Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Hot Stone Massage" - A Must Try!

Tonight, I suddenly get the mood to blog..... this was after I came back to my room feeling good and relaxed after having been from a full body massage.  I'd been complaining about my back pains lately and my colleagues just gave me the idea to go and visit our company owned massage center.  Most of them had been there several times already considering a 50% off the price being extended to staff.

After I check out from work, I decided to give it a try.  Massage therapists are all Vietnamese and the one assigned to me is petite and skinny but very pretty :).

Looking at her size, I never had the idea that her "hand pressure" is really that strong...enough to get me relieved from all the pains on my back.  I would admit, the experience was really good.  The "hot stone massage" is a must try.  It was great.  Not only it gives you a soothing feeling but colds inside your body will  definitely vanish.  "Hot stone massage" removes stress, induces relaxation and reduces toxins in your body.  This is one pampering activity that can be likened to a "mini vacation" where you can get away from noise, pollution, stress and pressures and where you can be all by yourself.  Having freed your mind from thinking and having someone works on your body is really a superb experience. 

I'm planning to explore and try this from several spas around Hoh Chih Minh City.  I will keep you posted on my future blogs.

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