Monday, November 29, 2010

Reminiscence 01 - "Joyful Moments"

Today, I had a great time as I browse through the pictures saved on my laptop.  Some photos were just taken recently, some a couple of  years back and some I cannot actually recall when.  But there's one common denominator though... these were the "joyful days".  Just try to think of it, Filipinos really loved to take photos. We take photos for a number of reasons but the most common one is that we take photos to capture us of something close to our hearts.  Whether be it a celebration, an event, or simply bits and pieces of just an ordinary day filled with laughter and cheers, photos are precious reminders to help us cherish those joyful memories.

Here are some :


Photos taken at SM Clark Pampanga, Philippines. Taken during my summer vacation around April this year.  Went there with Edz and Mikz. 

Taken recently at our favorite hang out, Sam"s Pizza Haus during my vacation last October.  We love pizza at Sam's... really yummy!

Taken same month at SBMA Subic's Fiesta Carnival.  Me and Mikz took a ride on a cable car.

Mikz trying to show a funny face while waiting for me to finish with my salon visit. 

Mikz trying to make an artistic photo.  She really loves to make one.

 These photos were taken at Sihanoukville, Cambodia when I was assigned there a couple of years back.

 These pictures were taken when Mikz joined the Ms. UN competition in their school at Kristogail Montessori.  Guess what??   She won the title of Ms. United Nations representing Russia.

These were just few of the happy moments. I'm still counting for more.....

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  1. hi, thanks for visiting my page and for that wonderful comment! i so agree with you, i so love taking pictures...and you're right, something to do with being a Filipino! great blog, will be back here for sure! have a great week! :)


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