Saturday, December 18, 2010

My New Garden!

Today, I was so thrilled to receive the pics of my "new garden" - a gift to myself this Christmas, which I did mention on my previous post.  My new home garden has a mini water falls made from a simple rock formation.  I requested the landscaper to make my mini garden appear to be colorful and lively.  After all, this place will be meant for relaxation or for some solitude moments.  The space is not so big but all my requested features were able to fit in.

Here... have a look!

This is the simple water feature, a "mini falls" that comes with a fish pond which will be a "home" for 4 pieces of "Japanese Koi" courtesy of the landscaper herself, Regine.  Just hoping the fish will stay long and healthy! Lol! 
This is the mini garden set that I requested, ideal for a coffee or tea break with family and friends.

See the parrots? Aren't they lovely?

I love the rock formation, makes me feel closer to nature and it looks so natural!

Lovely and colorful parrots !

I love the accessories...really cute and colorful.

My mom was so thrilled, as well, to see such a lovely garden!  She's always been a garden enthusiast.  The reason why my whole yard has plenty of plants and ornaments.  This has been her hobby for years and I considered myself lucky to have her stay with me as I have an instant gardener in the house hihi.. :)

I think the kids will more likely to have their friends invited to come over as there's a new space for them to unwind and have some "group talk".

The landscaper, Regine was so friendly and able to have an instant buddy in  the person of my Mom which compelled her to leave 4 varieties of  tall plants as a gift to my Mom.  I'm so happy to come home end of this month as I'm looking forward to see this lovely garden in real.  A cool sight to welcome year 2011.

Woooa!!! More projects to come!

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