Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Day Tuesday!

Since Nov. 2 was not declared by President Aquino as national holiday, public and private offices were back to business that day except some schools who set the beginning of their 2nd semester on the 3rd of November.  This includes my daughter Mikz who went back to school last 3rd November.  

Because of this, we have decided to go out and have fun on the last day of their sem break.  We went inside SBMA (Subic) and went for some last minute grocery shopping.  Thereafter, we went to dine at Mikz favorite resto, "Meat Plus".  This restaurant is located opposite Trader's Duty Free Shop and serves imported meats and steaks.  Foods are mostly western.  Cheese burger with fries is Mikz all time favorite.  But, in fairness...their burgers really taste very different compared to those being served on some popular fast food chains. My only disappointment was that they already changed the fried potato skin with the usual french fries which does not set it apart from the other food chains.  One set of cheese burger with fries and coleslaw and drinks (choice of soda or iced tea) costs P145 while a set of cheese burger with meat balls spaghetti and drinks costs P160.  Not bad considering a nice ambiance, clean surroundings and well maintained comfort room.  Not to mention that there is no tipping required as food were paid at the counter prior to being served.  Their ice cream preparations were such a good sight and looks so yummy as well as the cakes.  But I did not try any coz the burger alone really made me feel bloating already.  Maybe on the next visit.... :>

Carnival at the night market was our next stop before heading home.  Anyway, this will be my last visit to  SBMA as I will be going back to Cambodia very soon.  I was forced to try some rides though I don't really like because Mikz told me  that it wouldn't be fun without me. I could not say no to my lovely daughter.
It was a tiring day for me...but no regrets.  I felt so relaxed and of course, I had fun with both kids. 

It was a fun day Tuesday indeed.....

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tuesday night, mom. :D


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