Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beauty on a Budget!

I had been stuck up in my room lately ... busy with some personal things, doing some researches online, hooked on reading some good articles on few magazines, blogging and of course, chatting with kids via SKYPE.  Without me noticing it, geeeeee.. I overlooked caring for myself.  I haven't gone out to have my nails cleaned, have my hair treated and some routine facial cleanings. I guess this is the dilemma of any Mom in this world.

As  working mom, juggling up your time attending to the needs of your family, home, your work and yourself is such a great challenge, and I would is also such a thrill....

These modern days, caring for yourself is such a pain in the pocket.  Let's face it, skin care products are now getting more and more expensive.  Not to mention the budget on our regular visits to spas and salons.... all for the sake of beauty! Lol... but behold! Caring for yourself is equally important as looking after your career, home and family.  As the saying goes... Before we could love anyone and anything, we must first learn to love ourselves.  Only then, we can be more confident to love others".

But what if we are confronted with so many bills to pay, kids allowances in school, important household purchases and kids wish list.  At the end of the day, we end up with just "a little bit" over for ourselves.  So, as a smart mom, we should not stop finding ways and means to cope up with our needs.

Looking around, I found few items on my rack and my pantry area that I'm sure will be a "winner" for "home fix remedies".  I just have to look after the right recipes....
And so...after some searches on the net, I now have the simple recipes for a perfect home beauty regimen.  It's natural, it's organic and best of's so cheap!

credit to : Google images
Take a look at these quick finds:

Quick Facial Mask
 Try a paste of warm water and oatmeal for 10 mins.

Quick Facial Scrub:
Apply raw oatmeal mixed with olive oil and scrub your face in gentle circular strokes to exfoliate the skin.  Wash off with tap water.

Quick Astringent:
Mix calamansi or lemon juice with a little cool water and use cotton balls to wipe your face.  Can also freeze the solution in ice cube tray then rub cube over your face.

Make Up Remover:
Mix a teaspoon of powdered skim milk with warm water and apply with cotton balls, then wipe with tissue and blot dry.

Refreshing Facial:
Fill spray bottle with water and 1 table spoon salt, then spray the solution in your face.  Blot dry with a towel.

Home Made Wax:
1 cup sugar 
2 to 3 pcs calamansi or lemon
1/4 cup honey

Mix lemon, sugar and honey in a bowl.  Cook in super low heat until sugar thoroughly melted.  Store in a glass container.

Being beautiful need not be expensive.... just explore and experiment...  :)

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