Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wandering Thoughts.........

Today, after I woke up...I feel so lazy and not in the mood to do anything.  Weeeee..... I feel so boring!
This boredom had brought me to be stuck up on my bed.  Not feeling to do anything, I just content myself  laying down on the bed and simply let my mind works.  Yup! my wandering thoughts had brought me to this blog post.

Look at the brighter side!   

Boredom is the most common complaint of any person working in a foreign land.  But as I begin to reflect on so many things, I realized the brighter side of living away from home.  Being alone is not a reason to be sad nor a reason to get bored.  With the technological advancement and all that.... finding ways to entertain yourself is such an easy task.  TV's, DVD's, laptop, books, magazines, internet...these are more than enough to keep you occupied.  

Working in a foreign land had taught me a lot of things.... being independent is on top of the list.  Because of wanting to get away from boredom, I was able to find ways and means to keep myself busy.  Thus, I was able to make use of my time productively.

I blog, maintain an online shop, make lesson plans and short English Programs for private teaching.  I join in forums, read other peoples' minds, share opinions, enrich myself with the so many information and opportunities available in the internet for learning.  The possibilities are endless... all you must have is patience and the resources to do all these things.  Doing all these on top of my full time job makes me occupied and productive.  Being a health buff is another good thing that I developed.  Because I'm totally aware that nobody will take care of me when I get sick, I made a conscious effort to look after my health.  I eat a balanced diet, I make it a point to get enough sleep, take vitamins  and do some minor exercises.

I also have myself checked for complete blood chemistry and ECG whenever I go back to Philippines for my vacation.

Maintaining the communication line open with the kids at home has never been a problem.  Cambodia's Metfone offers a $0.15 cents per minute call to the Philippines and other South East Asian countries.  Apart from this there is the SKYPE and Yahoo Messenger which are both reliable and free of charge.   
After having all these in mind, I quickly get up from my bed, regained back my energy to do my routine activities.  Now I know there is no chance to get bored only if you know how to engage yourself on something worthwile.

At the end of the day, you will still have rooms to smile and say..."what a wonderful life!"....

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