Friday, November 26, 2010

Life's Simple Pleasures.....

 Bahn Mi - Vietnamese Baguette

Vietnamese Noodles with fried pork
and spring rolls
Soya Milk

From my previous blog, I did mention how I terribly missed the Filipino foods after having stayed in the Philippines nearly a month for my vacation.  Today, I realized that there are also some foods here that I'm missing ... Bahn Mi, Vietnam Noodles with fried pork and spring rolls and soya milk....

Yupp..these are the food items that I use to take here for my breakfast.  Staying in between Cambodia and Vietnam had given me the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy their cultures, as well as their foods.  Everyday, around 6:00 am, a bunch of Vietnamese usually arrive here to bring foods from Vietnam to be sold on side streets.  They are the mobile vendors who transport their goods on board a motodup attached with a fabricated glass display of their products, mostly cooked foods, fruits and veggies.

The aforementioned food items are my "all time favorites".  These foods are totally new to me.  But, I must admit they are so cheap and "yummy". Noodles for about VND10k per order (Php22), Bahn Mi for about VND7k per piece or around Php16, and soya milk for about VND3k per serving, that's around Php7. Quite cheap for a nutritious and filling meal, huh?

I never tried soya milk before in the Philippines but here...after I tried it for about a couple of times, I became an instant "suki" of the Vietnamese vendors.
I do love it....those 3 complete my breakfast routine.  But of course, not everyday..have to make it alternate so I would not get so used to it and later become bored with the usual stuff.

How these simple pleasures can make my day? This, I want you to try.  Sometimes, we are so occupied with big things that we often overlooked the simple things.  So for today, I want to pay tribute to my life's simple pleasures.  I would continue doing so on my future blogs.   :)  

Have a great day!


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