Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Love that Room" - My Great Project

It was exactly a year ago that I made this project .... a new bedroom for Edmar.  It was accomplished as a result of a never ending demand from my son.  He just felt a need to have his own where he can keep all his things together...a place that he can decorate and arrange by himself.  He's been longing for his own private space.  So, after months of complaining and convincing sessions... I finally agreed to build one for him.  Anyway, he surely deserves it.  After all, He's been a responsible boy, a loving and caring brother to his sister and a diligent student who always aimed for excellence.  I thought that it will be worth it.  So there it goes, after bringing some pains to my bank account, there it goes... a new bedroom that he can truly call his own.  After a was a delight to see how far it has been... filled with decors and all that... it's worth the expenses as I find it really cute after Edmar had done all the fixings and decorations.  Take a look !

The room is just of  a standard size but it comes complete with book shelf, study table, clothes cabinet and a cabinet rack to contain some portable appliances for entertainment.

This is a pop out window which also serves as a sofa or an extra place to sit, it's quite spacious that you can even use the space to lie down.
 Color motif is blue and white.  Perfect for boys....

 This was just a simple project ... but it's fulfilling.  I did not only make my kid happy but I'm able to put some extra cash into good use.

Hoping for more projects to come...   :)

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