Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'll Be Home for New Year!

Two days more to go before we finally bid good bye to 2010.  For someone like me who is trying to catch up with the last days of the year...each moment counts.  Today, after I check out from work, I'll be heading to Tan Soh Nat Airport in Hoh Chih Min City Vietnam for my late evening flight to Manila.  Yes, I'll be home for new year!  I have to get myself energized for a long day's trip.  What would be waiting for me in the Philippines is a look forward to event.  But whatever it is, I hope it's for the better!

I have too many things in mind now...what will I cook for the Media Noche Dinner, where will we spend the rest of the holidays and the limited days of my vacation, how am I going to catch up with a long list of "things to do" at home, how we're going to celebrate Mikz birthday, what "pasalubongs" will I bring back here...and so on and so forth...

I just wish that my short vacation in the Philippines will give me enough energy and motivation to move on with whatever is in store for me in 2011.

I hope I would still be having a little bit extra time to pass by at the airport's mall for the last minute shopping and perhaps....to have a sneak peek of what are the latest movies at Mega Star Cineplex...hihi :) i think it's the 3D Tron Legacy... But even a walk at the cinema's lobby with a big pack of caramel pop corn and soda on hand is already such a thrill.

Megastar Cineplex at Parkson Tan Soh Nat
  Photo courtesy of MegaStar Cineplex

I wish there is something like this in Subic...

Thanks for hopping by!

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