Sunday, October 31, 2010

A visit to my own home garden !

It's been 5 months that I was away from home ..... I terribly missed my own home garden.  Of course, this was put up with an appreciated and recognized effort from my ever dearest Mom few years ago when my house was just started to be built up.  Thanks to my Mom and her green garden now is such a pleasure to see.  Just a sight of it every morning over a cup of coffee is enough to get a relief from the previous day's stress.  Of course, not to forget the assistance from the kids.  My kids just developed a love for plants since they personally witness how me and my Mom spent countless hours planting, trimming or just simply watering all the plants around the house.  I guess now they simply follow through and  adhered to our favorite hobby...gardening.

I remembered when I was still working in the Philippines.  I tried to befriend with the company's gardener just to ask him few varieties every time he made trimmings of the hotel garden plants.  I would normally ask him to secure some plants underneath my car which was always parked adjacent to the area where he do the trimmings.  I always get excited to get home  to show to my Mom new additional varieties on our already growing collection of plants.  I just love plants... I always get the feeling of being "relaxed" after I viewed all the plants around the house.  It's really a good therapy for me after a day's work in the office.  So...just want to share with you some views in my own home garden.... Here it is....

 This is the "millionaire's vine" that my son Edmar bought and planted by himself.  He opted to make it as a roof covering over a garden set as this not only provide shade but 

a  nice refreshing view.

 We really had plenty of these adorable roses.  These always produce a lot of flowers enough to pick everyday for a colorful display on a vase inside the kitchen.
This was bought from a garden center few years ago.  This is the"Bangkok Bounganvilla".  What makes it different from the local produced one is that it never grows tall and just only expand horizontally.  Because of this, it can also be classified as a "dwarf" plant.

"Manaog ka Irog"...this hanging plant is perfect to be hung along the fence line and window grills or on the terrace.  It's not very difficult to propagate.

This is a gift from Edmar's friend, Troy.Direct from Baguio.  This is such a cute display on the center table inside the living room.

This artistic creation was purchased from a garden center.  They used a steel wire (alambre) to create the shape.  All you have to do is to maintain the shape by constantly trimming it.
 This is the "Dona Aurora" Mom's favorite.  This is her favorite because this never stops producing flowers all year round.  When flowers's really abundant.  It creates a refreshing sight with the green and white combination from it's flowers and leaves. 
   Whatever it takes, growing plants in your own home garden is such a relief and a good "bonding activity" for the entire family.




  1. ang ganda naman ng garden mo! daming nakatanim. very green :) and kakatuwa kasi pati son mo nag-p-plant ^^

  2. Wow layo ata ng tinalon mo sa post ko ah. Last year pa ato to. Hahaha!

    OO my son really love plants and gardening also. Kaya magkasundo kami pagdating sa hobby na to.

    Thanks sa pasyal! :)


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