Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do you Believe in Astrology Reading?

Today, I have a pleasant surprise after opening my email... my astrological reading for 2011! This was from someone whom I had an encounter with through internet since January this year.  Actually, I almost forgot everything about her already and she also ceased to send me mails for quite sometime now.  She had a friendly approach though.  Although she is doing this as a career, she is not the insisting type that would force you to do this with her for a professional fee. Of course, there is a corresponding minimal fee attached to the service as this would be an arduous task for her.  She normally would give you a sneak peek of what your astral sky has in store for you... some key points in your life, things you must avoid and such kind of stuff... I'm surprised though that she can be very detail about it.  Although she did not get through into a detailed study yet, she can even cite specific dates and even a glimpse of your past, what your current feeling is...and although I'm a bit skeptical about it, I'm amazed that what she is mentioning are actually facts.  I have not really gone through this kind of thing in the past.  My encounter with her through the net was only a result of my curiosity but I haven't actually paid her yet even a single cent. But now... I'm thinking of giving it a try although I'm still trying to figure out what would be it's importance to me.  Well... I still have to weigh things first.  For now, I would put it on hold first until my doubts are totally cleared.  I would admit, I have developed the strong curiosity to get a full report of her readings after I got the initial report with some amazing facts. Hmm.... Let's see! 
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On Perseverance:
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up!"
Galatians 6:9 NIV


  1. sayang, there are a lot of free horoscopes naman online :) treat yourself to something instead this season :)

  2. I guess you're right. After some considerable thoughts, I think it's not a wise move besides we are not sure of the authenticity of the readings and the character of the person doing the reading. Thanks for the practical advise.


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