Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reminiscence 04 - Remembering Summer at Anne Raquels Resort!

As early as now, I am looking forward to celebrating my "unica hija's" (only daughter) birthday on January 04 next year.  Why not! Because I guess it's about two years in a row that I failed to celebrate this happy moment with her and I feel so guilty already.  So this time, I want to make up for the lost times... :)

But until now, I don't have the idea yet on how are we going to celebrate.  She is requesting to do it elsewhere but we can't decide yet.  Moving along...I suddenly recalled our fun day last summer when we went to Anne Raquel's Resort.  There's no special occasion that time but only a sort of a week end get away. This resort is quite huge and there's plentiful of green sight inside as gardens are all over the place.  I was once again felt close to nature and had a grand time appreciating it's beauty.  Here are some sneak peek of the resort:

Hmm..Hope we can have the chance to visit there again next summer....
Thanks for hopping by!


  1. that's a really nice place :D i know there are a lot of options in antipolo, binangonan and montalban :)

  2. Hi Smarla. Thanks for hopping by. Do you know the website of some resorts on the places you've just mentioned?


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