Thursday, August 27, 2015

Foods As Medicine

When I started to get addicted with books, I get to know a lot of things that interest me. It's true that reading books will lead you to a lot of information on any subject of your choice. Since, I am most of the time at home now, I begin to be interested exploring in the kitchen and this is where I started to look for some nutritious recipes online.  I began to be interested in a healthy life style.  Seeing my older siblings suffer from various sickness made me think that our health should be our number one priority. What's the use of having lots of money when you don't have the energy to spend it.  What makes it worse is if you will just spend your hard earned money buying medicines and paying hospital bills.

One of my readings led me to this realization on foods as medicines.  According to the author of the book, traditional Chinese medicine therapists believe that each type of food has it's own unique property which perform certain functions and can work on a particular part of the body.  I guess, this is true and if we could get the healing benefits from medicines that are bought from the drug stores, why not in foods?  Getting the required nutrients to cure a particular illness will be better if taken directly from foods.  Now, I became a fan of natural healing.  Caring for the body all boils down to eating the right kinds of foods.  If we know what kind of food is good for certain parts of our body, we are on our way to natural healing method. What we put in the mouth can directly have an effect on our bodies from the inside.  Green foods are good for detoxification process in our body and a good source of calcium and fiber.  On the other hand, sweet potatoes, squash, yellow corns and other yellow fruits and veggies help prevent cancer and heart disease.  Tomatoes, cherries, dates, red beans and other red foods can help treat anemia and other iron deficiency symptoms.  These can also slow down aging in skin as these aid skin renewal process.

Knowing about what foods are good for certain ailments can help us in our fast recovery and for those who do not have any ailment, you are lucky but you also have to do your share in preventing these diseases by taking the right kind and right amount of foods daily.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kids and Computers: How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

The internet has become something of a central fixture in our lives. Pretty much everyone has a PC with internet access in their home, and everyone expects you to have at least an e-mail address and frequent access to it. Many people even have personal websites. Subsequently, children are getting access to the internet themselves almost from the moment they can use a computer safely, and with that comes a major concern for parents. After all, you can access just about any kind of information online, even things of very questionable nature. Further, once your child has an online presence, other people can access their information too.

The sheer openness and lack of central control or authority on the internet, arguably one of its greatest strengths, poses a massive challenge to parents. How do you protect your child as they make their way down the information highway? How can you prevent them from seeing things they should not be seeing, and how do you prevent them getting tangled up in the many troubles and difficulties that comes with being a digital native?

Internet Safety 101

You do not want to stop your child using the internet, that is for sure. For one thing, the internet is a fantastic resource for information that can massively improve your child’s general knowledge and performance in school. Additionally, it is a great way to have fun, socialise and make friends not just across the country, but around the world. Furthermore, the internet is just too central to our way of life now. Full denial of access would just hamper your children.

Parental Controls

Fortunately, you plenty of help for keeping your kids safe. The first source of assistance comes from the internet browsers and providers themselves, as well as your virus security programmes. All of these will have Parental Control functions. Such functions can allow you to control what your child can see and has access to while on the internet, and is similar to the sorts of controls children have when using the internet at school. They will allow you to:
  • Filter/block certain websites and e-mail addresses.
  • Limit downloads
  • Place time limits on internet use.
  • Prevents your child from searching for certain words or key areas, such as pornography, violence, or the like.
Some websites and programs will also allow you to monitor your children’s computer access yourself. They do this by creating a log of search items or websites visited, or by allowing you a live feed into what the children can see on their screen. This means that if your child is on a website that they should not be, you will know about it. However, as your child gets older, they may find such measures intrusive and in violation of their privacy. Imagine how you would feel if someone was spying on you all the time, after all. So use this with caution.

If ever you download programs, files and apps, such as TV shows, video games or streaming software (such as Netflix), be sure only to use ones that have age-appropriate ratings. Streaming websites and software usually have Kids sections and parental controls themselves.

Include Your Child

As you start making plans for your child’s safety while on the internet, be certain that you talk through it all with your child first. Just sit them down and explain to them that, while the internet is most certainly fun, it can also be dangerous. Give a set of rules regarding its use, such as never setting up accounts to websites without your permission, never downloading things from websites without your permission, never accepting “friend” requests from or giving their contact details to strangers, and forbidden searches.

Encourage your child to be active with their internet safety as well. For example, if they ever encounter a website they should not be on, then teach them to tell you about it. This way you can delete it from your internet history folder and add the website to your filter list. Getting them to tell you about unknown contact requests or suspicious downloads is also immensely invaluable. Your child should also be aware that receiving rude or threatening messages online – known as “cyber-bullying” – is unacceptable, and they should tell you the moment they receive any messages that upset them. This will allow you to block those people and prevent them from sending any further messages. If necessary, block their IP number as well, which will block messages from any device using their internet connection.

Make sure your child takes breaks from the internet every half-hour as well, simply in the interests of their health. Find some activity or chore for them to do to keep them distracted from it, whether it is getting a drink or snack, or helping Mommy or Daddy put something away.

It might be an idea to sit with your child as they make their first forays onto the internet as well if only so you can talk them through it and teach them how certain things work. Doing so will allow you to ease them more gently into internet use and allow you to establish boundaries early on. Once your child has grown more comfortable with it, you can leave them to themselves for extended periods. Be sure to come back irregularly (say every fifteen to twenty minutes) to check up on them discretely.

Be sure to share any rules you have regarding the internet with any responsible for looking after your children on your behalf as well, such as babysitters or grandparents. This means they know what to do should you ever be out.

As Your Child Gets Older

The moment your child becomes familiar with the internet, keeping them safe becomes less of a challenge. Largely, this is because your child will learn and become used to common rules and norms of internet usage that are shared across websites (such as spamming or harassment). Will also be because your child will find their internet niches in which they are most comfortable, such as favorite websites or a fixed list of internet contacts. Chances are, being born to the internet as opposed to introduced to it, your child will come to have an even greater understanding of the internet than you do.

Even so, make sure you keep on top of your child’s internet safety. As your child grows older, they may decide, for example, to meet up with people they meet online in person, a natural consequence of the rather faceless nature of internet contact. Further, as they grow more established online, they may resent direct parental control and observation, and ask for you to let them do their own thing.

Ultimately you will have to start to trust your child on this sooner or later, as an obvious reluctance to do so will send a very negative message. Being obstinate about it may also just encourage your child to try and do what they want to do behind your back and without your knowing, which can be very dangerous in itself. Their best safeguard is having you remain aware of what they are doing.

In such cases, try to reach a compromise: you may decide to ease off on things like direct observation while insisting on more central ones website and search phrase blocks. You should also emphasise that your child must let you know if anything happens that upsets or unsettles them, or if they want to do anything online that requires your knowledge or consent such as downloads or arranging meet ups with online friends. If necessary, offer a revised rules list as well in which they’ve been allowed some input, but remember that the final say always comes from you. If you do not want your child to do something online that they insist on, tell them as such and why.

The writer of this article, Christian Mills, is himself a proud parent who writes on the side to help support his family. He knows the importance of maintaining a child's mental health through proper supervision of internet use, as well as their physical health through regular checkups and recommends finding a local pediatric care facility like Night Lite Pediatrics. If you wish to learn more about christian you can visit his profile on Google+.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Treat Dogs Mange

My cutest pet at home, Marcus has been suffering from Mange for more than a year now, I guess. He's been on a roller coaster ride battling against this disease.  had it not been for the fact that he is being monitored and taken care of diligently, probably this disease has already taken over his health seriously.  I've mentioned a number of times before that we really love this dog so much, in fact I'm treating him like my own baby.  He is a princess shih-tzu, the smaller breed and he's very loving and a very smart dog.  He filled our house with joy that we could not afford to lose him.  This is the reason why we're doing everything to get him cured.  My son had brought him a number of times to his Vet for consultation and some medications.  He was given some antibiotics and a soap specifically for mange.  He recovered after 2 bottles of antibiotics, I think but this mange would keep on coming back after a month or so.   

My son knew the danger of giving Marcus antibiotics all the time, so he made a research to find other probable cure for Mange and this is where he came to know about the mysterious Madre Cacao, an herbal extract from Madre Cacao plant.  The product boast of it's effectiveness in treating mange in dogs as well as other skin related problems.  We didin't think twice and ordered Madre Cacao spray for Marcus's mange.

We noticed the improvement even before the whole bottle of Madre Caco was consumed.  There was a re growth of hair on his lower back which was used to be infected by mange.  I felt happy upon seeing those little strands of hair starting to come out.  That only means that the skin problem was addressed. 

Unfortunately, our busy schedule prevents us from rigidly monitoring his Mange, we were confident that he already got cured so we seldom apply the madre caco spray on him the following month. Because of this, we've started to see mange developing on other parts of his body.  I've tried other possible cure.  From what I've researched, they say apple cider vinegar is good for mange but unfortunately, no notable improvement was seen after two weeks of applying it regularly on his infected skin.  So now, I am going back again to Madre Caco Spray.  We've just ordered the next bottle and I am determined to have his mange cured as soon as possible.

I will make another post once I got positive results.  well, I am crossing my fingers.  I can't afford to lose such a lovely pet. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Online Shopping Made Easy

One of the many perks that I enjoy when it comes to online shopping is the convenience of not having to fall in line in the mall when you want to pay your item or not having to go against the crowd during big sales.  Not leaving home just to shop for items you need also entails a big savings on your part.  Imagine not having to pay for gas or fare when you need to go out and buy something and more so, you could avoid incidental expenses like eating at expensive restaurants after you shop. There are tons of great rewards when you shop online.  More often, the question is, are you able to choose the right product you need from the trusted company online?  The answer to this of course is a big YES! Catalogs at enables you to choose from a wide variety of merchandise at various stores nationwide. You can explore popular stores and be ready for an ultimate shopping experience.  Not only that, you could also have great savings by using exclusive coupon codes available through  

I guess, the convenience of online shopping has been a lot better now using  You are not only limited to seeing products from one store in one site.  This is same as roaming around the entire mall hopping from shop to shop in just a click of a mouse.  With all these advantages, who wouldn't go for online shopping? Really... online shopping has never been this good. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Positive Affirmations To Start Up Your Day

photo downloaded from Prolific Living Page

Last summer, I've downloaded a special audio clip on positive affirmations courtesy of Prolific Living.  Prior to that, I've been reading a lot of articles on positive affirmations and I think it's really helpful when you want to stay positive in dealing with your everyday life.  I used to be a kind of person who easily panic and get affected with problems.  I also get to the point of treating minor problems as a major catastrophe during my younger days.  I think, what they used to say is always true..."with age comes wisdom and maturity".  But of course, I am not saying that I am totally calm now in facing problems and difficulties, I do sometimes get affected but the way I handle these now is far better that how I used to before.

Listening to the audio clip on positive affirmations at the start of my every day can give me some kind of motivation to face each brand new day with high hopes and lots of positivity.  I used to listen to this audio clip while I am sipping my first cup of coffee in the morning.  You can also listen to your favorite songs afterwards, in my case, listening to vh1 top 100 songs of the 80s really works to put me in the right mood. This is just a motivation though, of course nothing beats the power of prayers but it always pays to be positive especially when you face life's daily challenges.

This has been one of the many positive changes I've adopted to my life recently since I've decided to stop working full time and stay at home with my family.  The Positive Affirmation audio book is free and you can download it online.

We believe what we tell ourselves!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Opportunities, Latest Happenings and "That Thing Called Tadhana"

New Opportunities

Life is full of surprises! Me and my kids were very busy for the past couple of months, we had been receiving lots of inquiries and orders for cup cakes.  There were times that we have to sleep late as we need to bake and finish the orders the following day.  Baking is my passion and I felt so happy that my son shares the same passion with me. We are always happy seeing our finished products and being appreciated by our customers.  Earning from it is just a bonus. :) We also had an event styling project last summer.  We are getting lots of inquiries for event styling but we have to turn down some due to time constraint.  We do not want to accept projects if we think that time is of essence and we couldn't guarantee an excellent result. Satisfying our clients is our biggest priority. My love for home decorating and crafting reunites me with this job.  Again, my son is a partner who always share the same skills and talents with me.  Such was a blessing.  Lately, I was given an opportunity to go back to seminars. Facilitating seminars and being a resource speaker is one of the things I love to do most. It brings me a great sense of fulfillment and it has always been a rewarding experience to be able to motivate and inspire people.  

Latest Happenings

I am still busy with my online teaching and my students are increasing.  I was reluctant to do this at first because I'm afraid that I can't find enough time to do this.  I am basically in charge of everything in the house since my house helper left so obviously, managing my time effectively is indeed a challenge for me.  Glad that I've managed to do it and now, I'm beginning to love this job and my students, as well.  It was also a good thing that I was able to find a foreign employer that is so considerate and very easy to deal with.

We did a lot of decluttering in the house the past months and I am very happy that we were able to convert some "clutter" into cash.  My son's sales skills is really admirable.  He practically able to sell all our old stuff that are no longer in use and adding up clutter to the house.  I was also surprised that these items were sold at a good price.  As a matter of fact, some were bought at their original price and some were even bought higher than the original price. :) We were able to hit two birds in one stone, eliminate clutter and at the same time, make extra cash.  Proceeds of this yard sale were used to finance some minor repairs in the house and purchase of more important items.

Our old tenant from our house for rent also pulled out and we are very lucky to be able to find a replacement after a long wait and guess what? at a better deal of course.  From 10K a month, we were able to increase the rent for 15K a month.  Isn't that amazing?  God is really good and consulting HIM in all my plans and decisions really works to our favor.  To God be the glory!

That Thing Called Tadhana 

My son Edmar resigned from his job in the Philippines last April and decided to work on his papers for a pending employment abroad.  I was having second thoughts allowing my son to work abroad. He is very young and it's not long ago that he graduated from college.  I find him too young to live on his own in a foreign land.  But what can I do?  He deserved to go for a greener pasture considering that he is bright, responsible and possess a lot of skills (pls. forgive me, I am a mother). Kidding aside, he is always on top of his class from elementary to college and he is well appreciated from his previous job.  At the back of my mind, I am thinking, "who am I to hinder his dream and progress?" The original date of his trip was moved to a much later date but now I understand why that happened. God allows him to fix all the things and issues in the house for our safety and security first. He helped me a lot with my seminars, doing all the paper works and coordination.  He also helped me process the transfer of the land title for our other lot.  I am too busy to handle everything alone and God finds a way to help me ease some burdens before my son settles to work abroad. He also managed to find a new tenant for our house for rent and have minor details in that house fixed first before the new tenant moves in.  I wouldn't be able to do everything without his help. GOD really moves in mysterious ways. I thank God for that!

Now my son had already pushed through with his trip and currently on his 3rd day in a foreign land. From the feedback I got from him, it seems that his living condition is okay and that he is surrounded by supportive and friendly individuals.  I just have one wish, that he be safe and comfortable in his new life away from home, that he is happy and at peace and that he would be able to love his work. I'm positive coz God gave us a hint.  He was consulted and He has given His promise.

I am happy to have received such tremendous blessings from the Lord.  Being happy and fulfilled in whatever you do is very important, financial rewards is just second to that.

I am happy with how's everything is going on with my life and my family....that thing called tadhana is not really a tadhana, it is a manifestation that good things come to people who works hard and knows how to persevere.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Following Your Passion

Serious gaming and fantasy enthusiasts often dress the part and collect matching accoutrements, both to enhance their authentic attire and to put it on display in order to give atmosphere to their gaming space. Good quality accessories for these purposes can be hard to come by and some people go so far as to create their own, even going so far as to build a forge so as to make their own swords. Some people enjoy doing that for the experience. Others really would rather not do so, but they simply cannot find what they want another way.

The social circles that develop around such a serious hobby sometimes are populated with local artists and artisans who can help fill this need. But that is not always the case. Historically, when those types of people simply were not part of the local scene, it left an unmet need for serious enthusiasts.

Fortunately, these days you can get a great many things online that, at one time, were nearly impossible to find if you were not blessed with such talented acquaintances. For people in more isolated areas or who otherwise lack access to local sources of specialty items in this genre, the words "click here" can be a thrilling invitation, offering solutions that a few years ago simply did not exist. 

The Internet has revolutionized the ability of people with serious hobbies to pursue their passion in earnest, even if they are not wealthy. At one time, such a pursuit either took a great deal of money or was an all-consuming task that left little time for anything other than a job with which to support the interest. The Information Age has been a great leveler in that regard. It still takes some money to invest in a serious hobby, but it is no longer something only a rich person can realistically pursue and still hope to have a life beyond their hobby. 

These days, a person can be a serious enthusiast and still have a full life. Gone are the days when completing your outfit or decorating your gaming space required a kind of obsession to the point of excluding other interests. This is all to the good. After all, hobbies should enhance a person's life and makes it a more full and satisfying experience. They should not be something that narrows one's life and makes it a lesser life.

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