Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dealing With Skin Allergy

My daughter and I decided to do some general cleaning around the house last October and that includes our backyard.  We get rid of the grasses and trim the plants.  It's been a while since we've last cleaned the yard and after more than an hour, I've decided that we really need to hire someone to do it.  It's really a tedious job and I have a pile of other works to do so we eventually stopped and contacted someone to do the job for us.  I always want the yard tidy and neat.  I don't want to see mice, mosquitoes and other insects around the yard which can spread some disease so it's been a practice to clean the yard regularly.  If we can't afford to do it ourselves, I always hire someone to do it for us.  Unfortunately that night, after I took shower, I've noticed that I my arms are itchy and when I checked my arms, I've found skin rashes.

At first, I just see some red spots but these gradually developed into dark spots and really itchy. I did self medication, I took meds (Celesthamine) just had it once a day for few days, then I used Sulfur soap in my arms whenever I take shower.  I also apply the creme "katialis".  This cream is cheap but it really removes the itchiness, very effective.  The only problem with "katialis" is that after applying it for several days, my skin appeared to be so dry and looked like I have undergone minor burns. Applying skin lotion won't help. Finally, hubby asked me to apply Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly and to my surprise, after one application, I saw immediate improvements.  Red spots gradually disappeared and my skin is almost back to normal now.

I will continue applying this until my skin fully recovered and get back to normal.

Sometimes, home medication works.  We just have to be careful and do a lot of research.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 Benefits of Online Training Courses

You don't always have to learn in a classroom. In fact, online courses are quickly catching up to "traditional" learning in terms of popularity and prestige. But what if you're a little unsure about a digital education? What if you'd like more reassurance that online training courses are right for you? Here are just five of the advantages you'll enjoy when you go virtual with your learning.

1. No Commute

When everything is done through the computer, you don't have to physically attend classes. This means you don't have to commute to school every morning; you don't have to spend money on gas or parking; you don't even have to get out of bed if you can still do your coursework horizontally.

2. Decreased Prices

Never again worry about rising fuel prices! You'll also save a bundle on things like pens, notebooks, textbooks and other educational paraphernalia. Since it's all digital, everything you need can be found online. You might still need to pay for an e-book or two, but it'll cost less than traditional hardbacks.

3. Increased Convenience

Set your own schedule. Get certified while in your pajamas. Take breaks whenever the kids need you. When you aren't stuck in a classroom for 90-minute stretches, forced to listen to a lecturer no matter what else might be going on with you and your life, you have much more freedom for learning the way you like to learn.

4. More Time to Study

Speaking of learning, if you hate having to take tests or perform rotations at the whims of someone else, online courses are great for giving you back the control. While you might be asked to perform a quiz by a certain deadline, it'll be up to you to decide which day or what time will give you the best performance.

5. Better Support Staff

Do you have a question about the course or a query about your grade? You don't have to awkwardly linger around a teacher's desk to ask them about it. Simply shoot them an email and get all the information you need. Since the entire course is online, they'll always have an email address.

These are just a few great benefits of online learning. Whether you're personally training for a new career or accrediting large institutions for the same purpose, virtual training courses are an excellent way to embrace education in the 21st century. Browse here to learn more.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Is It Possible To Save Money On A Low Income?

This has been the most intriguing question that a lot of people had probably asked.  As a matter of fact, I also asked this question to myself and you know what my answer is?  It's a big YES! Having worked with different people from various age groups, status, race, educational background and social standing for the past 20 years had enabled me to have a better view and knowledge about finances and based from my observation on other people and from my own life experiences, I could say that's possible.  Really, it is!

Let me tall you one thing, not every person who is high salaried or has a big income has substantial savings.  As a matter of fact, some of them do not even have a single centavo in the bank.  Worse than that, they are full of debts.  Having said that, you maybe surprised that some people with low salary or income do grow big overtime.  This clearly shows that your attitude about money has a big influence over your financial standing.

Okay, going back to the question, "Is it possible to save money on a low income?" I have already answered this earlier with a yes, but probably the next question is How?

The answer is, you have to examine your lifestyle and make adjustments where necessary. The old saying, "If there's a will, there's a way" is always true. 
  • If your income is low, then you have to make your lifestyle fit with your income. 
  • Spend only what you can actually afford and never resort to debts. If it means having to cut down on your expenses, then do! 
  • Make a budget and prioritize the needs over wants.  If it means only spending for foods and utilities, do so.
  • If your expenses are just within the budget and there's no extra for savings, the you have to start doing side jobs or find an extra source of income. 
  • Bear in mind that it is a must to have savings, even if it means just saving 100 pesos every month, so be it, but never go for zero savings.  No matter how small your savings is, it can grow overtime.
What I have done before was to keep all of my 13th month pay in the bank as part of my savings aside from the little savings I kept every month.  What I did was to buy gifts every month until I complete all the gifts I need on Christmas and to keep a little bit of money every month for the anticipated holiday expenses.  This way, I'm able to save my 13th month pay and increase my savings tremendously.

There are actually a lot of ways to save even on a low income but I know it's very difficult as this requires a great amount of discipline.  Nonetheless, you have to do it if you really want to make a change and improve your financial standing.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Great Gifts for Men: the Top 4 Gifts Any Man Will Love

Buying a gift for a special man in your life can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re buying for the holiday season, a birthday or just for no reason at all, gift giving scares the average person more than you might think.

However, even if you’re giving a gift to a picky man who seems like he has everything there’s something out there that will make him happy. Use this guide to help you pick the perfect gift for any man you need to buy for this year. 


If you want to give the man in your life a gift that will truly knock his socks off, you really can’t do much better than a fashionable watch. While this gift is probably best reserved for family members or partners, you can’t go wrong giving a man a watch that he’ll probably wear at least a few times per week.

Best of all, a high quality watch is a gift that he’ll be able to keep for the rest of his life. He’ll think of you every time he wears it, too.

Desk Set

Men that work a lot appreciate the finer things in their offices, so a quality pen or desk set is a great option. These types of gifts are also impersonal enough that you can give them to your boss around the holiday season without it seeming too strange.

Shaving Set

Every guy, unless he happens to be a lumberjack, needs to shave on a regular basis. Unfortunately most men just don’t feel like they should be buying good shaving blades and quality shaving soap for themselves.

That’s where you come in. Buy him a great shaving set and he’ll look and feel better for months. He might even keep buying the products you give him once he sees how much better a good shave really is. 


Even men that don’t drink a lot enjoy scotch from time to time it seems, so buying a good bottle is never really a wrong move unless the man you’re buying for abstains altogether. Even if he doesn’t like scotch so much he’ll appreciate the effort and he’ll love to have a bottle around for when his friends come over. 

Every guy at least has one or two buddies that like a good glass of scotch.

Marcus Cupkeyks On It's 3rd Year

I take pride in my passions and I strongly believe that doing what you love is not work but fun. This is why me and my son have decided to venture into a cup cake business.  We both have a passion for baking and my son's passion for arts was also transformed in this little business of ours. We make customized cup cakes, simple party cup cakes and anything that our customers would request. At first, we are not sure whether we could make it and whether we could get customers to patronize our products but we just told ourselves that we are not more into making it big actually, bust just to be able to do what we love.  I am actually the one who loves to bake but since my son is a "little me", he would certainly try what I love to do. :)

We began creating our own designs:

customized fondant cup cakes

We also came up with regular cup cakes for parties and we're truly delighted with a very good response from our loyal customers.

We also begin to offer party give away cup cakes as requested by clients.

And we didn't stop from there, we continue to develop new flavors and designs.

Introducing our Toblerone and Kit Kat cup cakes:

We also came up with a new design for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day:

Indeed, we had traveled quite a long journey in this cup cake business and we also take pride and derive great pleasure for doing what we truly enjoy and love.  I just hope that we can continue to explore the business and my passion.  I would admit, there are still a lot of things to learn and to improve but that's what make everything fun and exciting.

Lastly, the name Marcus Cupkeyks was derived from the name of my shih-tzu pet Marcus whom we love so dearly.

More years to come and celebrate! :)

Simple Strategies To Start Looking And Feeling Your Best

Portland residents who want to look and feel their best should know that the process doesn't have to be complicated and arduous. In fact, you can make the endeavor relatively fast and simple by implementing some or all of these health and beauty tips:

1. Seek Professional Help. 

Oftentimes, the best way to start looking and feeling your best is to obtain professional help. Cosmetologists and hair stylists typically attain extensive training and education in order to offer clients the personalized, precise care necessary to make them as aesthetically appealing as possible. For this reason, visiting a local salon is a great way to really jumpstart your appearance and send your confidence through the roof. One of the best hair salons in Portland is Gigi Salon Spa. This business offers excellent customer service and effective beauty treatments that make you look and feel incredible.

2. Make Exercise A Must.

In a country where only half its citizens exercise regularly, it's unsurprising to note that many people don't look their best. Exercise has numerous benefits that result in the optimization of your appearance, including:

• better posture
• a slimmer physique
• increased metabolism
• weight management
• glowing skin
• and much more

Since exercise is a relatively easy way to enhance your appearance, you should make regular activity an integral component of your lifestyle. 

3. Use Natural Masks.

Typically, one of the primary regions of the body that people are concerned about is their face. This makes sense because having clear, glowing skin enhances your self-esteem and helps you feel confident when working and/or socializing with other people. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your skin is with a natural mask. These masks are effective because they contain natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals, and/or antioxidants that soothe skin and speed the cellular renewal process. One of the simplest natural masks out there is mashed bananas. To reap the full benefits from this natural mask, make sure that your bananas are ripe. You'll know that they're ripe when they are covered in brown spots and are soft to the touch. 


There's nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. However, not knowing how to accomplish this objective can leave you frustrated. To ensure that you can really enhance your aesthetic appeal, try using the health and beauty techniques listed above. Doing so will likely empower you to attain the physical appeal that you're seeking!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How To Run An Organized Household

I was asked a number of times on how I manage to run an organized household with tons of activities and side duties I'm having.  I can't explain everything in detail and would normally respond in the simplest way I can, so I decided to write this post to share how I manage to be a busy Mom and yet organized.  

The basic thing that you have to master in running an organized household is time management. I am a great fan of organization and wants everything in it's proper place. Cleaning and organizing is every Mom's job but what about if you still have tons of things to do aside from these two?  I used to have a house helper before and probably, this was a great help to me during the years that I was still active in the corporate world.  Now that we are on our own, doing all the household chores while managing the family's finances and having part time jobs is indeed a challenge for me.  Good thing that my son and daughter are both old enough to help around the house.

Let's look at these tips:

1.)  Make A Rule

It is quite tough to run an organized household, it is very important that everyone in the house is following a set of rules.  My basic rule in the house is that, "if you can't help me clean the house and keep it free from clutter, I would do it myself  but you have to help me keep it that way." In short, if you can't clean, then don't mess up! :)

2.)  Collaborative Household Works

Sharing with the household chores for me is an effective parental education tool. Collaboration works in every one's favor.  We had a house helper from the very beginning, since my kids were born and due to the fact that me and hubby are both working, we don't have any other choice but to employ a house helper. Although my Mom used to live with me when she was alive, I didn't want to burden her with house works.  I simply want her to rest and enjoy life while supervising our helper. However, aside from trying to cut on the expenses after I resigned from my work abroad, I also took the opportunity to train my kids in different house chores.  I know for a fact that it wouldn't be good for them not to learn these things especially when they begin to build families of their own. Besides, collaborative household works will make things a lot easier for me as a busy Mom.

3.)  Make A Schedule And Prioritize Tasks

In the beginning stage where you are trying to set a fixed schedule, it can be beneficial if you will come up with your ""to do list".  Planning ahead of time is very important for you to set your tasks in order of priority.  You can do your tasks according to the list and could always cross out the last items in the list if your time can't really allow you to do everything.  At the end of the day, you won't feel stressed out because you've managed to complete the more important tasks.

4.)  Get Things Done And Still Have Time For Yourself

Train your family that you too deserve a time for yourself.  Make them realize that you are human and not a machine and you deserve some time off for yourself. You can use this "free time" to watch your favorite TV program, read a good book, go for a rewarding coffee break or just simply play with your pets. Everybody deserves a break and no one can't do her work more effectively if she's totally burn out.  To achieve this, you can do multi tasking and time yourself so you could get things done on time and still have remaining time for yourself.

5.)  Get Away from Distractions

I may sound rude, but do you know that I used to tell my relatives to inform me ahead of time when they want to visit me in the house?  I have this rule that they should tell me when they want to come over and to avoid "ambush" visits.  This is so because I explain to them that I have routine chores in the house and things could pile up if I wouldn't do things as scheduled.  Besides, I have online (part time) jobs and I also need to have a little time for rest in between.  So, I am making known to them what is the perfect time for them to visit me or better yet, we come up with an agreed schedule.  This also allows me to plan on what would I prepare for them for snack or dinner.  I hate it when visitors come and they would arrive in a messy home and I could not offer any appropriate meal for us to partake.  More so, I also feel upset when I am unable to do things accordingly especially the more important ones.  Of course, it's different when it is an emergency situation where I have to cancel everything and attend to to an emergency. This seldom happens anyway. :)  Also, if you could avoid social networking sites during your "busy time", it would help a lot for you to beat your deadline.

A busy Mom doesn't have to be crazy or insane to do everything and please everyone. You can run an organized household, have a side job, have bonding moments with your family members and most especially, to have time for yourself and recharged.

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