing that strikes me is their gr…

Fun Day Tuesday!

Since Nov. 2 was not declared by President Aquino as national holiday, public and private offices were back to business that day except some schools who set the beginning of their 2nd semester on the 3rd of November.  This includes my daughter Mikz who went back to school last 3rd November.  
Because of this, we have decided to go out and have fun on the last day of their sem break.  We went inside SBMA (Subic) and went for some last minute grocery shopping.  Thereafter, we went to dine at Mikz favorite resto, "Meat Plus".  This restaurant is located opposite Trader's Duty Free Shop and serves imported meats and steaks.  Foods are mostly western.  Cheese burger with fries is Mikz all time favorite.  But, in fairness...their burgers really taste very different compared to those being served on some popular fast food chains. My only disappointment was that they already changed the fried potato skin with the usual french fries which does not set it apart from the other food …

How to Make Pastillas De Leche

It was a free day at home and I've decided to try one recipe that I got from Pinoy Recipe.Net.  I've been toying with the idea of making pastillas de leche long time before.  It would be great if I can master it and be able to prepare one for my family and friends.  I also thought of having it as a unique christmas present to friends.  Over the years...I always buy my christmas presents from malls or department stores, the usual type of gifts that can  be bought elsewhere.  This time, I'm thinking of changing the "style"...a gift idea that would be unique, cost efficient, and something that friends and relatives will value because such was a result of your :) and a devoted time and effort.  Pinaghirapan, ika nga.....  I've thought of making bottled preserves like achara, and sweets like yemas, pastillas etc. ...these can be prepared right in your own kitchen,  Not only will it improve your skills in the kitchen but will also inspired you to prep…

Clean Up Day!

It was a very busy day for me...I have to do some last minute touch ups at home, making sure everything is in place.  Got to clear all clutters, get rid of dusts from appliances and furniture, rearrange books, etc.  Even the wall paintings and cross stitch frames were cleaned.  It's almost end of the year and to get rid of clutter is a must. Not only will it create more space but it will give you an aura of orderliness and cleanliness around the area.  It is also a great way of attracting positive energy to run through the house.  This is what I always read from "feng shui" articles, untidy surroundings attract "negative chi".  

Besides...few days more and I'm set to travel back to where I work.  So, it's just practical and wise to make sure that I did the necessary clean ups in the house.  I have to make sure that everything is okay before I leave the house.  This will give me a secured feeling.  Likewise, there would be a feeling of satisfaction and se…