Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Farewell My Dear Lucio

It's more than a month now since we lost our fur baby Lucio, he died because of renal failure. The first time we saw some problems in him, was during the time my son was vacationing in the Philippines.  We noticed that he urinates frequently and in small amounts only, thus we brought him to his Vet who recommended him to have a complete blood test.  That time, we made a wrong decision because we thought that his illness was not that serious and maybe just a normal UTI, so we urged the Vet to just prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for Lucio which she did.  After that medication, we noticed a slight improvement in him.  A couple of months after that, we noticed again that he is having some difficulty urinating. This observation was followed by his becoming less active than before and suddenly, he lost his appetite and would not eat anything for 3 straight days.  That was the time that we get alarmed.  We brought him again to the Vet for the complete blood test.  The result was so alarming as he was right then and there diagnosed with chronic kidney problem with complications in liver.  We were so saddened by the Vet's findings and asked them on what should be the best thing to do to save Lucio.  He was confined in the clinic for several days, but he won't eat anything.  He was subjected to forced feeding and had a dextrose for fluid retention. The situation continued to worsen and we told the Vet to do every possible remedy to save him. We bough him injectable medications hoping that he would recuperate from the disease. We have high hopes that he would get better and that we could spend more time with him even for a year or two.  

Until one day, we sought a second opinion from another Vet from which we were apprised of the same findings and we were told that Lucio has a very slim chance of surviving.  As soon as we went home that day, we called my son and discussed to him Lucio's situation.  I told him that we need to slowly accept that Lucio would no longer be with us soon.  I could also see how Lucio suffer, he's getting weaker each day and no longer responding to his medications.

We blamed ourselves for not being attentive on the first instance of him showing some irregular signs.  We blamed ourselves for not allowing him to be subjected to a complete blood test the first time we were advised to do so.  We were deeply devastated by the fact that we had our own share of shortcomings.  Lucio was our very first house pet which I bought as a gift for my daughter's birthday. Lucio has a very bad temper and would not show his sweetness to us most of the times but he would suddenly be extra sweet when he is on his best mood.  In fact, he was my son's favorite among all our pets.  We can rely on him more than anybody else in protecting our home.  He got a strong sense of smell and would detect any stranger walking outside the yard in an instant.  When that happens, he would bark non stop and appears to be very angry and this would definitely drive strangers away.

Now, our Lucio was gone. His Vet called us the day after we talked about his condition and accepted his fate.  We were informed that he already passed away in the clinic. We all cried out of devastation and sadness.  How can we lost a very gorgeous,sweet and dependable pet like him.

His lost is something that was unbearable at first.  We all treated him as a family the way we treat the rest of our pets at home and it's not easy to lose someone like him whom we love so dearly, but sometimes good things should come to an end.  We may have lost him but he would definitely remain in our hearts forever.

Farewell my dear Lucio! We love you to the moon and back!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Identifying Those Unexpected Responsibilities

When you buy a new boat, you expect to have to buy replacement marine parts at some point. But did you expect to have to pay for having mussels scraped off your boat by a contractor? Some of the most important purchases in a person's life come with little surprises that they would never expect, but could wind up costing a lot of money. Before you buy some of these items, you may want to learn a bit about the full scope of what you will be getting into.

Buying A Home

When you buy a home, you expect to pay your mortgage, taxes and property repair bills for as long as you own the property. But did you know that you may also have to pay for garbage pick-up as well? In some communities, garbage pick-up is part of their yearly tax bill. But for communities that use privatized refuse collection companies, there may be a separate bill to pay for garbage pick up. You should also know that some communities hand out fines to homeowners who put their garbage out for pickup a day or two early.

Bank Fees

When you are young, you are told that you should always have a checking and savings account in good standing. What you are not told is that you need to shop around for good accounts because many banks have hidden fees they charge you to use your accounts. Some banks charge for each ATM transaction over a certain amount each month, and other banks will charge you a fee if your savings account falls below their minimum threshold.

Work Expenses

After you graduate from school, you are excited to be accepted to the job of your dreams. The problem is that no one ever told you that the job of your dreams includes hidden nightmares such as monthly parking costs, new wardrobe investments and spending money on lunches every day. You may be able to get the wardrobe and lunch issues under control after a while, but the parking costs are not going away. If you think taking the bus or train to work will help the parking problem, then you have obviously never paid for a monthly bus or train pass.

When you are young, everything looks like it is so organized and happens for a reason. But when you grow up and get into the real world, you quickly realize that there are plenty of ugly surprises waiting around just about every corner.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Easy and Simple Ways to Conserve Water At Home

The heat of summer is now felt everywhere and people are getting busy either complaining with the rotating black out or having an outing elsewhere.  Actually long ago and maybe until today, I really love summer.  This is the perfect time  to go for picnics and outings and I love all the foods during summer especially the fruits in season.  However, because of the global warming, summer now is not as good as what it used to be before.  The weather is extremely hot and more often, you will get irritated when you go outdoors, so most of the time you would probably prefer to stay home.

Another problem confronting us during summer is water shortage and this is especially true on some cities and provinces.  I feel lucky that water crisis is not strongly felt in our city but it is, on other towns and provinces particularly on Mindanao area.  As a result, the livelihood of many farmers are being affected because of the dry spell and this is not good for everyone.

In the midst of all these problems, what we could do to help is to find simple ways to conserve water at home and this is not very difficult, all we have to do is to be patient and concerned with water conservation.  In my case, I have many plants at home and of course I could not afford to see my plants dying  and needs to water them everyday to keep them in good shape but I am most of the time using recycled water for this purpose.  I am keeping the water that I used for washing rice, veggies, and meats and I used the water for my plants.  Not only do I able to save water but also I am able to add nutrition to my plants.  left over coffee and teas on cups are not being thrown too but placed on my potted plants at our porch.

Another way of recycling water is to save the last rinse for the dishes and use the water to clean the yard.  I do the same thing for the water that I used for the laundry.  Not only could you save on water but you could also save on detergents as you could save it fro cleaning the floors too.  I also used it to wash the floor mops and clean the dogs mess.

I know it's very easy to throw used water instead of saving it on buckets and used for other purposes but it only takes a little effort on our part to do all these things and a genuine concern for our environment.  We also get to save on our water bills and that's killing two birds in one stone. 

Hope we could all do the same to conserve water and take part in caring for our natural resources.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Living the Lifestyle of a True Music Fan with Clothing, Accessories, and More

People who are fans of punk rock music often go to notable extremes to make their affinity for this genre known to others. They not only listen to the music itself; they also dress the part of a punk rock music devotee. When you are one of the countless fans of this style of music, you too can showcase your devotion to the genre with apparel like tripp pants, t-shirts, shoes, and more. All of the clothing, accessories, and other gear that you need to dress the part can be found online.

Punk Rock Clothing

Clothing that matches this style of music looks noticeably different than traditional, mainstream clothing. The pants, for example, come with numerous zipper pockets up and down the legs. They also come with tapered legs that can be fit into boots and pleated waistbands that can accommodate undershirts being tucked into them.

Along with pants, you can also find t-shirts, jackets, and many other styles of clothing for sale online. The shirts bear the names of popular bands. They also are emblazoned with slogans or pictures that denote this style of music. 

The clothing is all made from high-quality materials like denim, cotton, or poly-cotton blends. Despite being unique to this genre of music, the clothing itself is easy to care for and can be washed the same as any other apparel sold in stores today. You can look forward to wearing your punk rock clothing for years with proper care.

Accessories, Household Goods, and Music

If you want to go beyond dressing the part of a true punk rock fan, you may also be interested in purchasing accessories like jewelry, hair ties, hand bags, and more online. The website sells an array of accessories designed just for this unique look.

You can likewise find household goods and CDs of your favorite musicians and bands for sale online. The household goods range from clocks to throw pillows. The CDs for sale include bands from the past and also musicians that are just making a name for themselves in the genre. You can find posters to match the covers of the CD covers for sale as well.

Punk rock is a distinct style of music with fans that often want to look the part. You can shop for clothing and more punk rock essentials online.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dealing With Sciatic Pains

I had been experiencing some pains at my lower back down to the buttocks and down the back of my right leg.  It's been on and off for almost 3 months now and at times, I already get depressed especially when I had severe pain attacks at night.  It all started when we are having our home improvement projects starting December of last year.  The first Doctor who specializes in rehabilitation medicine whom I have consulted with a month ago told me that my symptoms mostly points to muscle spasms brought about by stress and over fatigue.  He advised me to go a therapy for 2 weeks which I purposely did not complete as I am not satisfied with the way the therapist handled me.  He also prescribed me some medicines which didn't work for me at all.

The pain continues for another month and I do sometimes get a hot stone massage which sometimes gives me a temporary relief.  It was only this week that I've decided to ask for second opinion.  I was greatly disturbed by the pains especially at night and this got me irritated most of the time.  I am a person who loves to work and do something round the clock and I am terribly annoyed with the fact that I can't do everything I want at home.  From the second Doctor whom I checked with, he told me that I might probably be suffering from sciatic pains, had shown me a diagram and explains to me how the pains travels from my lower back down to the buttocks and legs.  He first prescribed me some pain medicines which he assured me to be safer than Naproxen and Ibufropen and some supplements that will help to repair my sciatic nerves.  If these will now work well for me, he said, I have to be back in his clinic for an X-ray and from there, he would see what we could do next.
I am already on my fourth day of medications and so far, I am seeing some positive results.  I don't really know how long this would last but I am crossing my fingers that I can totally get rid of pains even before I finished the medicines I have prescribed with.

Now I am already thinking of what measures I have to take to keep me in shape.  Having this experience had made me even more cautious of my health especially when it comes to my joints and nerves as this definitely affects one's mobility.  

I'll see how far could I get over with the pains with this pain reliever, Trometamol Ketesse and supplement Methycobal.  I hope I do not need to go for that X-ray anymore.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Night of Fun and Music

It's been a month since we had our Videoke night but until now, I still can't get away from the fun and excitement that we had during the night.  It was actually a treat of my son Edmar to his Dad who had celebrated his birthday last 9th of February.  The night was filled with fun and music. We are not a family of singers although my daughter sings well and could play guitar.  That videoke bar is plain and simple but we had loads of fun.  I wouldn't say that the sound system is great, it would had been much better if they had mad professor but since it was our first time as a family to visit a KTV, the quality of the sound system doesn't affect our "happy mood" at all.

It's good that the cost of the room is consumable so we were able to feast with foods and drinks. This has been one of the highlights of hubby and son's home leave and we are very grateful that we can get this opportunity to be complete as a family.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lucio's 4th Birthday

Time flies so fast! Our baby Lucio has already turned 4 last Feb 26.  This adorable fur baby has already been a part of our daily lives since the first day that we've acquired him.  He maybe naughty at times but he remains to be a darling.  Compared to our other baby (Marcus), he is more "moody" and unpredictable but I admire how he constantly serves as our protective army.  Do you know that nobody could come to the house when he is around?  We have to hide him at times when we expect some visitors coming to the house.  When he is in front of the house, our terrace in particular, he would bark at anyone standing outside the gate or fence.  He really had a strong sense of smell and would always alert us for any noise that he would hear outside the house day or night.  There was a time he was feeling sick but we would still see him ran towards the main door when he suspected that someone is outside.  That's how loyal and protective he is to us.

Now that he is four, we are looking forward to spending more happy years with him.  He is no longer a pet to us, but a family.  For his 4th birthday, I've cooked some noodles and we've also baked some chocolate cup cakes and chocolate chip cookies for our afternoon snacks with him of course (lol).

Happy happy fourth birthday Lucio! We love you!

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