Beyond the Blues!

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Two days more to go and it's Christmas!  Too bad for me... coz today, I'm having a severe migraine attack.  I am not in the mood to do anything, even to blog.  But my melancholies forced me to write something here...

Now...thinking that I would be able to download some negative emotions within me..I suddenly grabbed my pen and have an outburst of feeling in the paper.  Well..I think it's normal to feel like this sometimes..when all your days had become a routine and there's no one to listen to all your fears and worries and all your sad stories...a feeling of sadness just keeps on doubling up.  

It is during this solitude moment that you would really feel that you're all alone.  Hope this feeling will get over soon...  The only consolation is that...yes!! I'll be home in time for New Year celebration.  Well.. I had already my ticket booked since last week.. The air fare now is relatively high due to the holidays in the Philippines but...this does not stop me to catch up with the New Year celebration and presenting myself physically for my daughter's birthday come first week of January.  Sometimes...we have to learn to cope up with sadness and depression especially when we have to fulfill some obligations that we're tied up to.  Well.. I guess I just need to pick more inspiring books back home to bring over here when I come back.  So, a week more to go and I'll be heading to Philippines once again.  I hope I can recover all the "blues" that I'm having right now the moment I got there!  We'll be having our traditional "exchange gifts" in the house but instead of Christmas, we'll be doing it on new year... So to get way from my sadness, perhaps I would be spending my Christmas day here sourcing for some gifts to be brought home.  Life has to move on...

For my final is something to reflect on to :

"When people hurt you over and over...
think of them like a "sand paper"...
They may scratch you and hurt you a bit...
but in the end, you'll end up polished and 
they end up useless...."


  1. *huuuuug*

    It helps to sleep on it or eat ice cream on a cone. seriously, eating ice cream on a cone helps. :)

  2. Thanks Smarla! A little tip would somehow do the trick! I will!! :>

    Thanks for coming back here.....


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