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"Love that Room" - My Great Project

It was exactly a year ago that I made this project .... a new bedroom for Edmar.  It was accomplished as a result of a never ending demand from my son.  He just felt a need to have his own where he can keep all his things together...a place that he can decorate and arrange by himself.  He's been longing for his own private space.  So, after months of complaining and convincing sessions... I finally agreed to build one for him.  Anyway, he surely deserves it.  After all, He's been a responsible boy, a loving and caring brother to his sister and a diligent student who always aimed for excellence.  I thought that it will be worth it.  So there it goes, after bringing some pains to my bank account, there it goes... a new bedroom that he can truly call his own.  After a was a delight to see how far it has been... filled with decors and all that... it's worth the expenses as I find it really cute after Edmar had done all the fixings and decorations. Take a look !

The ro…

A visit to my own home garden !

It's been 5 months that I was away from home ..... I terribly missed my own home garden.  Of course, this was put up with an appreciated and recognized effort from my ever dearest Mom few years ago when my house was just started to be built up.  Thanks to my Mom and her green garden now is such a pleasure to see.  Just a sight of it every morning over a cup of coffee is enough to get a relief from the previous day's stress.Of course, not to forget the assistance from the kids.  My kids just developed a love for plants since they personally witness how me and my Mom spent countless hours planting, trimming or just simply watering all the plants around the house.  I guess now they simply follow through and  adhered to our favorite hobby...gardening.

I remembered when I was still working in the Philippines.  I tried to befriend with the company's gardener just to ask him few varieties every time he made trimmings of the hotel garden plants.I would no…

My New Friend

Do you want to meet my new friend??? The new SAMSUNG N148 Plus Mini Laptop.  It was quite  a long time already since I developed a liking to have my own mini laptop.  We have the ACER laptop at home but I wanted to have something which is affordable, elegant, stylish and handy.  During my last vacation ...that was April this year...when I was at SM Clark, I've noticed that most people young and old were carrying with them a mini laptop especially at the food court area since wifi is available.  They simply hang around there with friends, family and some were just alone busy checking  their email, facebook...etc.  I was really outgrown with the latest in technology that I only came to appreciate this "new little thing" quite recently.  I thought that it would be perfect for me as I frequently travel and I also love to surf the net which I'm doing almost everyday especially when I'm totally free.  Since, I decided to create my own blog and was hooked on some "…

A Home Make Over

It's been a while since my last post.  I had a lot of catching up to do at home.  It's great to be in your home country once again.  Familiar faces, familiar smiles and of course, familiar home.  Last October 20, I was able to deal with two things...celebrate my son's birthday and do a house make over.'s not really a complete make over though but I was lucky enough to have some "extra money" to purchase few furniture pieces that will give my own bedroom and the house terrace a "new look".  My bedroom is not really's just of a standard size 12 x 12, I really have to choose some furniture pieces which will be multifunctional. I should be having a small table for the laptop and a also a storage area for my body and skin care products and also some storage spaces for my purchases abroad which are not being used yet but just being kept as part of my being a shopaholic. :) 

So,  I went out of the …

Beating Up Stress

Time flies so fast.  I'm set forth to take my home leave, my third and last for the year.  At last, I'll be home again.  But amidst the thrills and excitements of seeing your home country once again, stress can never be avoided.  Well...elements of stress include thoughts on how are you going to do all your plans in such a short span of time.  Budgeting is another consideration.  Every time I started to think of all the things that I have to accomplish way back home, I'm beginning to feel the pressure.  I used to write down my planned activities every time I go back to take my vacation... and I just found out that my entries are endless....catching up with friends and family, shopping, health check ups, beauty and wellness treatments, household inspection, short out of town trips, food trips, family bonding...etc.  Schedule is really hectic and you should really be good at time management to be able to do all these.  Not being able to do all your plans will make you feel u…

Why Blog?

Finally...after weeks of reading blog spots, I finally have the urge to come up with my very own blog.  Just like any other first timers, I am clueless.  For one, even though I have a great passion for writing, I spent some considerable time trying to figure out what would I write about.  At first, I was a bit hesitant...I was thinking that blogging is too personal...but as I browse through numerous blog spots...I realized that blogging is actually more to self expression.  Well...not necessarily on your personal life but more to things that matters to you most.  Blogging is actually a win - win situation.  For the blogger, it is finding an outlet to open up your thoughts, share ideas, talks about things that you find interest with.  For the is more to getting tips, useful information, understanding one's culture, or simply being entertained on topics that you can relate with.  Now, I understand why more people are hooked into this.  So...why not give it a try?  There…