Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Buma Hotel Experience At Subic

I was watching an episode of "Home Sweetie Home" at ABS-CBN last Sunday and I was surprised to see that Buma Hotel in Subic was included in their location shoots.  This suddenly reminded me that I am yet to do a review of our Buma Hotel experience.  We stayed in this family-friendly hotel in Olongapo for a quick R&R.   Since we are from Olongapo, going in and out of Subic Bay is as easy and fast as a breeze.  I am just happy that we have this opportunity to live in an area where there is a nearby tourist destination.  I knew for a fact that there are lots of people from Manila and other nearby towns who regularly visit Subic and it's so many attractions.  For now, I am just happy to share with you two weekends spent at Buma Hotel.  Yes, two weekends because this happened on two different dates. 

It was a lazy boring day when my daughter suddenly asked me if we can go for an afternoon swim.  I asked her if she already have a place in mind, of course I was thinking that it would just be inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone since going to Subic town in Zambales won't be a good idea since I am yet to catch up with my night classes.  I don't want my students to miss me that day. :) Well, kidding aside, we've decided to pack our things and leave the house past ten o'çlock in the morning on a Saturday. We decided to have a lunch somewhere around the area as well so we could try other restaurants, too. We did not have anything fancy for lunch as my daughter Mika is in a rush to swim. well, I couldn't blame her as we did not really have much chance to go out the past weeks due to our busy schedule.  

Buma is accepting customers who just want to make use of the pool for a day and they charged Php250 per person which is consumable. So, you can actually swim and have some snacks from their restaurant. Their pool area is just small but it has a good view of the beach.  There are pool attendants around to attend to customer's needs and also to look after their safety and that's a good point.  Staff are attentive and friendly, as well.  I like it that they will not ask you to go to the restaurant to order the foods and eat there, they handed us a menu while at the pool and asked us to order. They have the foods delivered to us as well, so there is no need for you to leave the pool area.

Needless to say, our pool experience was very good, although it rained that afternoon, that did not stop us from swimming, in fact it added up to the fun. :)

On the succeeding weekend, that was on a Sunday, we went back to Buma Hotel again, but this time we did not swim, we were invited by my niece to attend the dedication and first birthday celebration of their son Samuel Marcus.  The event was held on the third floor of the hotel and the negative comment that I would have here is the absence of the elevator.  I was with my eldest sister who has a knee problem and it was very difficult for her to go up using the stairs.  I wonder if there were disabled people invited, so that would stop them from attending the party unless someone is willing to carry them all the way from the ground floor to the third floor.

Aside from that issue, everything was considered to be acceptable.  The facilities of the hotel is good, not exemplary but worth trying.  The foods, I would rate as average, nothing extra ordinary but can suit the taste of not so picky eaters.  The price range of the items in the menu are within the rates offered by hotel restaurants but if you would go for an overnight stay in the hotel or even few days, I think it would be more practical to try the foods on the nearby restaurants which are actually a lot along that area near to the hotel.  That would not only save you a fortune but would let you try variety of foods as well.

Overall, Buma Hotel would still be worth a visit, however I think that there still lots of hotels around Subic that is more complete in terms of facilities and more affordable too.  Although I would say that I did not at all had a bad experience spending two weekends there, it would be a lot better to make a research like going to Trip Advisor to see what previous clients have to say and compare hotels before you decide booking your stay.  After all, we all deserved a happy and comfortable stay away from home.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Can Music Help Us Relax?

I was not so inclined with music and the arts.  In fact, these are two of my most hated subjects in the elementary and high school days.  I don't sing well, I mean I could carry a tune but my voice only fits to some specific songs.  I don't even know how to play any musical instrument, not even one. Too sad but it's true.  One of my frustrations is to be able to play a guitar but it never happened in my lifetime (wink). But don't get me wrong, though I couldn't sing well, I love listening to music.

Can music help us relax? Well....definitely! I for one, normally resorts to listening to music whenever I feel sad.  In the same manner, I also listen to music whenever I feel happy. Music can cater to all types of emotions.  I love listening to instrumental music, too especially when I am having a full body massage, it's really soothing!  

For those of you who are into music and love to play musical instruments, you can click here to go to , I think they have a complete line of musical instruments and parts for all your needs.  Sometimes, it's best to go to the experts when it comes to dealing with our passion and hobby as they would definitely not put us down.

How about you? Does music relaxes you?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dealing With Nuisance Neighbors

I wonder if there's a law in the Philippines about dealing with nuisance neighbors, I've heard that in other countries like UK, there is.  I had just been from a series of stressful situations where I had to go to the Barangay to seek for a resolution.  Actually, they are not my own neighbors, but the neighbors of my tenants in our rental property but since they are under my responsibility and that they keep on bugging me about their problems, I have no other option but to make a stand. First, about the noise of the generator which is owned by my tenants.  They were harassed, shouted and embarrassed just because they switch it ON. Was that wrong? I don't think so. Well, if it is, don't they know how to approach and talk in a more civilized manner? Do they really have to resort to that? Second, their dog cage which was placed beside the fence in their own yard.  The nuisance neighbor was ordering them to relocate it.  For God sake, how could anyone interfere in on how they should place things inside the own lot and yard from which they have jurisdiction as tenants?  This is getting ridiculous! The third and the last one which had given me so much stress was the fact that they have prevented us from putting up additional hollow blocks to the fence to make the fence higher and thus avoid seeing them from time to time.  They were claiming and insisting that the fence belong to them despite the fact that majority of the neighbors who had seen us building the same were attesting that we are the rightful owner of the fence.  In fact, it is is within our lot boundary.  They are screaming, saying offensive words and even harassing the workers who are supposed to build the fence. I have never encountered dealing with such kind of people who are barbaric and unreasonable.  

Dealing with nuisance neighbors is really hard and very stressful.  They do not understand the law, the technicalities and even the reasonable grounds which are already very obvious. They would answer back in a very illogical manner and even insist on their ignorance.  In this kind of situation, the only way out is to deal with them legally, which is not also very easy as you have to go through a lot of steps and it will really be a long process.  I have dealt with them in Barangay level which unfortunately did not give us justice as there seemed to be "siding" to the other party who happened to be a Purok Leader. Matter was not investigated thoroughly and let us settle temporarily which is favorable to the other.  My next step? Well, obviously, I have to seek advises from other agencies of the government to confirm where we stand.  Dealing with these kind of nuisance neighbors is not so easy.  One thing is for sure, don't deal with them without the presence of an official.  Don't go down to their level and do not ever resort to verbal arguments without the proper authority to mediate. These people are used to having troubles and close minded. They want to prove that they can overpower you at all timers. By showing to them that you are resorting to legal actions would give them the impression that you are not giving up your rights and that you are not a kind of person who can easily sway to their wants.  Be tough, talk to proper authorities, if you think resolution was not done fairly, do the next step.  There is really nothing wrong with fighting for your rights for as long as you have done everything legally, in good faith and within your rightful means.  

I think it's about time that we have to have laws in place dealing with nuisance neighbors.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Passion?

I've been asking this question a number of times because I've seen a lot of collectors spending huge amount of money buying stuff for their collection, and what do we get out of it? Satisfaction...of course!  Indeed, there's no price tag to happiness.  Your passion could be in gardening, home decor, sports, books or music.  I myself is hooked into gardening and home decorating, but the question, how much I am willing to spend for this depends on whether it would be beneficial in the end?

For example, in the case of gardening, I believed that if I am able to tend a beautiful garden at home, I would be less interested going out of the house coz my home would already be a beautiful sanctuary and a perfect place for me to relax and unwind. That translates to saving money that I am supposed to spend elsewhere every time I get out of the house.  Apart from that, if I go for vegetable gardening, I would be saving an extra amount for my grocery budget especially that vegetables can be too expensive at times.  I guess others would be spending much for their passion because they are thinking that one day, that passion could be an opportunity to earn.  Musicians for example would be willing to spend for special guitars like  evh wolfgang thinking that someday they could turn their passion into a profession where they could make it a source of living.  I know some people who wouldn't think the same way, what is important to them is self satisfaction.  As I've said, there's no price tag to happiness.

How much you are willing to spend on your passion depends on your financial standing of course. I think everyone should consider their priorities.  In the end, we couldn't be happier knowing that we are not providing well for our family's needs.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Farming and Gardening Support Group

I think I had mentioned here a couple of times that I am now a stay at home Mom and although I have been separated from my corporate job more than 2 years ago, I still enjoy being a freelance worker.  Earning on your own time is really something you could be proud of. I got an early retirement but that's only to free myself from office politics, being productive, earn and save are still part of my plan. I'm no too old after all. :)

While I was browsing online, I saw this farming and gardening enthusiasts support group. It's a closed group so you need to send a request to become a member. I was curious enough so I did request to become a member.  There, I saw people from different parts of the country willingly share their tips and their own experiences as a farmer or a gardener.  Whether you are operating a farm or just tending your own backyard garden, there's a lot of things to learn from other people sharing the same interest. I haven't really gone that far into gardening.  I am just currently hooked into growing ornamental plants, but sooner I might try doing vegetable gardening and this group really inspires me. Imagine growing vegetables on containers and in just a limited space. That's something truly amazing.  You see, I can't wait to embark on this new journey as a vegetable gardener and urban gardening really sounds interesting.

I hope, I would be able to do this soon as I would like to add up to my already hectic schedule.  I want to be productive for life.

I bet you  too! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Farewell My Dear Lucio

It's more than a month now since we lost our fur baby Lucio, he died because of renal failure. The first time we saw some problems in him, was during the time my son was vacationing in the Philippines.  We noticed that he urinates frequently and in small amounts only, thus we brought him to his Vet who recommended him to have a complete blood test.  That time, we made a wrong decision because we thought that his illness was not that serious and maybe just a normal UTI, so we urged the Vet to just prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for Lucio which she did.  After that medication, we noticed a slight improvement in him.  A couple of months after that, we noticed again that he is having some difficulty urinating. This observation was followed by his becoming less active than before and suddenly, he lost his appetite and would not eat anything for 3 straight days.  That was the time that we get alarmed.  We brought him again to the Vet for the complete blood test.  The result was so alarming as he was right then and there diagnosed with chronic kidney problem with complications in liver.  We were so saddened by the Vet's findings and asked them on what should be the best thing to do to save Lucio.  He was confined in the clinic for several days, but he won't eat anything.  He was subjected to forced feeding and had a dextrose for fluid retention. The situation continued to worsen and we told the Vet to do every possible remedy to save him. We bough him injectable medications hoping that he would recuperate from the disease. We have high hopes that he would get better and that we could spend more time with him even for a year or two.  

Until one day, we sought a second opinion from another Vet from which we were apprised of the same findings and we were told that Lucio has a very slim chance of surviving.  As soon as we went home that day, we called my son and discussed to him Lucio's situation.  I told him that we need to slowly accept that Lucio would no longer be with us soon.  I could also see how Lucio suffer, he's getting weaker each day and no longer responding to his medications.

We blamed ourselves for not being attentive on the first instance of him showing some irregular signs.  We blamed ourselves for not allowing him to be subjected to a complete blood test the first time we were advised to do so.  We were deeply devastated by the fact that we had our own share of shortcomings.  Lucio was our very first house pet which I bought as a gift for my daughter's birthday. Lucio has a very bad temper and would not show his sweetness to us most of the times but he would suddenly be extra sweet when he is on his best mood.  In fact, he was my son's favorite among all our pets.  We can rely on him more than anybody else in protecting our home.  He got a strong sense of smell and would detect any stranger walking outside the yard in an instant.  When that happens, he would bark non stop and appears to be very angry and this would definitely drive strangers away.

Now, our Lucio was gone. His Vet called us the day after we talked about his condition and accepted his fate.  We were informed that he already passed away in the clinic. We all cried out of devastation and sadness.  How can we lost a very gorgeous,sweet and dependable pet like him.

His lost is something that was unbearable at first.  We all treated him as a family the way we treat the rest of our pets at home and it's not easy to lose someone like him whom we love so dearly, but sometimes good things should come to an end.  We may have lost him but he would definitely remain in our hearts forever.

Farewell my dear Lucio! We love you to the moon and back!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Identifying Those Unexpected Responsibilities

When you buy a new boat, you expect to have to buy replacement marine parts at some point. But did you expect to have to pay for having mussels scraped off your boat by a contractor? Some of the most important purchases in a person's life come with little surprises that they would never expect, but could wind up costing a lot of money. Before you buy some of these items, you may want to learn a bit about the full scope of what you will be getting into.

Buying A Home

When you buy a home, you expect to pay your mortgage, taxes and property repair bills for as long as you own the property. But did you know that you may also have to pay for garbage pick-up as well? In some communities, garbage pick-up is part of their yearly tax bill. But for communities that use privatized refuse collection companies, there may be a separate bill to pay for garbage pick up. You should also know that some communities hand out fines to homeowners who put their garbage out for pickup a day or two early.

Bank Fees

When you are young, you are told that you should always have a checking and savings account in good standing. What you are not told is that you need to shop around for good accounts because many banks have hidden fees they charge you to use your accounts. Some banks charge for each ATM transaction over a certain amount each month, and other banks will charge you a fee if your savings account falls below their minimum threshold.

Work Expenses

After you graduate from school, you are excited to be accepted to the job of your dreams. The problem is that no one ever told you that the job of your dreams includes hidden nightmares such as monthly parking costs, new wardrobe investments and spending money on lunches every day. You may be able to get the wardrobe and lunch issues under control after a while, but the parking costs are not going away. If you think taking the bus or train to work will help the parking problem, then you have obviously never paid for a monthly bus or train pass.

When you are young, everything looks like it is so organized and happens for a reason. But when you grow up and get into the real world, you quickly realize that there are plenty of ugly surprises waiting around just about every corner.

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