Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Garden Lovers

Early morning today, I got a text message from Edmar trying to arrange with me about our agreed project for this month.  Guess what!!  It's our long time fancy... our pocket garden in the house which I did mention on my previous blog titled "Brighten Up your Gardens with Cool Water Fountains".  Finally...after countless days of thinking and working out with the budget trying to figure out the pros and cons and after consultation with my friend and colleague... I finally decided to push through with the projectOn the second thought, I also would like to achieve something great before finally saying good bye to year 2010.  That will be a souvenir and a gift to myself this year...anyway, I really love to have one long before.  I will surely post pics of the new garden here after it's completed.

Well...talking about "garden thing",  I came across this article from Female Network about a new book launched last month titled, "Tropical Garden of the Philippines".  This book features some of the best tropical gardens in the Philippines and covers topics on gardens big and small and also a wonderful introduction to the basics of gardening I'm sure nature lovers out there will get to enjoy the high quality photos of the gardens featured in the book, as well as the tips on running and maintaining our lovely home gardens.

Tropical Gardens of the Philippines is available exclusively from National Book Store and Power Books, at a standard retail price of P1,950.

Please visit Female Network Book Shelf: Tropical Gardens and enjoy their landscaping tips, as well.

Happy Gardening !

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