Friday, December 3, 2010

Reminiscence 02 - "Life's Sweet Moments"

On my previous post, I did mention that I will be citing more of the precious moments that I had through a series of my "Reminiscence" posts.  For today .... I choose the title, "Life's Sweet Moments"... yupp.. because I will be talking really about something sweet, what else but sweet brownies and Philippine Davao's sweets.

On my last trip to the Philippines, we had a chance to drop by at SM Megamall after we had finished with the appointment with DFA for the kids passport renewal.... Since we had a limited time then, we just manage to get a quick look on some of the items.  Too sad for me :< as I'm a person who loves shopping and my feet never complains of walking for as long as the reason is shopping..Lol !

After we manage to buy some personal stuff, I did ask the kids to wait for me as I would like to buy some Philippine sweets and delicacies that I will be bringing back to Cambodia for my stock as well as for some "pasalubong" to colleagues and friends.

I did buy some sweets like pastillas and "Davao sweet candies".  Looks good and "yummy"..

After I'm done, I met the kids outside the SM Supermarket, I saw them overloaded with some great finds, as well.  Of course, Edmar will never go back home without his favorite.. "Brownies" from Brownies Unlimited.  But I do agree with him, these brownies really taste good and comes with a packaging that's truly cute and can be an instant gift to friends and relatives.

I regret that we did not buy enough for few days stock. hihi.. :)  I get curious with these brownies and I decided to visit their web site to check if they also have other varieties. Who knows, they may also offer some business opportunities or an affordable franchise (I wish!), and so after I log in to their site, I saw that they have this promo for the coming holiday season.  I feel "sayang" coz I won't be able to participate now that I'm not in the Philippines.  But anyway, I would like to share this with you.. Who knows you can be an instant "dealer" of the free 100 boxes of brownies this December...

The promo ads says that any purchase of 6 in a pack brownies from Brownies Unlimited will entitle you to one raffle coupon.  You can also get a raffle coupon by simply "liking" Brownies Unlimited official Face Book page.  You will then get a message with a link to short "online form".  Just fill out the online form, submit it and print out the next page which you then can use to redeem your free raffle coupon from any Brownies Unlimited outlets.  Promo runs from November 19 to December 19 and first raffle draw will be on December 21.

For further details, log on to

I miss that fun of shopping with the kids that's why I just content myself with the thoughts of that good day that I was with them...but no worry coz I'm sure that there are still a lot more to come. :)

Have a sweet and merry day!!!

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