Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Make Pastillas De Leche

It was a free day at home and I've decided to try one recipe that I got from Pinoy Recipe.Net.  I've been toying with the idea of making pastillas de leche long time before.  It would be great if I can master it and be able to prepare one for my family and friends.  I also thought of having it as a unique christmas present to friends.  Over the years...I always buy my christmas presents from malls or department stores, the usual type of gifts that can  be bought elsewhere.  This time, I'm thinking of changing the "style"...a gift idea that would be unique, cost efficient, and something that friends and relatives will value because such was a result of your :) and a devoted time and effort.  Pinaghirapan, ika nga.....  I've thought of making bottled preserves like achara, and sweets like yemas, pastillas etc. ...these can be prepared right in your own kitchen,  Not only will it improve your skills in the kitchen but will also inspired you to prepare gifts that your loved ones and friends truly deserved.  The idea also comes with a good packaging.  Perhaps, I could also come up with a personalized box and jars and just attached a personalized message prepared and designed through my own laptop.  If your friends are those type who are doing well professionally and capable of buying things, then I'm pretty sure that they can very  well appreciate a kind of present that was made specifically for them.  Besides, if your friends are also moms .... they  can very well relate to these "home made gifts".

I remembered the last time I gifted my eldest sister with a jar of cookies.  It was just simple butter cookies that I mixed together from several cans of biscuits that I bought from the supermarket.  I picked up a good jar from a department store, a cute and nice one, then I also picked up a cute ribbon.  After putting the cookies together in the jar, i tied up a ribbon and printed a simple message from my laptop...Voila!  a cute present for my loving sis who already has everything in life.  I was not disappointed, she appreciated it and even commented how cute it was and even told me that she will adopt that idea and do the same to her friends and office mates.  The secret is creativity and a"personal touch". Lol... :)

So here's how I came up with my own pastillas de leche .......

Recipe  :  Creamy Patillas De Leche 

                Ingredients :
                1 1/2 cup NIDO Fortified Milk
                1/2 cup condensed milk
                1/4 cup melted butter
                white sugar for rolling

                japanese paper or colored cellophane


                1.  Sift powdered milk into condensed milk.
                2.  Add in melted butter.  Blend and mix 
                3.  Knead and set aside for 5 to ten mins. 
                     before shaping into balls or cylinders.
                4.  Roll in sugar and wrap in japanese 
                     paper or colored cellophane.

                 "Thank u to Pinoy"......

It was fun doing this activity and I did it with the kids.  It was also a good bonding time with them.  Next time, I would try different varieties .... different flavors.  Can add some bits of jack fruit (nangka) or pounded peanut.  Over all, it was a good experience.....   :)


  1. Thanks for that idea! I'll try to make mine. :)

  2. i remember doing this back in my high school days. hehe!

  3. I love pastillas de leche so much, but have never ventured making my own :). I will try your recipe. It seems easy to do. I hope it turns out yummy.


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