Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My New Friend

Do you want to meet my new friend??? The new SAMSUNG N148 Plus Mini Laptop.  It was quite  a long time already since I developed a liking to have my own mini laptop.  We have the ACER laptop at home but I wanted to have something which is affordable, elegant, stylish and handy.  During my last vacation ...that was April this year...when I was at SM Clark, I've noticed that most people young and old were carrying with them a mini laptop especially at the food court area since wifi is available.  They simply hang around there with friends, family and some were just alone busy checking  their email, facebook...etc.  I was really outgrown with the latest in technology that I only came to appreciate this "new little thing" quite recently.  I thought that it would be perfect for me as I frequently travel and I also love to surf the net which I'm doing almost everyday especially when I'm totally free.  Since, I decided to create my own blog and was hooked on some "on line rakets"..... heheh.... I guess it would be nice to have one for me. I seldom buy new gadgets for myself as I always buy one for the kids.  They are my priority and keeping them updated with technology will give them an edge over their peers.  I believe, they were studious...too. So, somehow... this is also my way of rewarding them for a job well done in school.   So,  here is what I got after trying to find a brand that will suit my budget and personality...


It's really cute !

The new SAMSUNG N148 Plus is equipped with an Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU N450 at 1.66 GHz  with 1.00 GB installed memory.  It comes with a card reader, integrated  web cam, wifi, built in speaker.

The keyboard is not really special as it is not really the 'soft touch' style as compared to other brands and models but it is undeniably smooth and is equipped with short cut keys which are really functional.  The best thing about this laptop is the battery life span which could last for about 8 hrs when fully charged, making it a great treat for a day trip or while waiting for your flight at the airport.  It's built in speakers also produces high quality sound and the status indicators on the front left side are considered amazing features, as well.

Overall, this is a 'perfect buy' at least for me and my simple requirements.  The only downfall though is that the kids developed a liking into it and insisting me to buy the same for each of them.  However, this should come with a good deed, of course.  So, I just put these caprices of my kids on hold first, also to give myself a time to save for another unit.

So kids... watch out.

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