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I'll Be Home for New Year!

Two days more to go before we finally bid good bye to 2010.  For someone like me who is trying to catch up with the last days of the year...each moment counts.  Today, after I check out from work, I'll be heading to Tan Soh Nat Airport in Hoh Chih Min City Vietnam for my late evening flight to Manila.  Yes, I'll be home for new year!  I have to get myself energized for a long day's trip.  What would be waiting for me in the Philippines is a look forward to event.  But whatever it is, I hope it's for the better!
I have too many things in mind now...what will I cook for the Media Noche Dinner, where will we spend the rest of the holidays and the limited days of my vacation, how am I going to catch up with a long list of "things to do" at home, how we're going to celebrate Mikz birthday, what "pasalubongs" will I bring back here...and so on and so forth...
I just wish that my short vacation in the Philippines will give me enough energy and motivation…

Some Thoughts to Share!

This article was sent to me through email and I can't help but share it here coz I find it very inspiring, and in a way most of us could relate to this.  I myself did. Before, I'm also a type of person who loved to delay doing things.  I always have that thing in mind that there is always tomorrow, so why would I rush doing things.  But now, I've come into a realization that there are things in life which cannot be postponed especially when this thing concerns your happiness.
There are also situations in life where we are caught with the difficulty choosing between what is right and what will make us happy.  Life is in itself a very complicated thing, a thing that requires much attention and thorough thinking.  For normal people like us, we have the luxury of time to delay things and prioritize on what we think are most important considerations.  But what are really the things that are important and really matter to us?  How about those people who are very sick and the days…

Do you Believe in Astrology Reading?

Today, I have a pleasant surprise after opening my email... my astrological reading for 2011! This was from someone whom I had an encounter with through internet since January this year.  Actually, I almost forgot everything about her already and she also ceased to send me mails for quite sometime now.  She had a friendly approach though.  Although she is doing this as a career, she is not the insisting type that would force you to do this with her for a professional fee. Of course, there is a corresponding minimal fee attached to the service as this would be an arduous task for her.  She normally would give you a sneak peek of what your astral sky has in store for you... some key points in your life, things you must avoid and such kind of stuff... I'm surprised though that she can be very detail about it.  Although she did not get through into a detailed study yet, she can even cite specific dates and even a glimpse of your past, what your current feeling is...and although I'…

Beyond the Blues!

From Google Images
Two days more to go and it's Christmas!  Too bad for me... coz today, I'm having a severe migraine attack.  I am not in the mood to do anything, even to blog.  But my melancholies forced me to write something here...
Now...thinking that I would be able to download some negative emotions within me..I suddenly grabbed my pen and have an outburst of feeling in the paper.  Well..I think it's normal to feel like this sometimes..when all your days had become a routine and there's no one to listen to all your fears and worries and all your sad stories...a feeling of sadness just keeps on doubling up.  
It is during this solitude moment that you would really feel that you're all alone.  Hope this feeling will get over soon...  The only consolation is that...yes!! I'll be home in time for New Year celebration.  Well.. I had already my ticket booked since last week.. The air fare now is relatively high due to the holidays in the Philippines but...this doe…

My New Garden!

Today, I was so thrilled to receive the pics of my "new garden" - a gift to myself this Christmas, which I did mention on my previous post.  My new home garden has a mini water falls made from a simple rock formation.  I requested the landscaper to make my mini garden appear to be colorful and lively.  After all, this place will be meant for relaxation or for some solitude moments.  The space is not so big but all my requested features were able to fit in.
Here... have a look!

My mom was so thrilled, as well, to see such a lovely garden!  She's always been a garden enthusiast.  The reason why my whole yard has plenty of plants and ornaments.  This has been her hobby for years and I considered myself lucky to have her stay with me as I have an instant gardener in the house hihi.. :)
I think the kids will more likely to have their friends invited to come over as there's a new space for them to unwind and have some "group talk".
The landscaper, Regine was so frien…

Reminiscence 05 - My Son's Greatest Battle!

If there's one thing and one story that I want to recall and keep in my memory box forever,, that is my son's greatest battle!Why I called it his greatest battle?  The following story is here to unfold....
I would say that God gifted me with a wonderful son.  He's cute, sweet, loving and responsible (proud momma!).  
My son was confined in the hospital when he was 4 years old.  He suffered from acute bronchitis.  Since then, his body become weak and he is so thin.  His body resistance was not that strong.  It's so easy for him then to catch colds and flu.  Realizing it, I consulted our family doctor  as to what vitamins he could take to boost his body resistance and stimulate his mental growth and development. The  doctor prescribed him to take Nutroplex.  And so, as a concerned Mom, I would only want the best for my child.  True enough, my son grew up to be strong, active and intelligent.  When we relocated to our newly constructed house, I was so worry that my son woul…

Celebrating Christmas on a Budget...

Now a's a well accepted fact that economic crisis is being experienced anywhere.  The cost of living is getting higher. Cost of foods, clothes,shoes and other personal stuff is killing our pockets and hard earned money.  Sometimes...we find ourselves faced with so many financial problems ... but we also do not want to deprive ourselves of the joys of celebrating the holidays.  After all, this is the best time of the year to celebrate with family and friends.  I myself wanted to have a meaningful celebration.  I do not want to pass any occasion unnoticed. But..Christmas should not be equated with money.  There are lot more ways to celebrate Christmas without causing a pain to our pockets and not bringing ourselves to more debts that we will surely be facing for the coming year.  The following are my ideas on how to celebrate a meaningful Christmas without over spending....
photos courtesy of google 

Gift giving is a traditional way of celebrating Christmas and I myself do …

What I Miss this Christmas!


Puto Bumbong

Photos courtesy of Google Images,,
Christmas is fast approaching.... and I'm terribly missing the symbols of Christmas.  This is the season of the year that  I truly miss the Philippines.  I remember the last time when  I was still working there and staying in my own house...I can feel the Christmas spirit all around the corner. Truly, Christmas is the happiest time of the year, least for the Filipinos.  What I miss this Christmas?? 
Let me count :
1.)  Bibingka and Puto Bumbong 2.)  Simbang Gabi 3.)  Christmas Carols 4.)  Malling 5.)  "Monito - Monita" 6.)  "Parol" (Christmas Lanterns) 7.)  Christmas Tree 8.)  Christmas Parties 9.)  Exchange Gifts 10.)Hamon and Queso De Bola
and the list goes on and on....
Anyway...what were mentioned are just only symbols to remind us that it's going to be Christmas soon,  but more importantly, it's remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and thanking HIM for all …

Reminiscence 04 - Remembering Summer at Anne Raquels Resort!

As early as now, I am looking forward to celebrating my "unica hija's" (only daughter) birthday on January 04 next year.  Why not! Because I guess it's about two years in a row that I failed to celebrate this happy moment with her and I feel so guilty already.  So this time, I want to make up for the lost times... :)
But until now, I don't have the idea yet on how are we going to celebrate.  She is requesting to do it elsewhere but we can't decide yet.  Moving along...I suddenly recalled our fun day last summer when we went to Anne Raquel's Resort.  There's no special occasion that time but only a sort of a week end get away. This resort is quite huge and there's plentiful of green sight inside as gardens are all over the place.  I was once again felt close to nature and had a grand time appreciating it's beauty.  Here are some sneak peek of the resort:

Hmm..Hope we can have the chance to visit there again next summer.... Thanks for hopping by!

For Garden Lovers

Early morning today, I got a text message from Edmar trying to arrange with me about our agreed project for this month.  Guess what!!It's our long time fancy... our pocket garden in the house which I did mention on my previous blog titled "Brighten Up your Gardens with Cool Water Fountains".  Finally...after countless days of thinking and working out with the budget trying to figure out the pros and cons and after consultation with my friend and colleague... I finally decided to push through with the project.  On the second thought, I also would like to achieve something great before finally saying good bye to year 2010.  That will be asouvenir and a gift to myself this year...anyway, I really love to have one long before.  I will surely post pics of the new garden here after it's completed.
Well...talking about "garden thing",  I came across this article from Female Network about a new book launched last month titled, "Tropical Garden of the Philippin…

Reminiscence 03 - My First Visit To Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon

Today is a just a so so day for me...nothing special, some more ... I'm feeling the blues, maybe because of the thoughts of the Christmas season fast approaching and yet I cannot see any signs of Christmas spirit floating in the air.  Too bad, my work place does not pay particular attention into celebrating Christmas.  Luckily, I managed to see one reminder that  it's going to be Christmas soon.. that's a 14 footer Christmas Tree put up on the hotel lobby.  Aside from this, nothing else. Hmm..too bad. But I already get used to it.  Normally, I would just content myself doing a cyber walk trying to scout  for some Christmas goodies on the net.  My laptop has been my best friend lately.  Browsing through my folder, I've seen these pics of my first visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon.  I've been there a couple of times but I wasn't able to attend a mass.  The schedule of the mass there is not really known to me.  Most of the times, the church is closed.  So on…

On Employing a House Help

I always brag about being a hands on Mom (self proclaimed).  Indeed, it's true.... yeah! I've always been a working Mom but this doesn't stop me from monitoring the progress of the kids in and out of school and home.  Of course, I do not consider myself a "wonder woman" to be able to handle all things at the same time.  
That is why, I always employ a house helper ever since.  For one, my full time job will not allow me to do all the household chores, but at least, I can supervise most of them.  To be able to do this effectively, we need to have a trusted, credible and reliable helpers whom we can entrust things at home when we are away.  Having them around, would at least help us ease the burden of thinking about truck loads of clutters that need to be cleared.  Not to mention the countless worries of whether the foods will be prepared on time for the family's dinner.  With a trusted and properly trained helper around, we can at least be sure that everything …

Reminiscence 02 - "Life's Sweet Moments"

On my previous post, I did mention that I will be citing more of the precious moments that I had through a series of my "Reminiscence" posts.  For today .... I choose the title, "Life's Sweet Moments"... yupp.. because I will be talking really about something sweet, what else but sweet brownies and Philippine Davao's sweets.
On my last trip to the Philippines, we had a chance to drop by at SM Megamall after we had finished with the appointment with DFA for the kids passport renewal.... Since we had a limited time then, we just manage to get a quick look on some of the items.  Too sad for me :< as I'm a person who loves shopping and my feet never complains of walking for as long as the reason is shopping..Lol !
After we manage to buy some personal stuff, I did ask the kids to wait for me as I would like to buy some Philippine sweets and delicacies that I will be bringing back to Cambodia for my stock as well as for some "pasalubong" to colleag…